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A deep grand valley opens before you. High above the winds howl like the clamor of battle, while below all is hushed silence. Gigantic monuments of stone, formed in impossible shapes, mark the path leading to the Protectors of Radiance.

Connecting Planes


West Valley of Totality

East Valley of Totality

Albino Caves

Lost Sea

Harrow Glades

Adjacent House

Protectors of Radiance

Plane History

East Valley Sanctuary - As told by: Q'MadifHdrathu

Many know of the sanctuary which stands between Sara's Bright Outlook and Camden's East Cliff, found in the Valleys of Totality near the house of the Protectors of Radiance. Few, however, know of it's creation, it's two fold history that make it one of the most illustrious, under used, locations throughout the dream. The Eastern Valley Sanctuary came to be one day long before the great loss. It's creation was only possible by a singular unique event, that being the proper placement of two strong Dreamwrights, Camden, creator of the high cliffs of the valley, and Sara, a Dreamwright of great detail and insight, who's creations are among the most complex and detailed of the dream. One day, both stood in their normal haunts, Camden studying and practicing his arts on the highest of his creations, East Cliff, while Sara relaxed and sang songs of great battles while in her favorite section of the Valley, Bright Outlook. While no-one knows exactly how it came to be; some say it was a simultaneous casting of a lost art by both Camden and Sara, others say it was a rare occurrence of a rip in the fabric of the Valley of Totality, a small portal opened up in the rooms each occupied. Both were stunned by the sudden appearance of a portal in an area of their creation. Unaware of the events happening in the rooms of each other, both entered the portals which had appeared, and found themselves each in a long cavern, sealed at one end. Knowing that this was no mere circumstance, and that a seemingly meaningless one way cavern was highly unusual within the dream, they began to evoke arts to open a portal at the end of each's cavern, still unaware of the events happening to the other. Camden cast a lost art which had it's foundations in the art of Reweave while standing in what is now know as the Western Sanctuary Passage. Sara, alone in the now named Eastern Sanctuary passage, began evoking a similar, if unrelated art, from her position. Coincidence, or fate, caused both to evoke these arts at the same time. The power of these two arts, when cast, magnified the other, ripping their way through the remaining fabric of the dream which separated the two passages. In a blinding explosion of light and noise, the Eastern Sanctuary was born. As a result of the fantastic merging of dream-fabric, and the two arts cast by the powerful Dreamwrights, both lay stunned and unable to move for a considerable amount of time.

When both finally were able to move, they came to realize, each separately of course, as they were both still unaware of the existence of the other, that something miraculous had happened. Both rushed through the new portals which they felt they had created, and both entered the newly formed Eastern Sanctuary at the exact same moment. Their eyes locked, and the realization of what had happened dawned upon them. Even more so, both instantly became smitten with each other, and from their creation of a new haven of safety and sanctuary within the dream, came the spark of new love. The Eastern Sanctuary became permanent study chamber of both Sara and Camden, as well as the home for their love. The power of the protective force of the Eastern Sanctuary grew as the collective residue from the arts both cast accumulated over time. Long after, soon after the terrible events of the great loss, and the formation of the first four houses within the dream, a young member of the Protectors of Radiance, the appointed guardians to the Valley of Totality, named Hobbe Goblynne, found himself inside the Eastern Sanctuary, and felt the power of the residue of the arts which Camden and Sara had practiced there so long ago. He had long searched for an area within the dream which would become his lab, a place where he could work on his fledgling Gatekeeper arts of Ward, Amulet, and Free action, among others. He knew instantly that this sanctuary, and the two passages on either side, were the perfect union of two separate but equal portions of the dream, a focal point in which his studies would benefit the most. Many long days and knights Hobbe practiced his Gatekeeper arts, warding the passages which lead into the both Sanctuary passages, essentially claiming these three areas of the dream as his own. He would often leave inscribed codex's outside the warded portals, announcing that these three sections of the dream were to be known as The Goblynne's Lair.

