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The Wordsmith Guild is located in Trinity Plains

Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month









Lyceum Charter


The Lyceum is a group of individuals with a talent and passion for writing. We are the City's masters of the written word: scribes, historians, journalists, and even artists. We are the stewards of the Archive of Planes and the Convergence Museum.

Once a month the Lyceum will hold a bardic meeting or specialty event.

Wordsmith Seekers:

  • Each Seeker must have Inscribe and Translocate.
  • Each Seeker will be mentored by one of the Wordsmiths.
  • Each Seeker will perform a series of mini-quests written by their mentor.
  • Each Seeker must have a written or verbal support from the majority of the current Wordsmiths to join.
  • Each Seekers' contributions will be graded based on effort, quality, and clear content, as well as spelling and grammar.

Wordsmith Upkeep Duties:

  • Interviewing
  • Journalist work (news articles)
  • Historian work (history documentation)
  • Poetry & Fictional stories
  • Art commissions
  • Lyceum related events/projects
  • Bardic Circle
  • Welcome Center Upkeep
  • Mentoring

- Once a month every Mark holder must complete the equivalent of a mini quest, but is urged to do more.

- Three months of inactivity (being absent from the City) will result in removal of the Mark, as well as stagnation while dreaming (not contributing).

- Returning Wordsmiths -from this city- must undergo one admittance task to regain their Mark and Archive privileges. This task will be decided upon by the current Wordsmiths.


I, [name], hereby swear to uphold the duties of the Wordsmiths and honor the written word. I promise to keep the integrity of my Mark in tact, and to never present a known falsehood as truth within my writing. I understand that this is both an honor and obligation, and will not seek to use this Mark to elevate myself above others.


Magnilia, huthut, Jawsman, Kelos


Wordsmith Elder:


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