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7th Sphere Dreamseer

Master Teacher of Insight


Last Known Character Description from Original UL Database: Of medium height and stocky build this dreamer appears older than most. Completely bald with the exception of a long unkempt mustache he has several fingers missing on each of his thick callused hands. His wrinkled thread worn uniform gives him the appearance of some sort of antiquated functionary of the City. His deep appeasing baritone voice reveals much more of his nature.


Words of Wisdom

22:21:40: tux: Shortly after our ancestors founded the city of dreams, they wasted little time in discovering that they had the ability to form solid matter of the essence around them.

22:22:44: tux: Discovery after discovery soon followed. Focal awareness and arts as we know them today became available to these...

22:22:52: tux: Originators of the City of Underlight.

22:22:55: tux: The young city began to grow and flourish. The most learned of the early dreamwrights noticed that as they transcended deeper into the dream a powerful external force...

22:23:40: tux: began strengthening their dreamsouls.

22:23:53: tux: With each of these subtle but definitive nudges they became more perplexed and began channeling all their dream energies into seeking answers.

22:25:15: tux: They turned to Aerin of Tolat whose studies of the protective shell, were unparalleled.

22:25:16: tux: Aerin and his disciples drew from their cloudsbreak experiences to form a conclusion. That being, "in this dream sea of intangibles, we must find a tangible way to ...

22:26:00: tux: recognize and acknowledge advancement"

22:26:19: tux: That simple statement spawned further research with led ultimately ot the harnessing of a great unknown force beyond comprehension and eventually became known...

22:27:13: tux: as the system we know today called...Spheres.

22:28:28: tux: The task at hand seemed insurmountable. The cities inhabitants grew weary of those who wished to control the seeking of knowledge.

22:28:40: tux: Aerin and his followers became reclusive in their dreams, hiding in the mostly unexplored far regions of the City.

22:29:15: tux: They whispered in hushed tones and when the need arose to share knowledge with each other, did so quietly and without fanfare.

22:29:47: tux: Aerin himself took a pure academic approach to all of it and secretly gathered scholars from every shard of Cloudsbreak.

22:30:39: tux: At his request they began to submit to him and his followers scrolls fro their shards.

22:31:53: tux: These scrolls gave the researchers more insight into how they could pass understanding of this advancement system on to all the inhabitants fo the city.

22:32:34: tux: Still the work was slow and painstaking.

22:32:49: tux: Some dreamers knew nothing but servitude as a way of advancing themselves

22:33:00: tux: Others felt status in Cloudsbreak should earn them advancement in the City, while others cared only to advance themselves in their focal art

22:33:40: tux: which they felt more reflective in their belief that no tangible system was necessary.

22:34:03: tux: And some felt that longevity alone in the City should earn advancement.

22:34:21: tux: Their leader and mentor, Aerin, had begun spending countless dream days and nights near a great river in the city.

22:34:49: tux: He watched with awe as the sailing vessels traveled up and down the streams.

22:35:05: tux: No one could claim having reached the huge sea that the water flowed into as of yet.

22:35:27: tux: He chuckled in amusement as some ran aground, leaving their passengers cursing the waterways.

22:35:55: tux: Of particular interest to him was watching small sailing boats dart through the water, and take side trips up and down the small arteries which fed the mighty river.

22:36:28: tux: When they took those journeys, he saw how much more knowledge was gained by avoiding sandbars and obstructions.

22:37:02: tux: Some stopped for prolonged periods of time in these liquid pools and just meditated, apparently drawing even more nautical knowledge into their DreamSouls.

22:37:44: tux: As the dreamscape became more populated, some dreamers wove a series of locks and dams to control the flow of water and boats.

22:38:16: tux: Aerin referred to them as the 'keepers' of the waters and noticed how the highly trained ones were able to safely aid the downstream navigation of the water traffic.

22:38:50: tux: Lesser-trained keepers were not as successful in guiding the flow of boats down the river.

22:39:14: tux: Aerin shook his head in sadness as some boats floundered in the locks, unable to pass.

22:39:39: tux: Others were lost in the white water and in some instances actually tossing the misguided dreamer and water keeper from the city completely, never to be see again.

22:40:14: tux: After a particularly long secession near the river he returned to his followers and made an alarming declaration to them

22:41:05: tux: I shall travel the great river to its end. Gather all the scrolls....

22:41:10: tux: of our studies and place them in my craft...." Aerin said in hushed tones.

22:41:48: tux: Saddened that their mentor was departing and fearing for his safety, they begged him not to go.

22:42:19: tux: He smiled and gently reassured them, saying....

22:42:33: tux: Like the great river of water does the Knowledge of the Dream flow.

22:42:52: tux: To find the answers we seek, one must travel it.

22:43:07: tux: Continue our work and know that I am with you, always.

22:43:19: tux: And with that said, Aerin departed.

22:43:29: tux: Experiments were conducted, some succeeding...

22:43:51: tux: some failing ... with disastrous effects upon the volunteers.

22:44:11: tux: Aerin's disciples began to worry that he would never return.

22:44:28: tux: They began to wonder if he had become lost in the endless see...

22:44:45: tux: Suddenly...

