Evoking Colors of Arts

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Gold Willpower

(GK) Definition of Willpower = to Force or bend

Blue Insight

(DS) Definition of Insight = Insight into the dream

Green Resilience

(SM) Definition = Restoration

Red Lucidity

(FS) Definition of Lucidity = Manipulation

Pink DreamSoul

Definition of DreamSoul = Life Force

These are the five colors in the dream, dealing with arts. You will also find colors that are formed by a mix of the five, such as Purple/Lavender which is the most common one.

As you may know Purple is a mix of Red and Blue, so Lavender is a mix of more Red than Blue. So if you see an evocation with Green in it, you know it is restoring something, or the reverse if it has Blue (or a color involving Blue) you know it is using insight, or seeing into the target or dream for something.

Red, means it is going to manipulate something.ie: scare, or in deafen you will see Purple and specs of Red etc.

Gold, you will expect the art is forcing or bending the dream to it needs etc. Such as in Resist Fear etc.

Pink means it is doing something to DreamSoul, now this is not just the dreamsoul of our avatars, but of the dream itself. Such as in reweave, you will see Green and Pink in that, so restoration of the dreamsoul of the shield.

Most interesting, is that you can gauge the power of chaks and flames by the colors produced in the balls (the effect). Every dreamer has the same colors in their flames at these levels. Regardless of Focus, same with the chaks, if they are of that same damage level as the flame in question.

From Level 1 through to 29, the ball is a Lavender/Purple.

Level 30-39 the ball is a Lavender/Purple ring around a Pink ball.

Level 40-49 the ball is a Lavender/Purple ring around a Gold ball.

ok, now based on the theory above, try and describe in your mind what those colors are meaning, as to how the damage is caused. example.

Level 1-29, Lavender/Purple = Blue and Red, maybe even some Pink, no one is definitely sure on that. Blue = insight Red = Manipulation (if Pink) = Dreamsoul so the effect (ball) looks into the target, searches for a weakness (presumably) and manipulates it to cause damage. If Pink is involved then it manipulates the dreamsoul.

Now, that Lavender/Purple is in each ball to level 49 (might be in higher ones not sure yet :-) so that is the same for each flame plat, then add in the changes to the balls.30-39 Pink. So Dreamsoul is directly effected 40-49 = Gold, so the additional damage is coming from forcing the damage in the target.

Written By Ms Xtreme