Many whom passed by the portal entrance in Sara's Bright Outlook while on their way to the House of the Protectors of Radiance, and fewer still whom found themselves dead-ended on Camden's East Cliff at the warded portal, read the codex's and wondered at the happenings which could be occurring inside the blocked sanctuary. Then, as suddenly as it began, the warding of portals to these three areas of the Eastern Valley, and the appearances of the Wizard Goblynne's codex's ceased. Only one within the dream knows what really happened to cease the works of Goblynne, although many various rumors abound. Once again, the great Sanctuary created by the power and love of Camden and Sara stood alone and unused. Now, a new dreamer, a young but rapidly growing Dreamseer wizard called Q'Madif Hdrathu, seeks to resurrect the efforts of Goblynne, and once again create a powerful training center focused within this section of the dream. If all goes well, the mysticism and magic which has long been centered on this focal point of the dream will once again rise, the results of which, this time, may last until eternity.

Gordizo's Grand Entry - As told by: Swazette

"Gordizo's Grand Entry" was named after the great warrior Gordizo. Two generations ago, Gordizo and his Brothers gave their lives for the unawakened. Before they were collapsed Gordizo and his Brothers fought a great battle as they temporarily gained control of Gordizo's Grand Entry. But they did not live to see an end to what had begun on the Day of Savaging... Gordizo is to be remembered for the great warrior he was, so when you pass through Gordizo's Grand Entry and you feel that chill run down your spine, give a bow of respect for those who fought for the crusade!

The Hall of Eradicatus - As told by: Vulture-Shadow

This magnificent hall is located near the main entrance to the mighty Protectors of Radiance, to be exact between the Gordizo's Grand Entry and the Radiance Gateway, is the second room after you leave the Protector's house main entrance. As you leave the Gordizo's Grand Entry through the portal to the Hall of Eradicatus you left the loneliness and spaciness of the Gordizo, entering the hall. Immediately after you materialize in the entrance portal of this Hall, you feel the closeness and relaxation. The first view in the entrance is the blue waterfall. After a couple of seconds passed the cyclic movement of the falling water start to fill you soul with relax and peaceful thoughts, putting your soul in the mood to continue your ascend to the House of the Protectors.

As you continue walking away from the entrance, a magnetic attraction to the water overwhelms your soul and makes you jump into the waterfall.The refreshing waters are pure enjoyment that will surely invigorate your soul. So I recommend you take a quick bath in this water as part of your daily routine.

You'll notice the earth color that adorns this path, giving the feeling of strength, devotion and connection that all Protectors have for their fellow dreamers and Brethren, reassuring our unconditional support to the Oath and the Crusade.

Once you leave the exit portal of the Hall of Eradicatus you are in the right mood for Radiance Gateway, ever green and the highest part of the ascend. This Hall was the perfect setting to purify and relax your essence to enter the Protectors. Judging from the forgotten histories of Eradicatus he was a powerful and wise protector, maybe a dreamwright or dreamsmith we will never know. He was magnificent in his blade technique and obsessive with his arts,making him a most gifted dreamer, a powerful ally, and feared enemy.

The few stories we know, spoke of a dreamer that lived to the high expectations of honor and devotion enforced in the House of Protectors of Radiance. How he passed beyond the dream we don't know, but perhaps he is somewhere in the dream or in a bubble in chaos perfecting his arts, like always.

Maybe one day we will find a forgotten codex in a remote area of the dream and there will be the autobiography of this illustrious dreamer sharing some light. As today we may know for sure he was excellent collapsing Darkmares with his blade, and believe me that is hard, very hard. Perhaps one day you and I can hope to achieve Eradicatus balance between power/passion with reason/wisdom.

