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Art Statistics

Focus: Resilience (Major)
Cost: 30
Orbit Required: 50
Affected: Target
Duration: Instant


Removes one or more effect from an avatar, decided at random. Abjure no longer has an effect on the art Recall.

Plateau Effect

Decreased evoke speed. Increased chance to remove multiple effects.

Art Research

Art History

The Art of Abjure was created during the Dreamstrike wars. The Art was a creation brought to life by the Dreamstrike Masters. Though Dreamstrike was their primary goal, they decided that Abjure had to be created in order to facilitate the Art. The Dreamstrike Masters found that with the use of Recall and return Dreamers were able to disappear from the field of battle if their Soul was in danger.

Most Dreamers had use of the Art of Recall and the Gatekeepers were handily using the Art of Return to keep them out of danger. The Dreamstrike Masters needed a way to counter the Art of Recall and the Art of Return if it was at all possible. The Dreamstrike Masters found that they could not interfere enough to block the Dreamers in the room, as the Dreamers could be Recalled beyond and through Wards, even the most powerful Wards were able to be bypassed by Return and Recall, so they had to try a different angle.

The Dreamstrike Masters, using the qualities of the Art of Purify were able to begin to strip the effects of Curse, and other small Arts. They realized that Purify, in its purest form, “cleansed” a Dreamer's Dreamsoul, and took away any effects that were not inherit in the Dreamsoul itself. By essentially intensifying the effect of Purify, the Dreamstrike Masters were able to strip Arts that were not strongly bound to the dreamer. Arts like Resist Fear and Free Action were usually the easiest to remove as they tended to have held less connectivity to the Dreamer. The Dreamstrike Masters found this very useful because with the use of Free Action and Scare they could prevent Dreamers from using either defensive or offensive Arts, which made the target much more susceptible to attack and more likely to be collapsed. Through trial and error, and much practice, their use of the Art became solid enough to remove any affect at all upon the Dreamer.

The Dreamstrike Masters discovered that they could even remove harmful Arts from themselves with the use of this Art. The Dreamstrike Masters used this Art to remove Arts like Recall and Return in order to keep their target in range for the Art of Dreamstrike. This proved very effective in the facilitation of Dreamstrike on anyone who opposed the Dreamstrike Masters. This Art was only very effective with high level Soulmasters though, who were able to use Purify to a much greater magnitude than other Dreamers were.

Eventually, some of the Soulmasters who were once part of the Dreamstrike Masters turned on their former alliances, and began to teach this Art to other Dreamers of other alignments in an attempt to counter the evils of the Dreamstrike Masters, and to hopefully turn the tides of the battles. These former Dreamstrike Masters taught the Art to Soulmasters who had a very solid knowledge of the Art of Purify, and now high ranked Soulmasters are still permitted to learn the Art, which is now known by the name of Abjure.

Researched by OfF KiLTeR

Alternate History

It was once an art that everyone could learn but the Dreamwrights changed it. Abjure was accidentally created by Idej Kard while he was doing experiments to attempt to create an opposite effect for all of his known arts. He got so tired he feel asleep and mixed all his potions together, thus he was only partially successful as this art does cure / stop effects of known arts but does so only at random.

Researched by Dark Jedi



Affects all status changes. Blind, Chamele, Curse, Deafen, Scare, Mind Blank, Paralyze, Poison, Stagger and Vision