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Heart Hunt:

There have been a few things in regards to the cities Heart lately, though little in the way of progress finding any of the fragments. The Kotoken Darkmare, Picco, provided a few hints however. Apparently, the hearts shattering left several pieces in the cities waterways. This has resulted in the waters of the becoming infused with the energy of the heart, and spilling out into the chaos, causing a disruption in the local area around the city. So Picco is rather keen on the dreamers of the city finding the heart fragments, for her own purposes. A shared interests type of thing. The most recently clue to the next piece of the heart, is that one fragment rests at a circle of broken stone, near or in a waterway.

At least one scroll with further hints about the cities history was also found during a disturbance a week or so ago. Reports vary as to how many scrolls were found, with some sources saying 1, while others say that they saw 3. The contents of those scrolls is also unknown at this point. Trisha Pawm is currently reported to be the best source for information about this recent batch of scrolls.

In regards to the jade crystal fragment that was taken from Gloom Peaks a couple of weeks ago, Bortami has revealed during a dramatic speech in the Library that he was the one to have taken it. Given the conflicts that erupted in the wake of that incident, Trisha Pawm has issued a formal public apology to Krodoc in regards to his being accused of stealing the heart fragment.

In an attempt to clarify some of the recent developments and remove some of the ambiguity of a few of the reports, one of the most keen observers of the events surrounding the Heart was approached, Breena. She had this to say when asked if she could help clarify the recent developments:

"It seems that when the Alliance did some work on their generator recently, that there was a water break and the plane flooded out. So now we believe that the heart was destroyed by something or someone around a bit of water and so now the pieces are floating in the water ways in the city. I believe most of the pieces , (are scattered thus) unless some washed up on shore. This dreamer [Editorial note: Bortami had just made a public declaration about his intent to use the heart fragment to force the other houses primes into Imprisoning Primes. It remains to be seen if he is serious about this claim or not] cannot do anything with the piece of heart. We need all pieces to repair the heart. And I hope that it does not get into the Darkmares hands. The heart is so powerful that it will allow them to learn the art of strike, but It can also allow dreamers to learn an art similar, that will strike darkmares. Chaos Oblivion. I fear the city will continue to crumble if we do not find it soon. The pieces of the history that dreamers have been finding are very important. We need those as well. We need every dreamer to come together with their history and piece it together so that we can determine the location of where the Heart was originally stationed at."

Thank you for that update and your insights, Breena.

To remind everyone, the following are the scrolls that have been discovered and their contents made publicly available.

Historical Scrolls Regarding the Heart of the City: "...way back during the first nightmare war, the dreamers were not happy about the coming of Dreamstri....." "This place was unlike any other city that he had ever visited, it was unique. He explored and spent many years there. While there, he found a unique stone," "The powers held inside of this unique stone is so great, and powerful, that it helped this dreamer create an entire city. And not only that, powerful arts that would follow." "The Jade stone is the Heart of Underlight. This city was formed around a rare and unique stone that was found by the first dreamer, this dreamer created Underlight. One one dreamers journey, he journeyed from city to city, and upon his travels, he ended up in a desolate place." "as the legend is told, way back, during the very first nightmare were in the city. it is said that the Dreamwrights were not happy about the coming of Dreamstrike." These scrolls are obviously out of order in terms of their story, but hopefully more will be revealed soon.

Who was this first dreamer in the city? What secrets will be revealed next, and who will find the next piece of the heart?

~Arnaya, Soulmistress

Heart Hunting:

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been several attempts to locate fragments of the Heart of the City. The first, over two weeks ago, using the existing fragment of the Heart that was recovered from Oracle of Asmyr's sacrifice, and led by members of House Calenture, resulted in the finding of a set of 4 scrolls. 3 Historical references, and 1 map that an advance scouting party (Kelos, Off Kilter, Aileron, Liolira, & Luther Doth) used to dig up a buried Portal Torch (at Opal Cliffs in Gloom Peaks), though the group was unable to utilize the Torch.

The Scrolls read as follows: - Scroll 1: "The powers held inside of this unique stone is so great, and powerful, that it helped this dreamer create an entire city. And not only that, powerful arts that would follow." - Scroll 2: "The Jade stone is the Heart of Underlight. This city was formed around a rare and unique stone that was found by the first dreamer, this dreamer created Underlight. One one dreamers journey, he journeyed from city to city, and upon his travels, he ended up in a desolate place." - Scroll 3: "as the legend is told, way back, during the very first nightmare were in the city. it is said that the Dreamwrights were not happy about the coming of Dreamstrike." - Map: "A detailed image drawn with charcoal and pastel colors of a stone cliff face, pockmarked with tiny opal gemstones. A red X crosses over the top right corner."