Jinok's Cliff by unknown

The story of Jinok's Cliffs is an interesting tale. You see there was once a Mare named Jinok who was always found at the cliffs in the valley. He was very intimidating and scary, and for those reasons no one ever traveled the cliffs. One day an old feeble man got lost while walking with his granddaughter Elisa. As Elisa searched the valley frantically in search of her dear grandfather, he happened upon the cliffs where the mare hung out. The mare sensing the old man began to come towards him. The old man who at this time in his dream couldn't see very far thought the mare to be a friend and waved hello to the mare. Jinok had never actually seen a dreamer greet him before and stood in shock of the old mans gestures, not knowing exactly what it meant. It was about this time that Elisa gathered all her friends to go up the cliff with her to find her wayward grandfather, knowing the mare was waiting, and fearing the worst. Well, The old man began to speak common tongue to the mare, and Jinok not knowing what any of his words meant sat pondering what to do with the old man. Elisa now up on the cliff walls saw her grandfather confronted by Jinok and began to shout " Get away from him you vile creature". Hearing the cries of his granddaughter the old man walked toward the edge of the cliff not realizing how far the drop truly was. Elisa had now reached the top and began charging at Jinok, blade in hand. The old man was now a few steps from the edge and even though he knew Elisa planned his collapse seemed to not know why the Dreamer was attacking him, but knew the old man would surely parish. As Elisa struck the Mare with her blade he staggered to the edge of the cliff knocking the old man into his granddaughter, consequently saving the old man. No one knows why the mare did this or even if he meant to save the old man, but due to the lack of evidence it was later rumored that the mare simply was trying to escape Elisa's blade. Thus the cliffs were named for the strange Mare Jinok and his accidental, good deed.

Meranden's Dark Mountain - As told by: RitterWulfe

Just after the first wave of consciousness finished taking its toll on Underlight during The Great Loss, a young Guardian of Radiance named Merandan stepped into the Dream at the Threshold to begin his tour of duty. The destruction that met his eyes was almost unbearable. However, his love for his fellow Protectors overcame his fears and he set about gathering up the shredded essences of his fallen brothers and sisters. He was intent upon seeing them properly interred at the House. He set out across the Valley of Totality, gathering up more of his fallen comrades as he went. When he reached the lofty mountain pass, just past Jinoc's Cliff the second wave of consciousness tore young Merandan asunder. The essences he carried became fused into the rock of the mountain giving the mountain its strange dark hue. Thus was the mount named for Guardian Protector Merandan.

The Radiant Gateway by unknown

Quite a few dreamers pass through the Gateway Of Radiance, but few know what hallowed ground they walk upon. Most think that the Gateway just serves as a Fancy name for an archway, but this is not the case. For many dreams ago, before the first Protectors there was a woman named Nthshir. She was of a great glow and for a long time many thought she was just very beautiful and that's where the rumors of her glowing started. However, in fact she DID glow and often times was found staring up in the place now known as the Radiant Gateway. Now, everyone knew she was special that talked with her, but no one knew she was also an heir to an ancient artifact, which to us is now known as the artifact to the Protectors of Radiance house. Upon her death bed she wanted everyone to know of her radiance so she donated the artifact to the towns people who later named the Gateway after her Radiance and her kindness of her donation.

Sara's Bright Outlook - As told by: Centaries

Long ago in the dream before restore existed a promising young women named Sara found more natural ways to bring restore about in dreamers. You may not exactly call it restore, but more restoring faith of the dreamers during The Nightmare Wars. Often meditating in the Sanctuary of the Eastern Valley she would watch as many Dreamers came in upon retreating from the Harrow Glades that lay farther in the East. Many were dreary and tired having been in long battles with the mares. Sometimes they wept, fearing that the mares will never be rid from the Dream. Sara would sometimes sit with these lost souls and remind them that "success is getting up one more time". You see there are only 2 things we have to do in life, and that is that we have to die, and we have to live before we die. It's up to us to make up the rest. All that really mattered is that they got up one more time. From then on Dreamers who came to meditate in the Sanctuary were always greeted by Sara at the entrance. She reminded others of what really matters here in the Dream. Even after Sara had left the Dream others still remember her and how she perceived the most positive outlook on the Dream. As long as we continue to feel victimized we lose our power to change, and that change that we want in the Dream is us. Today we know the land that lies near the Valley's East Sanctuary as Sara's Bright Outlook. May it always remind us that the Dream is a journey and not a destination.

