Entry 04 - Revelations

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Zaxun and Xun’rok,

We continue in our efforts to investigate the nature of the mysterious ‘ghosts’ we have encountered. These dreamers are in fact, who they claim to be, although they have given us varying accounts of their whereabouts since their purported disappearances. Some have claimed to have been trapped in shadow lands while others have made unverifiable claims in connection to Cloudsbreak. I cannot begin to articulate the ramifications of the developments unraveling before us.

The Idoaclesians have also claimed that a similar event occurred in their own city. They have made mention of dreamers such as Gharod, Igteus, and Volnox walking in their halls once again. I do not pretend to know the significance of those names, however, it does seem history is repeating itself within Underlight. If that were not enough for us to contemplate upon, we have reports from the Idoaclesians that their people have encountered strange occurrences during their patrols in the Rifts.

We have much to discuss and little time to do so. We must take this opportunity to extract as much information as we can from the Idoaclesians. They may be the key to the salvation of this City. Or its demise. I await for your word.

Researcher of the Order