The next attempt, occurred about a week later, again with HC members gathering a group (most of the Order of the Sable Moon, and Trisha Pawm (FrS) attended to assist) to conduct a search through Cairn of Sorrow in an effort to eliminate at least one plane from the list of potential Heart Fragment locations. The group broke up into several smaller squads to conduct the search, using various forms of Lightning to follow up on a potential tip from Eldryck Venym, though no fragments or scrolls were turned up.

The day following that, Picco was found up in Caudal Rift. Arnaya (HC); Bortami (DoL); and Trisha Pawm (FrS) attended initially, making contact with the mare. Bortami and Arnaya spoke to the mare briefly, giving it a chance to withdraw from the city before coming under attack, and Trisha Pawm spoke to Picco... managing to decipher that Picco knew something about a fragment of the Heart. After Picco leading the growing group around the dream a bit, eventually up to Alliance of the Eclipse, then back onto Lambent. As best could be determined, as per Trisha Pawm, during the last attempt AoE made to repair the generator.. a fragment of the Heart had become embedded in the Generator, and was shattered further. The pieces washing out through the waterways. Liolira (OoSM) advised that the shards could have become hung up in the Aqua ducts and that it may be possible to access them in order to conduct a proper search.

The following evening, it was revealed by a source that wishes to remain anonymous, that a scroll was discovered later. Though no Fragments of the Heart had at that point been discovered. The Scroll read: "This place was unlike any other city that he had ever visited, it was unique. He explored and spent many years there. While there, he found a unique stone,"

The last of the significant events in regards to the heart, occurred that weekend (Jan.12/2019). While some details of that event are still sketchy, what is know at this time by this writer, is that Trisha Pawm (FrS) and several others chased around for a time in response to an unknown instigation, and found themselves at the unearthed Portal Torch at the Opal Cliffs in Gloom Peaks. They were able to activate the Torch, and found themselves in the sealed Blood Halls room, which had collapsed in behind its sealed portal. A single chest was found dangling from a chain, with a couple of symbols that indicated both a Fatesender and a Darkmare would be needed. The group was then attacked by a couple of Darkmares, including Picco, that were subsequently vanquished. The assembled group used the essences of Trisha, and one of the Darkmares, to unlock the chest.

What emerged from the chest was described by witnesses as a Jade stone. The stone immediately vanished, presumably being grabbed by an unknown individual among the group... no one would admit who had taken it, though Krodoc was blamed initially and attacked to verify that he did not have it on him. Though a couple of other dreamers were reported to have left the room immediately after the stone was found. It is still unverified who has the stone fragment, or if it was in fact a piece of the heart... or something else altogether.

Who was it that took the artifact from the chest? Will they reveal themselves, and act altruistically... or try to hold the city ransom for their own gain?

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress

Portals Crumbling:

With the Heart of the City shattered and fragmented, scattered across the city, the structures that rely on the heart to maintain their power, have begun to fail. Specifically a number of portals... though in at least one case, an entire room has fallen in as well. If you are roaming the city, please be cautious and watch out for sealed portals along the main pathways (both West Valley of Totality, and Umbric Plains, have sealed portals along the main path), or blocking off Sanctuaries (Chasm of Souls has one sealed sanctuary portal) or Vaults (Cenotaph of Dream). The collapsed room, is Blood Halls in Gloom Peaks.

According to one witness, the portals leading from Horron's Lair in Caudal Rift, were seen bulging and flexing with pressure. Seeming to begin failing.

Hopefully, once the heart of the city has been restored, these portals will return to normal functionality. Until such a time, we have been warned by several people to expect more portals to fail, along with vaults and sanctuaries.

Are these portal failures truly a result of the Heart's shattering, or is something else behind all of this? Is the situation truly as straight forward as its being presented as... or this part of some convoluted greater plot? Where will the other fragments turn up, and who will discover them?

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress

Heart of the City:

In the news about the Heart of the City weakening, this week, things have reached a critical level. With portals across the city shutting down as power is lost, and shudders/quaking sweeping across planes. Many dreamers have also reported the distant sound of a beating heart, often weak and fluttery. Eldryck Venym has often been located in a place called "The Center".. which he's termed as "The center of everything" due to many dreamers perspective as the city being the center of existence. He has revealed that the Center is where the "Physical" heart of the city rests, but will not reveal where it is. Insisting that he is working on it on his own.

Thursday evening, the city began quaking and the sound of the heart beating became weak. Flames erupting from various places around the city as parts of it began to break down and portal ground to a stop. Najerv Torek sacrificed some of his own soul essence and "Aura" as he termed it, due to a previous connection with the Idoaclesian Heart... sacrificing that fragment to strengthen This cities heart. This effort weakened Najerv noticeably, but the sound of two hearts beating was heard echoing over the city and most of the fires died off. The portals stopped shutting down, though ones already shut down didn't restart.