Amphitheater of Sphere - As told by: Mashman

During the period prior to the Great Loss, when the Valley was being molded by the Dreamsmiths into what we see today, there was a great need in the Dream, for an open aired, large spaced area to conduct large gatherings, meetings and hold contests and sporting events for the general populous of the dream. All the largest areas had great difficulty with sound being able to travel from one end of a room to another, thus the tried and true method of a gradually raised area we devised,the center of the room being its lowest points, raising as you get further away, allowing sound to travel further with its natural acoustics. Once this mighty achievement was completed,to the general amazement and joy of all those then dreaming within the City Walls, many great functions, debates and events were staged there. You will note the Spike in the Middle of the center *stage*, many believing it to be a Sun Dial of some type for those at the games and meetings to gauge time...In fact it was both this and also used in the ancient and almost forgotten sport of Chakram Hoops, where by contenders throw chakrams (and other items) from varying distances to see if they will stick to the spike. Other such events conducted were the Great Push Races and Scare Slalom events, to name but a few. Once the Wars began the Amphitheater fell into disrepair and disuse, there wasn't the spare time, or inclination for leisure and relaxation during those times as there had been prior..... If you listen carefully you can still hear the voices of the greatest orators of the dream preaching there words of wisdom, and the cheers of the enormous crowds whom gathered to spectate during the Dream Games.

Aria's Aware Passage - As told by: Whissper

Aria was a new dreamer to the city before the first rift. She was one of the few that was in a sanctuary at the time.The rift still caused trauma,and as she woke, she found herself alone in the Valley.

Now alone, Aria searched for anyone like herself that survived. For being alone was a fate worse than being dreamstruck she felt. One day, after leaving her sanctuary where she rested, Aria became aware of another in the Valley.Overcome with great joy, Aria ran down the valley to embrace this new dreamer. For no longer did she need to be alone. Far from her sanctuary, Aria found this other. Looking for lone dreamers as well was a Dark Mare.The shock of seeing all her hopes lost broke Aria's heart.As well as the power of the Dark Mare, Aria might as well have been dreamstruck. No longer would Aria wander alone in the Valley. For all that remains is her essence that was instilled into the room.

Benny's Blue Passage by unknown

During the times prior to the Great Loss, a dreamer known as Benny rose to dominate as the head apprentice in the guild for Dreamseers....His intelligence and level of arts was held second to none among the Dreamwrights and Dreamsmiths of the time. His thirst for power and the rank of Dreamsmith drove him onward, always progressing, always searching for more..... One day he stumbled upon fragments of a torn scroll left in his master's study, and he removed these pieces and after many trials, he pieced together a significant portion to what is believed to have been the lost art of Blast. Excited beyond all care for his safety, by the thought of possessing such an art, so long gone from the dream, he quickly set about experimenting on how to best rekindle the power of the art into his avatar. He sought an out of the way area to practice, with a closed in ceiling and walls so that no one would be able to see him practice and formulate such a mighty art......He found such a room one day while strolling up the Valley and decided he would begin his practice trials there the following day at dawn...... Arriving there he set about his preparations and when he was ready began the trance that would call forth the power of the art for the first time in so many generations. Unbeknownst to Benny the missing pieces of the Scroll contained such vital information, which he had discounted in his rush for the art, that he en-fact invoked a very self destructive force of purest insight onto himself....... This wave of Insight engulfed Benny, seemed to shrink down to nothing, before exploding over the entire room.......The color of purest Night was permanently etched into the walls forever more. As for Benny, he was never seen or heard from again, just the Name, Benny's Blue Passage, lives on in his memory.

