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Nestled at the end of the Valley of Totality lies The Consortium.

Underlight Current History

Currently Closed.

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Faction Facts

Plane: Valley of Totality

Beliefs: Balance


Prime Artifact: Soul of Radiance

House Art: Radiant Blaze

The Consortium is a group of powerful Dreamers, currently consisting of six members (though rumors of a 7th yet to arrive have been circulating). The groups stated goals are the maintenance of Balance.

Current Membership:

Drex: Drex is the "Confessor", apparently a primary spokesman and likely intelligence specialist.

Description of Drex: A large man appearing to be in his 30's stands before you. His messy jet black hair hangs over his eyes partially covering their deep blue shine. Draped over his black leather armor is a long coat with the sleeves ripped off that hangs down just inches from the ground.

Morganna: Morganna is the groups Sorceress, known to hold power over metaphysics and other dreamers.

Description of Morganna: A slender avatar stands with a graceful pose. The small frame is covered in a silk fabric that dangles freely while wrapping around her body to show traces of a feminine figure. Fair skinned and soft features. An ornate amulet rests on her chest as it shifts between several hues of colors.

Raena Demora: Raena is the Commander of the Consortium, ruling apparently with absolute authority over the group.

Description of Raena Demora: A pale face with crimson lips is shrouded within the hood of a heavy cloak, upon which a mantle of intricate silver beaded design sits. Fingers extending from a pale hand are often temple together. A glass orb containing a blue wisp is attached to a long chain suspended from her neck; a calming blue mist emanates from it.

Kael Lupich: Kael Lupich is the groups Enforcer. A blunt instrument with a similarly direct role.

Description of Kael Lupich: A large brute of a man, 6'9" 397 pounds, he carries with him a long black whip, that has signs of being repeatedly repaired from use. He is shirtless with a red strap running across his chest. A black cloth executioner's hood covers his face with crudely torn eye holes.Abyss chainmail covers his legs with large plate boots. His movement is surprisingly agile for his size.

Daska Jerikko: Daska Jerikko is the 2nd in command of the Consortium, specializing in ensuring smooth operations of the group.

Description of Daska Jerikko: Tall and slender with a warriors toned body. She has soft features and eyes that sparkle with purpose. Her long flame colored hair flows into a simple braid. There is a simple metal clasp holding the braid together. The only jewelry that can be seen is a simple silver chain necklace that drapes her neck delicately.

Silk Nuvas: Silk Nuvas is the groups Tinkerer and equipment master. Also a known Master Teacher, likely of Arretian descent.

Hota Maren Clan: Dominated by the Consortium in early fall of 2015. These Darkmares have shown complete obedience so far in their service.


The Consortium has a specific structure to their membership. Each member has a specific role within the group. There are at current six positions in the organization and apparently a seventh member has yet to arrive to fill in another position. This is a closed group that is apparently not accepting seekers at this time, though they have been doing some recruiting of dreamers.

Core Members: Senechal Crests - Commander: Herbert (Claims to be the new Commander due to Raena Demora's removal) - Confessor: Drex (Public Relations/Intelligence) - Sorceress: Morganna (Metaphysics) - Enforcer: Kael Lupich (Primary Combat) - Parliamentarian: Daska Jerikko (2nd in Command and Group Coordination) - Tinkerer: Silk Nuvas (Technical Support) - Fulcrum: Lothrick

Neutralized Members: - Raena Demora (Commander) Imprisoned or Deceased

Former Members: - Lu Chaos (Self Demoted) - Arnaya (Crest Removed)

Beliefs: The stated objective of the group is Balance, in Drex (The Confessor) first explanation to me.... "Balance young dreamer, Balance. Cities have fallen due to an imbalance of power within them." Drex would not elaborate on the measures used to combat imbalances of power, saying only that it depended.

When asked for more details, and if there was an imbalance in the current city, Drex replied: "I fear there is a great threat from inaction within this city. It may soon be repairable if things do not turn around."

