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Welcome to the Underlight Video Channel.

We have gathered various video clips from over the years featuring the Dream City of Underlight.


Underlight Youtube Channel - Post New Videos Here
Welcome to Underlight Video

Various Videos


Creating a Character and Logging into the Game

Underlight.Com | Harkyn

BestComp98 Computer Chronicles Underlight Gameplay Video (Skip ahead to 20:00)

The Order of the Sable Moon Prime Creation Event

PTR Walk through and discussion with MACOBAS

Teaching and Advancement Walkthrough and Discussion

Live Player Walk Through

New Player walk-through and feedback

Live walk through 3.6 with Wishbringer

South Sanctuary Project Lost Caves


Planer Creationists - Guest Panel

Houses and Free Spirits scramble to locate and save Synteny

Clash of Dreams | Facade Walk-Through

6-4-17 Patch

New Patch Teaser 9-25-16

Protectors of the Radiance - House Walkthrough

Introduction to Combat Strategies

Underlight Walk-Thru Series


Newly Series 1 Jumping/Keyboard Config

Newly Series 2 Using Portals/Talking Features

Newly Series 3 Hall of Arts Walk Through

Newly Series 4 How to Put Down & Pick Up Items Right Click

Newly Series 5 Sanctuary Walk Through

Newly Series 6 Court Yard of the Awakening Walk Through

Newly Series 7 Picking your Clothes and Colors Avatar Selection

Newly Series 8 What is a Collapse & How to recover

Newly Series 9 Blade Creation and Hunting your First Mare

Just for Fun


Darkmare Battle January 2022

Evernight Warding

Darkmares Attack Chaos Eclipse

Rise of the Datoken | Battle of the Lost Caves

Rise of the Datoken | Beware Agonarius

Clash of Dreams | House Calenture Under Siege! (Beta Test)

Clash of Dreams | Dark Mare Test

Dark Mare | Behind the Scenes

Clash of Dreams | Closed Beta Fun #1

Clash of Dreams | Closed Beta Fun #2

Clash of Dreams | Closed Beta (1st Server Population)

Clash of Dreams | Development Shots

Ridiculous Darkmare Fight - Harkyn

Harkyn fighting 4 DoL members

Thresh Caves Maze

New Flight Art

details/ Ruined Realm

Harkyn vs Katoke Holow and Zirobolus

Harkyn Solo Playermare Fight

Harkyn Hunting

Gunk - Dorsal and HC


guardDog the Horron

Prikor at HC

Prikor - Dorsal


Tehthu's Terror: Waves of Blood

...when flying Bogrom's attack!

Saturday Night DarkMares

PMare Fun