Bigibyn's Path - As told by: Shawai

This unremarkable stretch of the dream, is in the no way without history. While researching the West Valley of Totality, I found it to have a story of hardship and great victories. Bigibyn was a Soulmaster, not an amazing dreamer but a honorable one. He had a wife in the dream city, Felicity.She was a some what newly awakened dreamer. She met Bigibyn when she search out a teacher of the Soulmaster arts. They quickly developed a Friendship that over time became something more. As their love blossomed the mares attacked. A Darkmare by the name of Tehthu, had made its way into the West Valley of Totality, it was running rampant, none could seem to stop it. The elders called for the Dreamers, the City Guard as they were called , Bigibyn , being a man of honor , bid his love farewell, and departed for the Valley. In this stretch of land soon to be named after him Bigibyn and the others defeated the Darkmare, collapsing it to nothingness. What he did not know was his love Felicity, had died in the battle Dreamstruck by the Darkmare. Upon discovering this he raged vowing the destruction of the Darkmare. Soon after this Tehthu returned, to the same place. Bigibyn , alone faced him, in a moment of clarity the Darkmare spoke “Your loves Dreamsoul is now feeding my brothers, they relish her cries!” Bigibyn , enraged with grief set upon the Darkmare with all his arts! The battle is untold, as there were none to be around as this master teacher of the Soulmaster arts and the Mare engaged in battle. But from the stained walls it is plain to see that great arts were the cause of the stained walls within. A Codex, written by bigibyn was found… Only telling of the Love for his woman….”I come Felicity! To the very Chaos which spawned this evil. I vow to come to your aid!

Brorev's Road - As told by: Brandiwyn

Many dreams ago, people bustled along this pathway going from place to place. Brorev was one of those such dreamers. He was known by all as a kind and gentle soul, always willing to help out others in need. He was getting on in years and was not as agile as he once was, his sight was also failing him. One night Brorev's was walking along this very road on his way home. He did not see the Darkmare lurking in the shadows awaiting him on the ledge. The Darkmare sprang out on Brorev and he, not being able to react fast enough, was ripped from the dream never to been seen again. The city mourned over his loss and was very sad about the events that took place. In turn they named this road after him so he would be remembered always.

Geicred's Shining Road by unknown

This is the story of Geicred's Shining Road in the west valley. There once was a dreamer named Geicred, he was a very solemn man who rarely spoke at all. One thing was known of him, he kept a very clean house. All dream long he would clean and re-arrange things to bring order to what he thought of as chaos. What Geicred didn't know was that he cleaned so much that he actually began cleaning just by focusing all his concentration on a room. One day while Geicred was wandering in the west end of the valley he came upon some rather young dreamers who in their ignorance were dropping items and used codex's all about the ground. Angered by this act of immaturity Geicred began to concentrate all his anger upon the dreamers. The dreamers he looked upon began to shiver before him and writhe in pain as their very souls were being struck from the dream. When Geicred came out of his tranced state, he realized not only was the litter gone from the road, but there was no sign of the dreamers. From that point on no one DARED litter upon the road. Rumor even has it this may have been the first use of Destroy Talisman.

Grehatio's Cavern - As told by: Dark Lord

Grehatio was ancient dreamer one first most Dreamers in the house of Protectors of Radiance, this room was named here because at one time the room was whole , a tavern where dreamers before the great war, came to relax and escape the heat and chaos of the city. Then one day, the chaos broke free upon the city and news came to the cavern that the Dark Mares where coming, so in order to protect the land, the dreamers present Bigibwyn's a great friend of Grehatio's used the flame and chalks and forge to covert the once pub, into a defensive position to stop the onslaught and spread of the Dark Mares, using there flame and chakrams covered the cavern into a defensive position, using the natural surrounding of the stalagmites, and ledges once ceiling of the cavern. As ledges, to obtain a high ground so they would be able to fire down upon the mares as they entered, during the battle Foulmoth the Dark Mare engaged in life or death fight with Grehatio's, his long friend Bigiwyns watched as Foulmoth took Grehatio and threw him down upon the stalagmite which pierced his body. Bigibwyns hearing the cry of Grehatios, fell on his knees seeing his friend fallen and with one last breath Grehatios asked Bigibwyns to kill him so the Dark mare would not have his soul, so it was done. So it came to pass his long friend Grehatio's was slain in this cavern by the evil Foulmoth and soul saved by Bigiwyns, and his friend later named this cavern the Grehatio's Cavern.

