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Dream Name: Arnaya

Full Name: Arnaya Eliza Thorsen

Apparent Age: Early 20's

Actual Age: 19

Gender: Female


- Father: John Thorsen (Age: 43)

- Mother: Melissa Thorsen (Age: 37, Maiden Name: Risa)

Siblings (In order of Age):

- Tom (Age: 21, Male)

- Michael (Age: 20, Male)

- Eliza (Age: 18, Female)

- John Jr. (Age: 17, Male)

- Arnold (Age: 16, Male)

- Anders (Age: 16, Male)

- Anna (Age: 14, Female)

- Tim (Age: 11, Male)

Description: An athletically slender woman in her early 20's. Her deep red, straight hair is worn in a single braid to her mid back. Bright green eyes flash from under her bangs. Her features are soft, though her skin is darkly tanned and her hands calloused. She wears a loose, bright azure blouse and flowing skirt with a woven yellow sash. A simple leather rucksack rests on her back, and a short spear sits in a sheath on the right of the pack. The straps of a sling are looped over her sash.


Arnaya's shard is a fair sized realm, about the size of a large medieval barony. The centre of the land is a small mountain, flattened on top to house a solidly constructed and truly ancient fort called now "Mistbane Hold". There are no histories of when the fort was constructed, or why. Only that it was built in an age long lost to even the faintest whispers of memory.

From Mistbane Hold, and winding down the mountain are terraces that have built over the centuries to accommodate the spreading community that surround the fort. Though hardly a true city, the town of IronMount does house the single largest population (Approximately 1000) and only substantial community on the shard.

Working out from there, to the West lies the only sea (actually a lake who's western and northern most edges vanish into the mists). To the North, East, and South lie the primary farms (about three dozen farmsteads) amid small plains and scattered, light forests. The mountain beneath the town of IronMount is honeycombed with passages from the mining efforts of the citizens.

Though not cruel, the lord or Mistbane Hold functionally rules the shard. Those who refuse to abide the laws of the realm are never slain, but instead exiled to the border regions closest to the mists that are otherwise avoided with religious zeal by the rest of the inhabitants.

Those outcasts often band together in small groups (seldom more than 4 or 5 individuals) and raid the various farmsteads for food, equipment, and occasionally people. Due to these raids, sporadic as they may be, the farms and other people that dwell away from the safety of the IronMount have had to develop and maintain some basic skill at arms, and are almost never without a weapon near at hand.

Background: Arnaya Eliza Thorsen is the eldest daughter of a fairly large farm family. The Thorsen farmstead was established many generations in the past, but came into the Thorsen's family with Arnaya's great grandfather (a grant from the Lords Council of Mistbane Hall). With that grant, the Thorsens became very wealthy (as all of the farmstead owners do). Arnaya was raised very much as a farm girl, working the fields, learning how to direct the farmhands (non-family members that help running the lands).

Part of her upbringing included learning her letters, and the basics of knife, spear, and sling fighting. She was taught the bow as well, but lacks the upper body strength to use the more powerful ones.