Drain Essence

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Art Statistics

Focus: SM (Minor)
Cost: 1 Resilience
Orbit Required: 0
Affected: Mare essence
Duration: Instant


Removes 1 strength from the essence and transfers it to the evoker's selected element.

Plateau Effect

+1 stat transfer (still a 1 to 1 transfer ratio. If your art is at 20, you still only get 1 point from a 1 strength essence.)

Art Research

With drain, you are doing something totally different with the essence than with the other arts discussed here. Instead of casting the nightmare away, wherever you send it to when banishing or imprisoning, you are absorbing it into your own avatar And a transformation occurs, transforming it into DreamSoul. The effect of this act upon the avatar of the one evoking it is an ongoing debate within the dream, and one I will not go into here, as this is pure research and I am attempting to keep beliefs out of it as much as possible.

Researched by Minuette

Art History

Before the Great Loss, the powerful SoulMasters of the house would bear the House Artifact with them into battle and set it up in a nearby sanctuary. The SoulMasters of the House would go forth and use their power to restore their fellows and would retreat to the Sanctuary and use the Art of Drain Essence to draw power from the House artifact then they grew weak.


This art it loathed by some of the Houses, who believe that draining the essence destroys the soul within.

This art can be used to channel any element, not just DreamSoul.

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