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The world of Cloudsbreak is not a world at all, but a dimension unto itself... always shifting, always changing... A place that is not a place, but a realm of chaos filled with pockets of stability. Within these pockets of stability exist regions of many varieties... simple lands, rich in natural resources, unspoiled by warfare or hardship. These pocket regions float and bob within the realm of Cloudsbreak with no rhyme or reason, disconnected from each other and secluded unto themselves.

The people of Cloudsbreak have learned over time that to venture forth into the swirling mists that surround their various lands is madness. Many a foolhardy explorer disappeared forever into the Boundary Mists. And so as the civilizations of these tribes developed over time they became more and more inclusive. They lived off the bounty of the land they inhabited and spent their free time developing their minds and spirits. For millennia it was so, and the people grew complacent in their peace and dedicated to their meditative disciplines. And then everything changed. Then came The Awakening.