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It was a day just like any other in the City of Underlight. In Threshold experienced Dreamers and the Newly Awakened met and intermingled. In the Houses meetings were being held and reports were being made. In the lands Mares were being hunted and essences collected. And on the fringe of the dreamstate, a team of Master Dreamsmiths and Dreamwrights called the Overscanners, led by a Master Dreamwright Elder named Ibioc, were trying to find a way to repair the city walls and keep the Mares out once and for all.

The Overscanners began their effort by forming a group meditation and reaching out with their minds in order to probe the weakened sections of the city walls. They had no idea that the pressure on the other side of that wall had grown far stronger since the onset of the Nightmare Wars. The City of Dreams, an encapsulated object within the mass torrent of chaos, was under severe pressure and ready to pop.

And that's just what it did. Before these Master Dreamwrights could realize it, the city walls blew apart and a roaring wave of consciousness flooded into Underlight! The Overscanners were torn asunder, and their minds blasted apart within the space of a heartbeat.