He went on to provide an example: "The citizens of the city grow weary, and start to simply exist. Doing nothing with their time here. We could counter-balance a few different ways. We could supply you with new things to obtain in order to give incentive, but this would only lead to a growing greed among st dreamers in time. Or we could supply you a threat powerful enough to force you to act. This would obviously cause you to think us evil, but either method would work just as well. No matter what, there is always a balance in things. I give you things, you get greedy. I hurt you, you hate me. Those thought to be evil may not really be such. They may simply be your next conquest. It depends on how you look at the City around you."

When asked about the groups views of the mares, Drex replied: "The same as I view dreamers. When they pose a threat to the balance, I will do what I can to put them down."

Residence: Protectors of the Radiance (PoR) House, atop the Valley of Totality Plane

All core members of this group bear the crest of the PoR Senechal (House Elder), and several have been reported to use the PoR house art "Radiant Blaze" (Combination Firestorm/Mass Blind, requiring Power Tokens to evoke) at high level, to great effect in battle.

NOTE FOR VISITORS: The Consortium has expressed that the stairs leading to the facades portals are considered the boundaries of the house. Climbing the stairs without invitation has been known to result in attack by the Consortium.

Allegiances: Currently loosely allied with The Alliance of the Eclipse Hostile terms with Dreamers of Light Neutral with House Calenture Hostile with Order of the Sable Moon Hostile with "Landbarons" (Portunes) Conflict with "The Sirens", claimants of UoC House and former controllers of the Hota Maren clan

Activities: - Claimed the Protectors of the Radiance house, calling it "The Consortium".

  • Subsequent events and encounters have led to members of the Consortium plainly saying that they hold Castellan prisoner for attempting to cast them out of the Radiance.

- Admitted to imprisoning Castellan (Keeper of the houses), hostile relations with Portunes (Castellan's alleged friend and successor).

- Held the Palisades private, ordering the Dreamers of the Light out of the plane and initiating combat when DoL refused to leave.

  • Held the Soul Essence of "Herbert", a known and reputedly well regarded Elder of the City (Soul Essence dropping by Kael Lupich during the palisades battle

noted above. Uncertain if the Soul Essence indicates the elders Dream Striking, or other soul separation technique/imprisonment. Kael Lupich is reported to have given up claim to the Soul Essence, stating: "He won't be needing it anymore."

- Repeated Violent clashes with Dreamers of Light. Reported to have been found loitering near the Dreamers of Light house at about 6am (Report from Liolira of the Dreamers of Light)

- Aided in Defeating Bandaret (Darkmare) while within the Palisades. Morganna and Drex of the Consortium, alongside representatives of the Order of the Sable Moon, Dreamers of Light, and House Calenture, were able to defeat the Dreamer turned Darkmare. Once he was reduced to a Soulsphere, Morganna recited an incantation (Bondum Enslavato Cadena, believed by the reporter to mean: Bond, Enslave, Chain) and began whispering to an orb in her possession. Bandaret woke shortly afterwards, saying that he wanted "Shineys".

Leashed Hotai (Darkmare) with an Iron Collar (Morganna and Daska Jerikko, with Drex as support) and sent him into the Union of the Covenant to retrieve an unknown item, possibly from the Rulers are of the house (Liolira of DoL tracked Hotai's progress via Locate Dreamer from the Facade). Once the item was retrieved, Hotai handed the item to Morganna who told Hotai: "Excellent! You have served well, beautiful creature. Confessor, we are done here. I will return to The Consortium with haste! I release you creature. Feed upon your rage." Hotai promptly attacked the group assembled, though was handily defeated by the combined forces (Representatives of Dreamers of The Light, Order of the Sable Moon, and the Seekers for the Gathering of the Entranced). One report claims that the item retrieved by Hotai was the Union of the Covenant Prime Artifact.

