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Dreamers who is unaffiliated with the houses or of otherwise unknown allegiance. While many are newly awakened, there are some whom choose not to join any house and instead remain on their own.

The Great Awakening and the Emergence of The Free Spirits

Our interviewer attempts to suppress her pride and enthusiasm in the Free Spirit cause in the name of objectivity, while approaching Carnach for his account of its roots.

You were the FIRST leader of the Free Spirits, as friends and family have told me over time... I would love to hear about that, about the Great Awakening, and any stories you have about that time.

"Those days were when I was a Teacher, first and foremost, when Yog-ka and Shade, those strange brothers were still my patrons. In my quest for enlightenment, I had come to believe differently from my fellow Guardians and newly made Rulers. I did not let that dissuade me from service to my House, until Wraith and I came into conflict. Wraith and I had previously had an unfortunate episode involve the Corrupter of Souls, during which he became deranged. I felt he was a threat to the Initiates and collapsed him to free him of the Corrupter's effects. This wounded him, he felt I should have spent more time than I did trying to talk to him, or somehow guide him out of it.

"There were a series of incidents that I am not well able to recall, as I did not participate in them, involving Yog-ka that earned him the enmity of the House. Wraith made accusations about my loyalty, since I studied under Yog-ka, and I, not having the energy, or the wherewithal to fight it out, left the House.

"Not being bogged down anymore by duties and meetings, I threw myself into Teaching, Teaching whoever I found worthy, regardless of House or creed, as it should be. The number of Free Spirits then was very small, and there were few who truly had no desire to join a House. But it was a community in which many formed their first impressions, and learned their first lessons about life here in the City.

"Yog-ka and Shade approached me and asked me to organize meetings where Free Spirits could come and learn, as there were many at the time who would not teach them. I did as they asked, and for the most part, the rest is known history."

Carnach spreads his hands. Ravageone interjects:

"Then he fell ill"

"That I did, my past exposure to Tehthu, the Corrupter, and other malevolent forces finally wearing me down..."

You are a legend to Free Spirits, I believe, Carnach. Ravageone gave me his story after yours, from whence you trained Ravageone, Isun and Soulthief. Thank you very much Carn, I've been looking forward to a story from you for a long time.

Our Interviewer meets with Ravageone in the Upper Basin of Stars and receives a kind greeting. She asks him to tell us of the Great Awakening, an earlier suggestion brought on by Isun. He smiles and thinks for a moment before relating this tale:

"Before the Great Awakening there were selected dreamers that explored Underlight and founded the city. Three of the great houses survived the great wars and started the task of rebuilding the city: the houses were Dreamers of Light, House Calenture, and Order of the Sable Moon.

"Back then they still had the fighting going on, but was honor at stake. I found myself a young dreamer initiated into the House Calenture clan where I learned the arts of combat and honor, but found that my beliefs were in question. So I left.

"I was a Free Spirit for two months when Yog-ka ordained me; this was a few days before the great flood. None of us were really prepared to deal with this. No one expected the vast numbers of dreamers to appear. I found myself actually going off to areas that newly awakened couldn't go to, and found more like myself.

"One day I decided to stop running, and helped a few at a time. This worked for me. The houses had banned on recruiting anyone for a week, and the free spirits at the time had just lost a great leader... Carnach.

"Carnach had fallen ill. He took 3 dreamers he trusted: Isun, Soulthief and, myself. He asked us to take charge of the newly awakened, to guide them. I was the first of the three to gain the art of sphere. Soulthief took the leadership, I did the liaison to all the houses and Isun was learning fast. Eventually we had everything calmed down, a system.

"I joined Dreamers of Light. Things were good for a while, then House Calenture and Dreamers of Light started fighting again, same old stuff. I eventually left Dreamers of Light and returned to the Free Spirits.

"I helped many for a long time, which brings us up to the present."

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