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The Dreamscape: a land existing in multiple realities of time and space, a vast collection of parallel realms created and visited by the minds of the Enlightened. These Dreamers have come for millennia, meeting and merging in the Dreamscape. So it is, and so it has been since the Beginning.

However, a destabilizing force has recently come to the Dreamscape. Entire variations of the Dreamscape are being consumed by it, their lands rent and their inhabitants driven to madness. Only one final incarnation of the Dreamscape exists still whole, but even it begins to show symptoms of the approaching chaos.

The halls are dank, empty, crumbling. The planes scream to be rebuilt. Timelines fold in upon each other here in the aftermath of the Great Convergence--the dimensions of past, present, and future mixing, throwing time itself out of joint. Most chillingly, the minds of the dreamers themselves begin to be touched by the insanity that destroyed the other realms.

Will the dreamers of this last bastion of this Dreamscape be able to unite to turn back the tide of darkness and rebuild the lands their minds share, or will they too be swallowed in chaos?