Arnaya and several members of the Dreamers of Light (Bladeslayer, Tember, & Jade), including Dina of the Order of the Sable Moon and Free spirit Wolfgar, went up to the Gathering of the Entranced, seeking Morganna (she was mindblanked and the Gathering of the Entranced was the only Sense Location that was unaccounted for by locatable dreamers). While she seemed to be inside the house, she woke shortly after the groups arrival, and returned to PoR where she was joined by Raena Demora and Daska Jerikko. The dreamers followed. Bladeslayer of the Light and Arnaya (Prospective Gathering) attempted to get The Consortiums attention inside. After a few minutes, whispering was heard just inside. A few minutes later, Raena Demora exited the house. She was immediately met with attacks by the Dreamers of Light. Dina and the Light Members stated that they had been attacked by Kael Lupich in the Palisades earlier in the day. A bell began sounding and Darkawakening came onto Sense. Clarity, Hikari, & Acerrav of House Calenture arrived at PoR at that time as well. Kael Lupich of the Consortium was located inside the house, and Morganna was noted to have woken. Shortly afterwards, Kael Lupich, Daska Jerikko, and Raena Demora came onto the facade and engaged Dina, Bladeslayer, Tember, and Jade. The Darkmare Hotano appeared and fought in support of the Consortium. The House Calenture members and Arnaya stayed neutral in the fight, only briefly engaging Hotano until he was redirected to leave them alone. DoL, Dina, and Wolfgar were forced to withdraw from the battle. The Consortium members agreed to remain and speak with the remaining dreamers (Clarity, Hikari, Acerrav, Wolfgar, Arnaya) for a time. Hotano remained for a time, glaring and growling at the assembled dreamers, but looking to Raena Demora for instructions.

The following were the questions and answers.

Q (Arnaya): Asked about the Events the previous evening with Bandaret. A (Raena): I was not present for any actions against Bandaret, therefore I will be of no help until I am fully briefed. I would probably be of help had I not been rudely interrupted earlier.

Q (Arnaya): Asked Why The Consortium was Dominating Darkmares. A (Raena): They make fascinating pets. Everyone should have a Hotai for a pet. They will do practically anything.

Q (Arnaya): Asked about current projects and objectives, as well as the Item that was removed from UoC the previous evening. A (Raena): You'll find that we aren't much for giving information. Although.. we will divulge things, when the time is right.

Q (Clarity): Inquired about the Union of the Covenant House and if there was any problems there. A (Raena): I will say that there is a dark energy there, and has been for some time. (In reply to a comment about the house being cleansed already): Perhaps it is some residue. We are still investigating.

Raena and Daska informed the group that Morganna often roams about on her own, and has "unique" skill set among st The Consortium. Raena also agreed to inform House Calenture of any further works within the UoC through the "Proper Liason".

Raena's Warning:

Raena Demora put a note up at the entrance of the city that read:

Greetings, Dreamers.

This is your Commander, here. As part of The Consortium Collective, I assure you that we are not finished with what have come to do. Last evening proved that we are not to be trifled with. If you continue to amass against us, we will have no choice but to take another. We have already chosen that dreamer... you will find out who it is in due course.

Watch your backs, or allow us to continue our work uninterrupted. Peace will be yours, if you want it to be.

Raena Demora Commander Consortium

Group Biographiess and Capabilities:

Herbert: Role: Commander Notes: Former Elder Master Teacher, cast out of Teaching order upon his affiliations being revealed. Holder of Dynroths staff and devices, recently claimed leadership position of the group with Raena Demora's removal. Known to abduct combatants to deal with them in single combat. Primary Battle Role: Direct Combat, Arts Support Sphere: Ninth (Elder) Focus: Multi-focus

Daska Jerikko: Role: Parliamentarian Notes: 2nd in command, moderate to above average chakram combat skills. Suspected real leader of the Underlight Consortium group. Primary Battle role: Varied, Direct combat and arts support Sphere: Reported 9th sphere (By Liolira of the Dreamers of Light) Focus: Believed to be multi-foci (likely all four foci)

Drex: Role: Confessor Notes: Skilled in battle. Known Abjurer (SoulMaster Major Art) and Reflector (Gatekeeper Major Art). One of the most approachable of the members, has been known to provide combat tips to new dreamers. Primary Battle role: Direct combat Sphere: Unknown sphere Focus: Believed to be Multi-foci (Likely all four foci).

Morganna: Role: Sorceress Notes: Apparent controller and manipulator (metaphysics) Primary Battle role: Arts support Sphere: Reported 9th Sphere (by Liolira of the Dreamers of Light). Focus: Believed to be multi-foci (likely all four foci)

Kael Lupich: Role: Enforcer Notes: Uses Paralyse frequently in battle, also Abjure, Ward, and Reflect. Disdainful of regular dreamers. Primary combatant for the group. Primary Battle role: Direct combat Sphere: Alleged 7th sphere, lowest sphere of the currently known Consortium members. Focus: Known Multi-focus, Gatekeeper/Soulmaster. Possibly others, those two confirmed.

