The Awakening

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The name of the first inhabitant of Cloudsbreak to achieve The Awakening has been lost to antiquity, but imagine the thrill and the terror they must have felt upon achieving it. Many others soon followed. Now, with cohesion of form, these Dreamers could exist within the dreamstate collectively and for long periods. The fear of being swept away by waves of consciousness was lessened. The Dreamstate became a meeting ground for those who had achieved The Awakening.

The impact of this upon Cloudsbreak was enormous. For the first time in known history the scattered peoples of Cloudsbreak could meet and intermingle, trading knowledge, histories and opinions. Within Cloudsbreak, those who had attained The Awakening were seen as holy men or shamans. Some, like the legendary Rek Nektu, rose to great power among his people almost overnight when he achieved Awakening. Others, like the Trinity Brotherhood, kept their dreaming a secret from the rulers of their lands until they'd built a powerful network of spies in the dream. Soon every culture and society was transformed by the mere presence of these Dreamers. For a people to have a Dreamer living among them was a special thing, because this Dreamer could bring them news from far off lands and also try to teach the Awakening to others.

But the Dreamstate was still dangerous, an endless dimension of pure psychic power. The Dreamers who would one day be known as the Master Dreamwrights had learned to create a cohesive shell for their essence. Now they began to develop other disciplines... higher workings of the mind, which allowed them to create solid matter of the raw essence of the Dreamstate. Eventually they grew strong in these disciplines and began building a permanent refuge: Underlight.