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Art Statistics

Focus: none Dreamsoul
Cost: 20
Orbit Required: 30
Affected: avatar
Duration: Instant


Translocate is a teleport art.

The dreamer evokes the art and will be teleported either to:

The Nexus in The Citadel,

Focus Guild Hall (if member)

House (if member)

The Teaching Guild if Master Teacher

Plateau Effect

Decreased evoke time.

Art Research

The caster can only Translocate to places they aren't already located in. For example, if a caster is in Threshold, he/she cannot Translocate to The Nexus, as it's very close to Threshold. Similarly, if the Caster is on the same plane as their desired destination, that plane's option won't appear. There are rooms within the dream where Translocate will fail each time you evoke it.

Art History

Originally, during the Idoaclesia Era, the Art of 'Teleport Nexus' was originally granted upon becoming a Guardian or Ruler of a House. This Art was Dreamsoul in nature, but originally might not have had a cost (0 Dreamsoul). This was modified to allow all Dreamers to obtain the Art and may have even gone as far as being a "birth art", or an Art all Dreamers received upon first attaining the Dreamstate. The original Art allowed the caster to go The Nexus only.

The art was re found during the Clash of Dreams Era and incorporated with the art Guild House to form the art we know today as Translocate. The art today offers more options to choose from when evoking the art.

Alternate Fictional History

Once upon a time in the Idoaclesia era there was a Guardian and teacher named Princess Petunia. The house she belonged to has been unfortunately lost to history. However the accomplishment of Princess Petunia will live on in our hearts, and our arts, for all of time. You see Princess Petunia was a shy dreamer. She never looked any of her fellow dreamers in the eye, and would often teach and attend house meetings separated from her students and housemates. Only connected by the art of Join Party and keeping at least two portals between herself and others.

During this time in the city there were only a limited number of teachers, and fewer still who had regular dreaming hours. Through diligent work and tasking night and day, Princess Petunia had proven herself to the elders of the time and was advanced to Master Teacher. The other teachers grew jealous of Princess Petunia and decided that would teach her a lesson. They left notes throughout the city for their students that they were taking a sabbatical and were unsure of when they would return. They assured their students that all their tasks would be honored by Princess Petunia, but only if turned in and reported directly to her in the threshold in front of witnesses, to ensure their tasks were completed how they instructed. Princess Petunia had no idea what was about to transpire. Minding her own business within the library as she studied when student after student of the other teachers began to fill the room. All of them clamoring to deliver reports. She panicked and used the art formally known as Teleport Nexus to swiftly evade them. She then mind blanked and searched for places to hide. The other teachers had foreseen this and had told their students this was part of their tasks, to hunt down the tricky teacher!

No matter how hard she tried, the student’s always managed to track her down. They stationed themselves within the Nexus as when she would try and escape she always ended back up there. Determined, Princess Petunia began inscribing hidden runes within the walls of her favorite rooms. This way when she was found she was able to quickly yank herself back to one of these various locations. Using this method Princess Petunia was always able to stay one step ahead of the students. The students grew weary and began to protest. The elders arrived and once they found out exactly what had happened, stripped the other teachers of their halos, forcing them all to apprentice under Princess Petunia in order to regain their lost station. Eventually Princess Petunia shared her new art with others, replacing the old Teleport Nexus with the translocate we have today.

Thank you and I hope you enjoyed this piece of fictional history brought to you by, North Wind.


Beware of your surroundings, Translocate will fail in certain rooms.