22:44:50: tux: one dream he reappeared before them, an odd circular crest upon his chest!

22:45:09: tux: Questions flooded the room, but he asked his students one by one to tell him of their accomplishments in his absence.

22:46:08: tux: Aerin listened intently to each and every one of them, remaining evasive about his journey and the strange crest he bore.

22:46:37: tux: Aerin then gathered his students close and began assigning tasks of knowledge-gathering.

22:46:46: tux: His students returned, one be one, some taking many dreams to complete their assigned tasks.

22:47:13: tux: As they returned, he listened to the results of the various tasks.

22:47:25: tux: If he approved, he touched the student atop his or her head, with both of his hands, and a sphere appeared upon their chests.

22:47:59: tux: He told them that they had been ascended to a higher level... or

22:48:21: tux: sphere.

22:48:23: tux: Among st themselves, the students referred to the crests as Aerin's Blessing.

22:48:48: tux: This went on for many dreams....some of the students doing task after task.

22:49:07: tux: With each one approved, a new and more decorative crest appeared upon their chest.

22:49:29: tux: Aerin then took that group away from the others and began training that select group to gain the same ability he had.... the blessing.

22:50:32: tux: Each of those selected students were sent back to the others to gauge their worth and crest, even more.

22:50:36: tux: The whole city watched this strange group who walked about with these symbols on their chests.

22:51:06: tux: Problems arose, but Aerin's followers held firm to the method of advancement they had learned from Aerin, the great sailor, himself.

22:51:54: tux: Eventually the entire population of the young city accepted the process.

22:51:55: tux: It was refined and made adaptable as more and more arts were discovered and advanced.

22:52:14: tux: And

22:52:55: tux: As for Aerin of Tolat, you might ask?

22:53:43: tux: Some of the Master Dreamwrights claim he still sails the calm seas of eternal wisdom in a small boat identified only by the sail with the emblem of a tenth sphere dreamer.

Tux Gains Seventh Sphere Reported by the Gatherer

It all started with a meeting called by Aerin of Tolat. The letter of the meeting read: "I hereby call a meeting of all of the citizens of Underlight. This meeting is set for Wednesday, October 16, 2002 at 6 DST in the Amphitheatre. I urge each of you to attend. - Aerin of Tolat".

Shortly after the granting of Sphere to the dreamers, Macky and Minuette, Aerin of Tolat raised his hand for all to be silent. "If we can continue." Aerin repeated as he raised his hand.

"Throughout the history of our city, the dreamers of Underlight have sought to understand the vast mysteries that come part and parcel with the Awakening. Some sought the path of Smith and in so, the path of creation. Some chose the path of the Scholar and in so, the path of understanding. Even still, others chose the path of warriors and in so, learn the martial skills that our grand creation allowed. Each in their turn sought always to explore and expand what they knew. To press further and to push out of the limits they set upon themselves. Some failed. If the truth were seen MANY failed. And yet, some excelled in their paths. Some stand out, like Ibioc, who mastered the talisman; Aoleus, Master Warrior of Great Renown; or Zarinth, who arguably mastered the Scholarly path. Each in their own turns, each in their own path. But make no mistake, as dreamers mastered their true paths, they also sought to learn others.

In time, they started upon the path of the true master, to look beyond what comes easy and to tackle the challenges ahead of them. When a dreamer approaches this path, they take the step from Master of their own path to Apprentice of another. They must relearn humility. They must open their minds to a whole new set of possibilities. As the truly wise say, 'we learn when we breathe. Only the wise know how to remember what we learn.' Today I have gathered you for another important reason."

Aerin gestured to a space before him, "Teacher Tux of Calenture, please step before me." Tux approached Aerin of Tolat slowly.

Aerin continued, "In our dreams we reach starting and stopping points. Much like new chapters in books. One page is set aside and we move on to another. You have come to such a place. But you must make the choice. If you decide to turn the page, you will step upon the path of the true master. New doors will open for you. New unknown challenges lay upon that path. As well as new dangers and unforeseen happenings await you. While past pages are set behind, you will always carry with you that which you hold.

My task to you for my support is to continue on the path of honor, to continue to spread the knowledge you have gained through your dreams. You have many that support your honor, support your dedication, support your knowledge in this city we call our dream. Do you wish to turn the page Teacher Tux?" concluded Aerin, as he locked gazes with tux."

Tux with a resolute tone responded, "I accept your task Aerin and the unknown challenges beyond this new door in my dream and am ready to turn the page sir."

Aerin reached into his pack, took out a number of items and handed them to tux. Aerin placed his hands upon the shoulders of the bald dreamer. In the blink of an eye, a flashing light flowed from Aerin into the avatar of tux.

Aerin lowered his arms, turned to the rest of the room and proclaimed, "Then behold, City of Underlight, before you is a new seventh sphere Dreamer, Teacher Tux!"

Much applause and good cheer ensued as the dreamers present congratulated the new seventh sphered dreamer of Underlight. Intent upon Aerin, Tux bowed deeply, barely holding himself from falling, the stunned look on his face betraying the weakness in his legs.

Aerin announced a celebration for this occasion and said, "This is INDEED a great day! One of many this city shall see!"