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Aprilic was an Elder who helped rid the dream of Tehthu.

The Elder, Aprilic took possession of Ariana's weakened form and communicated puzzles and hints to the dream to aid in her rescue. From deciphering these riddles left behind in Tehthu's wake, it was learned that three guardians of Dreamers of Light, and three guardians of House Calenture were required for a ceremony to remove the Darkmare from the dream. On the day of the summoning, these six combined with Aprilic, and employed the Corrupter to call forth Tehthu. After a great battle, Ghea scored the last stroke which collapsed Tehthu and freed his essence.

Aprilic volunteered to sacrifice himself to prevent Tehthu from escaping his prison. The Corrupter was to be bound together with the essences of Aprilic and Tehthu using the Dreaming Stone, and then banished to the rifts by the Orb of Calenture. When the ceremony was completed, Ariana's soul was freed from Tehthu's clutches, and the whole Dream rejoiced.