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Two ancient Dreamwrights were strong enough to survive the great loss. Lord Xenus came forth from the chaos to rebuild its walls, and Kelrith emerged to guide the new generation, bearing the wisdom of ages.

Kelrith was a dreamer of the old House Calenture, a believer in a Freesoul philosophy that proposed to banish nightmares for the good of the City. Kelrith imparted this wisdom to many new dreamers, and collected a following to spread this tradition of belief.

It soon became known that other Dreamwrights had escaped the massive destruction, and pieces of the dream were yet recoverable somewhere in the vast abyss. During the great loss, the chaos came in two massive waves - the first crippling wave banished dreamers into the chaos, while the second succeeded in destroying all who remained. The ancient Dreamwright Mithrandir returned to reclaim the beliefs of the Dreamers of Light, teaching illuminated philosophies and imprisonment of nightmare essences. He too gathered adherents to spread these beliefs.

There came a day when Mithrandir and Kelrith met once again in the Dreamers of Light threshold, and rekindled the old debate between Freesoul and Illuminate. Following this debate, Kelrith marched up to the stairs of the ancient house House Calenture to open its doors to its new members. Mithranir would soon follow suit by opening the doors of Dreamers of Light.

It was not long before old antagonisms rose to the surface, and the Dreamers and Calenturians became embroiled in conflict. Most of the earliest conflicts revolved around the thefts of house artifacts; attempts to impede the follow-through of belief systems that were philosophically at odds to their own.


Kelrith wandered the empty halls of House Calenture, looking for ways to bring honor and glory back to it's halls. When a rift closed, many dreamers awakened into the dream. Kelrith found these dreamers and questioned them on their beliefs. He found six dreamers who were Freesoul. They were Ghea, Mufassa, Darkel, Zartok, Boggen, and Dragon. These six learned the value and honor of House Calenture. These dreamers were initiated to House Calenture.

Kelrith gave the six a quest; bring other dreamer's to the house. As the search for other Freesoul Dreamers expanded to bring many to the house, Kelrith was able to locate a powerful Artifact of the past. He found the Orb of Calenture. This artifact has the ability to banish the nightmares from the city.

He have the great honor of protecting and guarding the Orb to Darkel. Darkel became the first servant of the Orb. It was found that the more nightmares that are banished thru the use of the Orb, the stronger it got. As it gained power, the House grew stronger and more powerful.

One day, it was decided that House Calenture would visit the lands of House of Dreamer's light, An Illuminated house. This house believes that the nightmares are the souls of unawaken dreamers, Thru this misconception, they have embarked upon the dangerous course of entrapping the nightmares. Keeping these within the city of dreams, free to escape from their prison and wreak more havoc upon the City of Dreams.

Led by Kelrith, the initiates journey to the House of Dreamers of Light. Upon reaching the outer ring of Threshold, we came across a group of initiates of DoL, led by Kasumi Keda. As soon as Darkel entered their presence, a small battle ensued and was quickly ended. Tanar of DoL was reduced to a soulsphere by Darkel. Kasumi Keda demanded of Darkel, the Orb. Darkel then passed possession of the Orb to Ghea. Kelrith asked and received free passage for the initiates of Calenture to visit House of DoL to discuss the matter further. It was discovered that the member of Dreamers of Light were on a quest to gain possession of the Orb of Calenture. They did not know why this was required, only that they needed to recover it for their guardian Mithrandir.

A short discussion ensued and Kelrith apologized to Tanar for Darkel's actions, as it was Darkel's duty to protect the orb. Kelrith then announced the reason for the visit. Thru a Miscommunication that Ghea had with Kelrith, the Orb of Calenture was now in the possession of Dreamers of Light. The next day, Boggen found the Orb of Calenture, it seemed that Kasumi Keda had dropped it during a battle. Still under the misconception that the Orb needed to be with Kasumi, the Orb was returned to DoL with the admonishment that the artifact must be protected at all costs. The next day, Smoke was initiated to House Calenture.

A powerful warrior, Smoke had been able to retrieve a lost house ID that Valourin had dropped. When confronted with this by the Dreamers of Light, Smoke refused to return the ID. After being initiated to the house, Kasumi Keda came to demand the return of the ID. Ghea, having realized that the Orb must be returned to the safekeeping of House Calenture, negotiated with Kasumi to trade the orb for the ID. This was agreed to and the Orb was once again safely in the hands of the servant of the Orb, Darkel. Darkel, feeling loss of the house by allowing the orb to pass to DoL, gave the honor of Servant of the Orb to Dragon. Dragon then became the new Servant of the Orb.

Kelrith, drawn by his inner feelings, leaves House Calenture as guardian.