Hall of Acigot by unknown

Acigot was a Master Fatesender in the Dream as well as a big administer to pranks among dreamers. He was well known for targeting the newly awakened to use his new tricks on. Many a dreaming held a grudge against Acigot for his constant annoyance while they were trying to deal with more important concerns of the Dream. One day Agicot went to far when he played a prank during a meeting between the Rulers and Ambassadors. He brought total darkness over the room as a messenger was delivering an extremely important message. A band of maniacal Freespirits were attacking the house facades of those who's Rulers were attending the meeting. As Acigot continued to keep the meeting in darkness all of the houses defenses were quickly falling. When the darkness finally faded, the Rulers hurried to their houses only to find their facades in ruins. Outraged the Rulers met once again to discuss a way to put Acigot's pranks to an end. They agreed that they would catch him at the Sanctuary in West Valley of Totality were he normally hung about feeling he was safe their from those dreamers who despised him. They called upon 3 Master Dreamwrights to create a ward impassible only to Acigot, and devise a way to instantaneously teleport him to the hall in the back of the Sanctuary whenever he dreamed. There he would remain until he learned not to play his ridiculous pranks on others. Acigot was angered when he found himself in the Hall the next day. The Rulers came daily to visit the prankster and see if his lesson was learned, but Acigot was impossible. He was so angry he tried to collapse any Dreamer who entered the Hall. The Dreamwrights were at this point very angered at Acigot, coming to speak to him and giving him an ultimatum. Either stop these pranks or leave the dream forever. As the Dreamwrights spoke, he began to attack them. Seeing no other way of correcting this Dreamer the Dreamwrights felt that Dreamstrike was the only other way to protect the other inhabitants of the Dream from Acigot's insanity. But before they could strike him, Acigot woke and was never seen in the Dream again. Today the Hall that Acigot was imprisoned in is known as "The Hall of Acigot" for where this dreamer spent so many dreams. It remains a reminder to all that the Dreamwrights will not tolerate disorder in the Dream.

Ibadric's Turn - by unknown

This Room was named after a famous Dreamer in the long forgotten past of the Dream, not because of the bends in the path found here, but because he was famous for "Crying Ago". He would play jokes and pranks on all those around him, particularly calling out the guard and passersby to a false sighting of the dreaded Agoknights. After many experiences of this, all those around him soon learnt to ignore his efforts to trick them, and he was even shunned from most circles as being a complete nuisance. One day he came running into threshold shouting for help, that a group of Agoknights had abducted his wife and were heading up the Valley and calling for help in their rescue......As you would expect no one came to his aid.....Frustrated and afraid for his wife, he soon gave up and sprinted down the valley, blade in hand to attempt her rescue........An interested group of his former friends decided to follow him at a distance to admonish him for his stupid prank once more, they found his and his wife's bodies torn to shreds in this room, and someone was heard to say "The stupid fool, it was only time before it was his turn". Ibadric's Turn became the informal nickname for this room, and over a long period of time supplanted the former name as the only one known to describe this place in the Valley.

Sanctuary of Sarsipious - As told by: Black-Lotus

Along time ago when the dream was filled with chaos there was a great dreamwright with a vision. He had a vision that the dream could someday be pure and rid of the chaos which surround him. He had many ideas on how to do this but had nowhere to carry them out. So he set forth to find a place which suited him and rid it of the Chaos forever. He finally came upon a place, Sarsipcious. He knew that this was the place which would be suitable enough for him to work on his visions. One day he entered the room in attempting to pure if forever and gathered all his great power as he concentrated. But the chaos was strong. He put so much energy and strength into purifying that one room that it collapsed him right afterwards. He never did get to rid the entire dream of the chaos. But he definitely did his part. Whenever you need shelter or safety, you know that you can always turn to the Sanctuary of Sarsipcious located on the Valley of Totality.

