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Art Statistics

Focus: none DreamSoul
Cost: 35
Orbit Required: 40
Affected: Target (in party), caster
Duration: Active until cast again to deactivate.


The caster evokes Channel and targets a party member. Without a plateau, half of the experience that would have been earned by the caster is diverted to the target. The remaining half is lost.

Plateau Effect

Increases experience Channeled by 5% per plateau.

Art Research

Art History

This story is fictional... as told by Master Teacher Poppygirl.

Akkadian, the master Teacher of all focus's spent his dreams working diligently on creating a productive teaching system for the young citizens of lyraclesia. The teachers went to the master teachers in search of knowledge posing questions and concern as well as ideas on how to improve the system. The Master teachers would meet twice a month to discuss with each other everything that had been brought to them since the last meeting. They would, in turn, bring what they could not provide answers for to Akkadian. The list grew longer and longer, his trusted circle of teaching elders had all but vanished from the city. They dreamt seldomly and more times than not they were never there when he was in the city. He was in desperate need of their council. He would meditate for long periods of time trying to will them into thye city to no avail.

One day in his study he sat deep in thought, there had to be a way there just had to be.Then it came to him! he would concentrate his dreamsoul on Figment~ one of his trusted council~ sending some of his experience out into the dreamscape to weave into the very fabric of the city in hopes to create a beacon that Figment would sense and come to his aid. For weeks he continued to attempt this knowing not everything is accomplished on the first try. Then it happened. very late one night in his study Akkadian was once again attempting to reach Figment deep in meditation, he suddenly sensed a presence he opened his eyes and there he stood! It was Figment it had worked! they joined party hunting, gen sitting and talking for hours.In the midst of their conversation, Akkadian noticed the experience he was gaining when Figment would collapse a nightmare was considerably diminished. They discussed this at length and came to the conclusion that the experience Akkadian had used to summon Figment had stuck to him because he was gaining more than his share of the experience from the collapses. Akkadian thought about this and decided what a wonderful gift this would be for the young citizens of lyraclesia, Figment agreed, so it came to pass and the art of channel was given to the city as a gift from the Master Elders.