Lothrick: Role: Fulcrum Notes: Highly values knowledge, seems to prefer to avoid open battle. Strongly dislikes inactivity and apathetic dreamers. Primary Battle role: Direct Combat and Offensive Arts Sphere: Sixth Focus: Multi-focus (Known to use Soulmaster, Dreamseer, and Gatekeeper arts)

Silk Nuvas: Role: Tinker Notes: Known forge master, also known Master (elder) teacher. Reportedly more of a contractor than a believer in the Consortium’s cause. Primary Battle role: unknown, presumed to be Arts support Sphere: 9th (Elder) Focus: Multi-focus

Zatan Kane: Role: Mercenary Bounty-hunter Notes: Reluctant member of the group, working with them due to their captivity of his son (captured during the fall of Valouria). Defensive fighter unless pursuing a bounty. Primary Battle Role: Direct combat Sphere: 3rd (previously higher) Focus: Multi-focus (Soulmaster and Gatekeeper at least)

Hota Maren Clan: Hotano and Hotai have both been directly observed following the orders of The Consortium members, including entering combat at their command against named targets. Consortium has demonstrated ability to prevent the Hota from attacking dreamers.

This information has been compiled and presented by Arnaya. All information presented is known fact (verified by multiple sources) or personally observed unless noted otherwise. Deductions and Beliefs currently held about the group are stated as such The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.

Interview with Morganna

Morganna met with several people (Rasputin & Arnaya prospectives of the Gathering, Clarity & Acerrav of Calenture, Jade of DoL, and Wolfgar). She consented to answer a few questions and expressed her appreciation for the work that Arnaya was doing in documenting events, paying particular attention to lack of bias in the write ups.

Q (Arnaya): Inquired about Morganna's personal powers and abilities. A (Morganna): "I spent many years, since my childhood, apprenticing to hone my abilities. I admit, I find myself still getting used to the aura of this particular city. It's one of the more complex ones I've experienced and that's a feat."

Q (Arnaya): Inquired more about the Aura, if it was accumulated energy of the dreamers that had been there. A (M): "Something along those lines, yes. All cities are living breathing entities in our eyes. We are thought, as children, to be able to sense even the most subtle shifts. This city is rather young compared to many others within the Dreamscape. There are barely a few cities younger than this particular one."

Q (Clarity): Questioned Morganna's statement about the city being young due to previous elders statements about the city being one of the first, and lacking any knowledge of other cities until the Arretians were encountered. A (M): "That is perhaps what your elders passed on but this city has a history of xenophobia. I know of a particular city that studied your own as you developed as a whole. They kept detailed notes of your progress. As The Consortium entered this city, we were met with a great deal of reproach and trepidation. I, on the other hand, I was welcomed because I was believed to be part of your kind or as I was called... "a newly". I gained a unique perspective during that time. I hold those memories dear. I was treated kindly by many although some mocked me but the former outweighs the latter."

Q (Clarity): Clarity made several observations about most of the Consortium appearing with “Senechal” crests from the Radiance, and dreamers reactions to a house of elders. A (M): "Every member of the Consortium holds equal rank and we contribute to The Consortium through our own experiences and talents. What one lacks, the others compensate. I do not believe in violence nor do I desire to engage physical combat."

Q (Arnaya): Noted that despite Morganna's distaste for direct combat, she had apparently fought well against Bandaret. A (M): "Drex and I are well... we've known each other since children. We spent many years apart. It was only recently that we crossed paths. It becomes difficult to suppress reservations when someone is in danger."

Q (Wolfgar/Clarity): Several comments were made about why dreamers distrust The Consortium, and some theories were voiced about why DoL in particular had come into conflict with the Consortium. A (M): "The Mountain Dwellers have no true sense of greater good. Whatever perceived notion they have of defense and protection is a masquerade for greed and personal gain. We have allowed our actions to speak for themselves. Unfortunately, perceptions become the reality for dreamers as someone recently said. Note: several other comments were made by others present, but Morganna did not acknowledge them."

