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High atop Mt. Illaspe stands the House of Dreamers of Light.

Underlight - Chaos Eclipse Beliefs


The Dreamers of Light is an Illuminated house. We believe that the Dream does have a direct effect on us in the waking world. We believe that there is an emotion and mental connection to the City. We do not believe that physical pain or even death within the Dream affects us within Cloudsbreak.

The Dreamers of Light imprisons the essences of mares. We believe that the souls of the unawakened are trapped within the nightmares. The essences are imprisoned within the Dreaming Stone. The strength or energy of the essence is held within the Stone while the soul is freed so that it may find its way to the City. The Dreamers of Light believe that draining the essence is selfish and also murders the soul of the unawakened.


House Facts

Plane: Mt. Illaspe

Beliefs: Illuminated/Imprisoners

Role: Warriors

Prime Artifact: The Dreaming Stone

House Art: Dazzle


House Roster


Rulers: Frey

Guardians: Tember, Jade, Purple Lace, Pure Rage, Dakkoth

Initiates: Raisa

Lyra Era Beliefs

The Dreamers are illuminated as they believe that the dream has no direct effect on the waking world in every sense. They believe that souls do exist in the dream and that imprisoning the mare essence is the only way to deal with the mare essence.

They believe the mare essences contains the souls of the unawakened and if they imprison the essences that it will free the soul. They believe banishing is futile because both the soul of the awaken and the nightmare are banished and draining as a selfish act as it murders the soul within.

(Another version of beliefs): House Beliefs: Illuminated and Imprisonment. DoL believes in Imprisoning to free the Soul of unawakened Dreamers from the clutches of the Mare which hold and torture them. By Imprisoning the Mare, the Soul is then free to have the chance to awaken to the Dream. DoL is Illuminated as they believe that the Dream and Cloudsbreak both interact with each other.

House History

A Short and Recent History of House Dreamers of Light

This is in no way a complete account of the history of the House, but one pieced together from the moment I became a proud Initiate.

I had heard stories of a Great Debate between two powerful Guardians who had survived the Great Loss and found their way back to the City of Dreams. It was told to me that they stood for two recently rebuilt houses known as House Dreamers of Light and House Calenture. These two Dreamsmiths, known as Mithrandir and Kelrith, had expressed their views on the exact nature of the Dreamstate. Mithrandir, who was Illuminated, seemed to be convinced in his theory that Nightmares contained the trapped souls of the Unawakened; Sleepers who had not yet discovered the Awakening. Kelrith, a Freesoul, thought otherwise.

This information was told to me by a Dreamer known as Kasumi Keda. Upon hearing it, I immediately saw that I believed in everything Mithrandir had said. Kelrith was obviously a fool. From that moment on, I knew I wanted to be a member of the Dreamers of Light.

I sought out Mithrandir and asked him if I could be Initiated. I swore to uphold our ideals and a few moments later, I was an Initiate. As an Initiate, I sought out others who believed as I did. Together we worked to rebuild our House and the City. One of these Initiates, a brave and honorable Dreamer known as Valourin, lost his House ID after Horron, the most terrible of all Nightmares, collapsed him. A warrior known as Smoke, then a Free Spirit, came upon Horron's lair and killed the vile Nightmare. He then picked up the ID and later refused to give it back to its rightful owner, Valourin. Soon after, Smoke was Initiated into House Calenture, a House of the Freesoul. He gave Valourin's ID to Calenture, who then used it to propose a trade. They would give us, the Dreamers of Light, Valourin's ID and in return, we had to give them their Prime Artifact, the Orb of Calenture.

We had come to possess the Orb a few days before this trade, and did not know the full extent of its powers. Myself being caught in the storms, was not able to make my opinions on the trade known until after the deal had been made. Shortly after this, our Prime Artifact, the Dreamers Stone, was found missing. We believed that the Storms had taken it from where Kasumi Keda and I had hid it, behind a fake wall in Celebration Hall. We searched the City and found it in the Gold Sanctuary in Edgeward Barrows. Relieved that our Artifact was not hurt, we returned it to our House. Later on, Kasumi Keda and I were made the first Guardians of House Dreamers of Light since the Great Loss. Struggling to prove we were worthy of this position, we sought for ways to increase the power of our House. Time passed and the storms grew every day. One fateful day, the Orb of Calenture was taken in a Storm. We, as Dreamers of Light, were all very excited about this, and searched high and low. We could not let Calenture find it, for by then we had discovered that it was used to Banish Nightmares. It was found on Illapse Path, on Mt. Illapse, by Initiate LMBE.

LMBE, escorted by Guardians Artamor, Kasumi Keda, and I, was taken to the House, where the Orb was placed within the Knight Entry; a safe area where the Orb could not be stolen. Calenture was not told that we had found their Orb, and they continued to look for it. About a week later, the Guardians of House Dreamers of Light, including myself, decided that it would be best to return the Orb to Calenture, else there would be talk of war. By that time, Calenture was almost certain that we had the Orb in our possession.

Kasumi Keda and I traveled to House Calenture and offered Guardians Ghea and Mufassa the Orb in exchange for a small tribute of 200 Nightmare Essences. We thought this a small price for the Orb, as we believed that many more Unawakened Sleepers would be forced into an eternity of suffering, Banished within the Orb.

