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The Reclamation

The Order of the Sable Moon Re-opened

The First New Teachers

The Reclamation

Artifact Wars

Lost Souls

Fayd's Betrayal

House Calenture and Dreamers of Light Re-opened


The Influx

The Protectors of the Radiance Re-opened

The Seekers of the Enlightenment

The Rise of the Free Spirits

Mare Sympathizers and Pacifists Born

The Winnowing

The City Council and The City Guard

The Influx

The First Chaos Eclipse

The First Chaos Eclipse

The Alliance of the Ecllipse Re-opened

Tykoth and the Guardians of Soul

The Three Pretenders

Gathering of the Entrance Re-opened

Machiavelli's Madness

The Forger's Circle

The Curse of Saltaak

The Soul Key

Yog-Ka and Sabra

Insightful Dreams

Troubles in the Protectors of the Radiance

The Union of the Covenant Re-opened

The Sceptre of Souls

The Dread One

Kard's Abduction

Tehthu's Bane

The Coming of the Second Eclipse

The Second Chaos Eclipse

Threshold Caves Open

Mystery around Keepers of the Eternal Shadow

Spirits Return

Reforging the Dreamer's Blight


The Conclave of the Elders

Athenaeum of Dreams

Entry 1 - Vanguard Decree

Entry 2 - In Response...

Entry 3 - Shades of Truth

Entry 4 - Revelations

Entry 5 - Cloak. Dagger.

Entry 6 - Shattered Dream

Entry 7 - Familiar Foes

Entry 8 - Divine Retribution

Entry 9 - Decree Revisited

Entry 10 - Long Lost

Entry 11 - Blurred Lines

Entry 12 - Watch of the Hour

Entry 13 - Broken Alliances

Entry 14 - Unwanted Guests

Entry 15 - War Song

Entry 16 - C.C.C.

Entry 17 - Fallen Warrior

Entry 18 - Eviction

Entry 19 - Renewal of Oath

Entry 20 - Call for Knowledge

Entry 21 - Old Rivalries

Entry 22 - Widow's Web

Entry 23 - Masks within Shadows

Entry 24 - Back to Basics

Entry 25 - Enlightened Woes

Entry 26 - Siren's Wail

Entry 27 - What Once Was...

Entry 28 - Fragments of Hope

Entry 29 - Foundations of Faith

Entry 30 - Crescent Crusades

Entry 31 - Masters and Halos

Entry 32 - Beyond the Walls

Entry 33 - Apathy's Touch

Entry 34 - Promised Lands

Entry 35 - Yesterday's Future

Entry 36 - As a City Falls...

Entry 37 - A Fall from Grace...

Entry 38 - Blind Justice

Entry 39 - Ties that Bind

Entry 40 - Of This and That...


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