Q (Arnaya): Inquired about the reason for enslaving the Hota. A (M): "Preparation for what is to come... allow me to ask you this...Do you think it's for the greater good of the city to provoke sworn enemies to strike at this city again?" Note: Wolfgar asked for clarification of what enemies, and Morganna replied: “The Kadatorri” (A faction of darkmares)

(M): "They have been absent of this city for some time.. distracted by events far away. I pose to you this question... in whose interest does it benefit to bring them back? To breach their workshop and invade their stores? The moment someone attempts to set a foot in that cursed workshop, you'll be waking every single one of their kind." Note: Morganna confirmed in a vague manner that the location being referenced was the Keepers of the Eternal Shadow House

Q (Arnaya): Inquired if The Consortium was preparing for that event. Q (Wolfgar): Inquired if The Consortium was in the city to stop that event. A (M): "The eventuality of it will come to pass. We are preparing for it."

Q (Wolfgar): Made several comments about conquerors and inquired about how many other cities The Consortium had “Protected” A (M): "For many of our members, they homes have been destroyed. Perhaps you missed that part. Valora. A'torcha. Tumira."

Q (Rasputin): "So your presence here is pure altruism?" A (M): "No. Hardly."

Q (Rasputin/Wolfgar): Further inquiries were made about the Consortium’s motives and it was noted that The Consortium may be trying to lure the mares to Underlight in order to draw them away from the battle lines on other variants. A (M): "We are not the ones seeking to lure them back. We are however, preparing to engage them head on and we are learning to use their kind against them."

Q (Rasputin): Inquired further about why the maren presence was of such concern to The Consortium. A (Arnaya, playing a hunch): "Your seeking a weapon to bring back to the front lines of this conflict....against both the mares, and your rivals of the Realm Watch." - (M): Nodded and looked at her orb intently. It is Uncertain if that was in reply to Arnaya's comment, or several other dreamers leaving, though no other comments were made directly to Morganna except one wishing her a pleasant evening before they woke. That dreamer was gone before Morganna's movements.

Q (Arnaya): Asked if she could see look at Morganna's Orb A (M): "No. It must never leave my presence. I do have another inquiry... since many are made of me and seldom do I make any of those around me."

Q (M): "We are judge by the actions we take as a whole but who is to judge you for the in actions you fail to commit?" A (Nearly everyone assembled): various replies, mostly summarized as “History” or “Our peers”. Arnaya did not that there had been some action taken, and Morganna complimented her on attempting to free Hotai on Sept.06.

Q (Rasputin): Inquired about the item retrieved from UoC by Hotai on Sept.06. A (M): "And yet there is no desire to go to combat with any faction. Tell you as they may... we are often met with aggression without justification. We choose to restrain ourselves but there are times when dreamers just do not know when to walk away from a situation."

Q (M): For example, the Palisades. What is their purpose? A (Arnaya): A prison Note: No further conversation on that topic

From there, the conversation moved into a discussion of customs and respect. Particular focus was made of house customs, and the authority of a house upon their plane versus the city in general. Morganna's response was fundamentally that they expect their rules to be abided at the Consortium. Further argument was made about The Consortium laying claim to PoR by force of arms alone.

A (M): "How do you know what exactly was done to obtain entry? You do not, do you? You simply......assume things. In the little time I have spoken with you [addressed to Rasputin] I have made some observations."

(M): "Castellan was involved. And he attempted to go against the original parameters of our agreement."

The conversation developed into a series of comments back and forth at this point for several minutes. Morganna ended the conversation with the following:

(M): "The Consortium has been nothing but forthcoming with the endless inquiries of your ilk. It's simply a matter of hearing what we are saying and not what you desire to hear selectively. And such is the nature of the dream. The more questions we have answered, the more questions form in its wake. It's the proverbial hydra, do you not think?" The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself. <br,

In the last couple of weeks, we have seen the following events (please note that I do not have first hand information about a lot of these, so am relying on 2nd or 3rd hand information).