The Slopes of Choregan by unknown

Before The Great Loss, there was a warrior named Choregan who was a proud member of Protectors of Radiance and a leader of the Guard. Choregan was very skilled at his blade, which lead him to be challenged to duels often. He became unbeatable and this made many of his challengers angry. Being a guard, he had a daily routine of walking the lands, once in the morning and once in the evening. He loved this time because it was so peaceful and he could reflect on the day or plan his day's events out. During one of his walks, a warrior named Starnoth challenged him to a duel that evening at the dueling arena. Choregan had dueled Starnoth a few times, beating him each time. He declined the challenge only to make Starnoth angry and he vowed that he would indeed duel him and that he would not walk away this time in victory. Choregan walked off laughing and continued his daily routine, leaving his challenger standing there in extreme anger. Choregan went on about his days duties, forgetting all about the confrontation of the early morning. As evening fell, it was time for him to walk the land for the last time that day. He bid his friends good night and headed to the Thresh from the house. As he walked, he reflected the day's happenings and things he must get done tomorrow. As he entered the land before the Thresh, he saw Starnoth on top of the slop with 6 other warriors behind him. Choregan turned and saw that he was warded in and there was no escape. Starnoth came down halfway and started fighting Choregan. Choregan had Starnoth almost to collapse when the other warriors jumped in and started shooting and destroyed Choregan. His house mourned the death of Choregan and thus named the land where he died The Slopes of Choregan, to honor the great warrior of the house.

The Study of Erannathino - As told by: Rasputin

There is a study off the first sanctuary in the Valley of Totality. This study is called the Study of Erennathnio. Erennathnio was a Scholar of Radiance and when the first mares came to the Dreaming he wanted to find out how they should be dealt with. Like the Order of the Sable Moon still does today, he studied the mares. However, unlike the Order, he quickly realized the true nature of the mares and the way in which they threaten the unawakened, his studies moved quickly to finding out how to banish the mares from the dream forever. He conducted his studies in the room adjoining the sanctuary as mentioned before.

When House Calenture created the Orb of Calenture to banish the mares Adreitith was not far behind them in his studies. Soon after Dreamers of Light created their Prime Artifact Erennathnio created the Prime Artifact of the Protectors to banish mares.

Toothy Point by unknown

In the Valley of Totality lies Toothy Point, an additional way point that was added to Windin's Walk. It's original purpose was to be used as a lookout point for Dreamers to use as a resting spot and also as a hiking trail during their travel to the House of Protector's of Radiance. Toothy Point was originally called Windin's Valley and during it's creation was originally a flat and grassy area. It was later exposed to the elements of Chaos when the Entropy Coalition used it as a testing grounds for their twisted practices of changing and bringing forth the raw energy of the chaos. Bringing in this raw chaotic energy into Underlight, for the purpose of using it against the Dreamstrike Masters, caused the terrain to change and so formed into a rough and mountainous area.

Windin's Walk by unknown

Long since before the first stone was put to the Protectors of Radiance, Windin's Walk was formed by forces of nature. Over the dream's it has been home to countless rogue Free spirits and a great place to take a walk. However, during the great loss it was a place of great sorrow for it is rumored that many a great dreamer lost their Soulsphere to the spirits of the Walk. These spirits were star crossed lovers named Pel' Tshir and his beautiful lover Deeana. Pel'Tshir had a father who despised Deeana's family for their beliefs and chastised his son for seeing Deeana. When The Great Loss occurred both their families were lost to the unknown and never were heard from again. Deeana, so distraught over the loss of her family and friends, took a blade that was forged for her father and ran herself through. Pel'Tshir hearing of what Deeana had done ran to the spot where she was to have done this and found the blade. As he stood with the blade in hand a mysterious man approached and accused Pel'Tshir of being a murderer and began to attack him. Pel'Tshir, so struck with depression and sadness did little to defend himself and soon lost to the mysterious foe who attacked him. No one knows who the man was that attacked or why exactly, but it is said that although both Deeana and her love died at the Walk their souls never found each other. That is why, in a calm dream if you sit on the Walk you can still here the Wind carry their cries to each other.

Previously occupied by:

Protectors of Radiance

The Consortium

Tribunal of Solara


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