Calenture refused this offer and began to throw other deals on the table. We refused all of these, none being acceptable or fair to the Unawakened Sleepers. I pointed out that they needed the Orb, we did not. About a week of negotiations followed. During this time, Kelrith, no longer a Guardian of Calenture but a servant of the City, proposed a Tournament of the Spheres. Everyone was excited, arguing over who would be the first Champion. During the time after the announcement of the Tournament, our own Dreaming Stone was taken by the Storms. I spoke to Kelrith about this and he, using his awesome powers, returned it to Me. Shortly after, though, I was taken by the Storms myself, and dropped the Dreaming Stone where I stood. Unfortunately though, a member of House Calenture was in the room. His name was Dragon.

It is my understanding that he took the Orb and gave it to the Guardians of Calenture, who then hid it within their House. The Tournament began with many Dreamers participating; it was an exciting event! Our own Kasumi Keda came in second place!

Later on, the Guardians of Calenture came to House Dreamers of Light to continue the negotiations. They said that they had found our Dreaming Stone and were willing to return it to us IF we gave them the Orb and signed a Treaty in the process.

The Treaty stated that if we find their Orb, we give it to them immediately; if they find our Stone, then they give it to us. No games. We could not accept this, knowing how evil the Orb was. They threatened us with war. Artamor and Kasumi just wanted a quick and easy trade. The Orb for the Stone, and that's that.

Calenture refused!

I, while in a party with Kasumi Keda and Artamor, was used as a bargaining tool. Kasumi and Artamor refused to sign any treaty without me being present. I was hiding in the Green Room. We stalled long enough for the Guardians of House Calenture to eventually leave. The next day, negotiations resumed, and it was agreed that we would hold a tournament to see if we would sign the treaty. The Prime Artifacts were exchanged and we went our separate ways. The tournament never happened.

Time passed and our House grew. Eventually we were in need of two new Guardians. These were to be Valourin and LMBE. Both were very active within the House. After this, Kelrith told us all that there was an evil Prime Artifact within the City, known as the Corrupter of Souls. We all searched for it, and Initiate Tanar of Dreamers of Light found it in the Umbric Plains. He later gave it to me, where, with the blessings of all in the City, I took it to House Dreamers of Light for safekeeping.

A week later the Corrupter of Souls was transferred to House Calenture. We could not stand its evil in our halls. Around that time, much evil began to fill the City of Dreams, and a powerful Nightmare known as Tehtue was discovered. Three Guardians from House Calenture and three from our House, plus Kelrith, called Tehthu to battle, and the whole of the City fought it.

We all worked together.

Later that day, all Guardians were given the burden of being Teachers, and we continue to spread knowledge throughout the Dreamstate.

As of this writing, both the Orb of Calenture and the Dreaming Stone are missing, taken by the Storms. We can only hope that it will be a short time before they are recovered and BOTH are placed within the halls of our House. House Dreamers of Light.

Now the City has grown, nearly doubled in size! We continue to wander and rebuild that which was once lost.

-Watcher, Guardian of House Dreamers of Light

House Emblem

DoL Initiate.gif

The bracers on the emblem stand for the mare and the tormented soul. They are to remind the Dreamers of Light of their pledge to imprison the mare and set free the tormented soul within.

As the first part of the DoL emblem was created you can see, the happy, smiling face that looks to the left was devised to portray the Illuminated Philosophy. The smile represents the inner joy, the tranquility, of the one who is at peace with himself, one who has accepted responsibility for his actions, for good or evil, in the dream. He realizes that the good works we do here, illuminate and glorify our souls and those works carry over in the waking world. The face looking to the right, by contrast, is distorted, confused and at odds with itself. It is the face of one who cannot grip the connection between Underlight and the waking world. One who hasn't yet realized our actions here affect the waking world, and so trouble and confused.

The newest part of the emblem, set out in sharper relief from the older background sphere shape and the faces, represents the houses views on saving souls.

This newer belief is a newer one which came from the Nightmare Wars before the Great Loss. As the Nightmares began to attack the City, in force and in great numbers, the debate arose on how best to fight them. The scholar-warriors of Dreamers of Light concluded, after studying the question of how to stop the nightmares and save the souls trapped by them, Imprisoning was used to save the soul and stop the chaos from affecting the unawakened souls. This belief of the second part of the house emblem is that of imprisoning mare essences saves the unawakened dreamers soul.

The two sharply defined, slashing curves, represents that moment of glory, of triumph, when the mare essence is imprisoned. The lower curve with its opening pointing down, represents the mare essences being imprisoned. The upper one, with its open side pointing to the heavens, represents the Dreamers soul being freed. The fact that both are open represents the ongoing, continual nature of this struggle between good and evil.

House Facts


Plane: Mt. Illaspe

Beliefs: Illuminated/Imprisoners

Role: Warriors

Prime Artifact: The Dreaming Stone

House Art: Dazzle

First Elder: ?

Previous Elders: ?

First Rulers: Watcher, Valourin, Wraith, Brain and Maker

Previous Rulers: Habassa5, Pheonix Redhawk, Don Berto, Cyborg512, Watcher, Jevik Bane, Bloom, Munchkin, Wraith, Keeka, Sweething, Loveslight, Flushy, Valourin, The Striker

First Guardians: ?

Previous Guardians: ?