- Silk Nuvas of The Consortium was seen engaging in negotiations with BladeSlayer, Ruler of the Dreamers of Light. The subject of the negotiations was for Silk Nuvas to gain possession of a piece of a Keepers of the Eternal Shadow house crest that the Alliance of the Eclipse held. After more than an hour of public negotiations, it was settled that Bladeslayer would provide 20 dreamer essences (no more than 2 from any given dreamer) and provide Silk Nuvas with a fragment of the KoES crest that he possessed as a form of collateral. Silk in return would seek out the Alliance of the Eclipse leadership to try and gain possession of their fragment. If no results were achieved in a fortnight, Silk Nuvas agreed to return the collateral to Bladeslayer. Silks stated intent, at least as a primary means, was to negotiation with AoE, though some comments were made that seemed to imply a willingness to take further action if negotiations did not pay off. The essences to be provided did not seem to be for a Consortium project, and Silk appeared to be negotiation on a personal level, not as a member of The Consortium. Silk Nuvas also informed Bladeslayer during this meeting that any crest construction or repair efforts would require an item called the "Fungus Egg" that was, at the time, lost within the city and was not in the keeping of any dreamer or house.

  • NOTE: this instance was what led the Alliance of the Eclipse to destroy their crest fragment a few dreams later in order to deny Bladeslayer access to it. This caused DoL to declare both House Calenture and the Alliance of the Eclipse to be enemies of the city, and to engage both houses in open war. At this time, the war is still ongoing and there appear to be no current plans for terms to end it.

- Rumors: Since the Alliance of the Eclipse has since destroyed the crest fragment that was the subject of the previous interactions, several rumors have surfaced that Bladeslayer and Silk Nuvas have come to a new agreement (I can confirm that they were located in a high sphere area of the Library together a couple of dreams after AoE destroyed the crest fragment). Though confirmation of this agreement has not been made yet, the terms that are rumored are: The construction of a new Keepers of the Eternal Shadows crest by Silk Nuvas in exchange for one hundred dreamer essences and the Fungus Egg mentioned above.

- Cianne: A couple of weeks ago, the Dreamer Cianne vanished from the city without notice. She had been reported in the Palisades on her own several times prior to her disappearance. This sparked rumors that Cianne had been captured and imprisoned by The Consortium. Recently, I have been informed by three sources that Kael Lupich has stated outright that The Consortium does hold Cianne (Report came from witnesses to an engagement with Kael Lupich and DoL inside the Palisades). Raena Demora has also confirmed (According to three direct witness reports) that Cianne is in their custody, but claim that she is not being held against her will. The reports state that the Consortium acted on Cianne's personal request for protection from harassment by the "Mountain Dwellers" (DoL), and that Cianne is free to leave her current residence any time she requests.

- Arnaya: A couple of dreams ago, Keepers of the Eternal Shadows house kept coming onto Sense and falling off again. The assembled group of dreamers in Threshold went to investigate. Arnaya (Gathering of the Entranced prospective) remained in Threshold for a short time to trance, and felt drawn to the House of the Protectors of the Radiance (Consortium stronghold) with some urgency. Arnaya went up to PoR, and was granted access to the house (The center portal began to spin briefly) shortly after Off Kilter of DoL arrived. Arnaya entered the house alone (the portal would not allow Off Kilter to enter, and ceased spinning before he could get to it) and spent some time roaming the house. The silence inside was only broken by her footsteps, except for one whisper in the empty Celebration Hall asking if anyone had seen enter. Arnaya confirmed that Off Kilter had seen her enter, and was met by silence. Arnaya remained inside for some time longer before leaving the house and joining an assembled group (Representatives of DoL, HC, and OoSM) outside. She was informed at that point that a rumble had been heard by the group while they were on Umbric Plains, and they had come up to PoR to investigate. At this time, there is no certain confirmation that The Consortium was involved with this incident as none of their members were located dreaming or revealed themselves in any identifiable manner.

No other incidents have been reported to me yet. If anyone has details of any of these incidents, or any that I have not yet mentioned, please let me know in the city, or leave a detailed record of the incident in the Threshold Caves or Albino Caves caches. The most important lesson I've learned over this past year, is not to let anyone make you cruel. No matter how badly you want to give the world a taste of it's own bitter medicine, it is never worth losing yourself.