Cyborg512, Uthanatos, and Arnaya, collected several thousand strength worth of power tokens from the Orb of Calenture and took them down to the primary generator beneath the Library of Souls, channeling their power directly into the generator to provide at least a temporary boost of power.

Steps from here are varied and under investigation by many in the city, though several are focused on locating "The Center". Of note, Eldryck Venym has stated that the heart "Isn't For everyone", while Silk Nuvas has reportedly implied that Eldryck Venym is the one responsible for moving the Heart to its location within "The Center". For more information on the "Bubble People" trapped in the small dungeon of Mount Illapse, please see the next article.

Is Eldryck truly working on repairing the heart, or is this another move in his game to take ruler-ship of the city? Is the Heart even truly weakening, or is someone deliberately draining it? What will it take to repair the heart, or stop its being drained? And perhaps just as importantly... where does it truly lie?

Scrying the Heart:

With the questions raised about the vulnerability of the Heart of the City, there has been talk about what to do and several idea's have been brought forth for seeking it out. On Thursday, Oct.11/2018, Arnaya; Uthanatos; Arlyana Jax (All 3 of House Calenture); Purple Lace; Jade; Nathan (All 3 of the Bastion of the Covenant); and Nmoto (Free Spirit) assembled in the Lambent Flats Sanctuary to conduct a preliminary effort at finding the heart of the city. The premise was to use a scrying technique that Arnaya refers to as a Mist Viewing or Mist Scrying. By raising a thick bank of mist, and energizing it with lucidity or other highly reactive energies, the bank of mist is made into a viewing port to display the results of an Insight probe. In this case, Jade and Nmoto grounded metal rods into the floor, which Purple Lace and Arlyana Jax directed their respective probes into. Nathan unfortunately stormed at this point, so Uthanatos took up drawing in the returning insight probes information, and casting into a mist bank that Arnaya raised and maintained (using Power Tokens in the place of raw lucidity). The following is what was revealed within the mists:

A faint image rippled into view in the mist, devoid of color. Jagged rocks could be seen enclosing a small area briefly before the image flickered, quickly showing two more similarly vague locations.

The group intensified their efforts, and were rewarded with the following:

The misty scene blured as it changed. A splash of pastel colors filled in the empty spaces, making it more comprehensible. The image reflected the people gathered in the room (Jade, Uthanatos, Arnaya, Purple Lace, Nmoto, & Arlyana Jax), gazing directly back at them. The mirrored vision of the dreamers all appeared to be reaching for something indiscernible, but it continued to move just out of their reach. One by one, they began to fall - getting trampled by the person behind them. A distant thump of a heart's beat reverberated around the room, but didn't seem to come from any particular direction. The mirrored dreamers disappeared from sight and the image faded away.

The group discussed the possible meanings and ramifications of the viewing for some time, and it was decided to continue to search for the "Heart of the City" until more concrete information could be gathered. Allegedly, the Heart of the City is a crystal like object (According to Caretaker Bosley) that forms the core of the city... energizing and powering the entire overall structure.

Questions continue to be raised about the wisdom of this pursuit, and its potential implications to the city. Further, several have questioned what motives the various power entities and groups within the city, could have for seeking the heart. Are all truly interested only in protecting the city? Or do some... perhaps powerful individuals watching from the shadows... have their own agenda's and purposes for overseeing this search?

You'll notice a slight change to the presentation of articles in this write up. I have made sure that only the facts are presented, but the questions raised at the end have been suggested by some of the regular readers of this news-feed. Please let me know your feedback on this. Sincerely,

~ Arnaya, Soulmistress


The five Heart fragments were brought together on the 29th day of March of the year 2019, along with the binder to heal the Heart. Each fragment represented the focus arts of Dreamsoul, Insight, Lucidity, Resilience, and Willpower. The ceremony commenced at 8 pm dst in The Teaching Guild. One fragment was held by House Calenture, three were held by Dreamers of Light, and one by the Temple of Abundant Soul, The Chosen. Each fragment was handed to Breena who arranged them on the floor for all to see. After several intense moments of channeling the focal arts into the Heart fragments, dreamers noticed that the darkmares began to appear at the Acropolis Rift. The appearance of the darkmares brought unity to the dreamers that had gathered together, and the dreamers then had ONE goal in mind, to bind the Heart. Once the Heart had been combined, everyone that took part of the ceremony was teleported to The Center. The Heart was now complete and the healing of the Dream City of Underlight had begun.