Gathering of the Entranced

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After a rather long journey thru the Basin of Stars, you'll come across the House Gathering of the Entranced.

Underlight Current History

Currently Closed

House Facts

Plane: Basin of Stars



Prime Artifact:

House Art:

House Roster



Lyra Era Beliefs




The Gatherers are Enlightened (illuminated) who believe in cleansing and removing the taint within the mare essence.

They often speak of a higher plane in which they believe they can achieve thru a higher level of existence, the Nirvana.

  • We are enlightened, meaning we believe there are numerous planes that all influence each other in a different way. We believe that these planes hold a natural balance and have coexisted in harmony. Dreaming can disrupt this harmony. Therefore:
    • We seek to serve the balance that exists between the planes and will work to maintain this balance.
    • We seek to return the harmony within Underlight.
  • We strive to achieve a greater understanding of the dream itself, in order to better protect and defend the City.
  • We believe that the mares are the souls of dreamers trapped in a realm of true and pure evil. Against their will they have been twisted into what they are now. Their taint disrupts the harmony and it is therefor that we seek to cleanse their souls of this taint.


We are the Gathering of the Entranced.

Know that the Gathering of the Entranced is an enlightened house. We believe there are numerous planes that all influence each other in a different way. We believe that these planes hold a natural balance and have coexisted in harmony. It is the harmony we serve between and within as the entranced have taught us.

We believe that once we've reached true harmony with ourselves and our surroundings we will be able to pierce the chaos to reach the Nirvana and join those who went before us.

We believe that the mares are the tortured souls of the Entranced who got trapped on a plane of evil. This evil was ultimate. This evil tainted the souls of those trapped and forged them into Nightmares.

We believe that their taint disrupts the balance. This is why we capture the mares and bring their essences back to be cleansed of the taint of the other plane and the soul can return to either the dream or the Nirvana, whichever way the soul chooses.

By reciting this oath I hereby swear to uphold the following:

I swear to be protecting the City, and the dreamers within, to the best of my ability, even unto Dreamstrike.

I swear to promote the values of honor, trust, honesty and fellowship within the dream, striving to bring harmony back into the City.

I swear never to start a war or fuel it, to avoid and discourage placing a dreamer on CoS, and assist any dreamer asking for sanctuary.

I swear to learn and study the dream, and with it learn about the harmony that rests within its walls, so I can protect it.

I swear to hunt the mares so their taint will stop imbalancing the harmony of the dream and will bring their essences to the house so

That the souls that rest within them might be cleansed of the taint that gripped them.

I swear to maintain the harmony that exists and try to spread it across the dream.

But most of all I swear to protect my house and the dreamers within it, without regard to personal consequences.

I make this oath for all to hear, and will abide by it to the best of my abilities.


Since we believe that the mares are the tainted souls of other dreamers we must try treating them with respect. Before the mare is engaged it is asked to use the following procedure.

  • The hunter bows before engaging the mare.
  • The hunter will try to defeat the mare in honorable combat, trying to avoid trapping. If however the mare is superior to the hunter trapping might be used, given the mare suffers as brief as possible.
  • NEVER leave an essence behind, for it dishonors the tainted soul. Remember a soul IS a soul.
  • The hunter will bow again and apologize for the hurt done to the mare. Also the promise will be made that, if the mare had a name, this name will be recited during the ritual of cleansing as the name of a worthy adversary.

If, however the mare attacks before you had the chance of following this procedure it is allowed to perform all steps after the initial collapse of the mare. We want to show the dream that honor goes all ways, as harmony and balance does. Remember, without evil, good would never be in balance!

Beliefs of the Gathering of the Entranced

The Gathering of the Entranced is an Enlightened house. This means that we believe that there are many, many planes of existence. All of these planes, including Cloudsbreak, Underlight and the Nirvana, are interconnected and all effect each other through our actions, either directly or indirectly. A good example of how they effect each other is this:

Imagine a still pond, this being all interconnected planes. You throw a pebble into the pond, your throwing it into the water being an action. Where the pebble is thrown in, this is the part of the pond directly effected. The ripples created by you throwing the stone spread out and effect every part of the pond, making the entire pond being effected indirectly.

The Gathering strives for balance, within oneself and within the dream. We believe that dreamers must learn to achieve harmony by balancing their actions, and strive to fight the taint within. This taint within us comes in many forms. Jealousy, hate, greed and anger are all forms of taint found in ourselves. However, the gathering also fights taint in the dream. We believe that the nightmares are tainted, and in order to achieve balance in the dream and all other planes, we cleanse nightmare essences. This cleansing nullifies all taint, leaving pure, raw essence, which is now untainted and balanced.

The Nirvana is a higher plane of existence which few dreamers are ever able to reach, however, through balance within, some have. The Nirvana is a plane of perfect balance and harmony, only accessible to dreamers who manage harmony within themselves. All members of the Gathering strive to achieve the Nirvana, through battling the taint inside themselves and achieving harmony within themselves and in the dream.

Finally, the Gathering follows the three principles of truth, which state:

The knowledge of truth brings knowledge of what is false.

Perception is relative, but truth is absolute. Its matter does not change with the manner in which it is viewed.

It is impossible for anyone to be omni-potent or omni-present, personal balance can only deal with those truths pertinent and presentable to you.

The gathering looks to these three truths to help achieve personal balance within oneself.


Oath of the Entranced

I submit myself before the Gathering of the Entranced in wishes of following their teachings as a member of their gathering.

I am enlightened and follow the three principles of truth so that I may better understand it and act accordingly in deeds on the honor-some path to achieving personal balance and the Nirvana.

I acknowledge multiple planes of existence and know them to effect one another be it directly or indirectly via the ripple effect of which I know I am part of.

I swear to uphold the Strength of the Entranced by teaching through word and through action, and defending the gathering and its house to my utmost capability.

I swear to become an initiate of the Gathering of the Entranced as its path is my own, with loyalty, trust and honor, always.

Until All Are One!

Leadership Structure

  • Rulers: 1 per 5 guardians. never more than 10
  • Guardians: 1 per 10 initiates. Never more than 30

Rulers elect Rulers.

Rulers and Guardians elect Guardians.

Election Process
Ritual of ascension

When the house has grown to support another ruler all rulers will post their choice (one name) from among qualified guardians to the knights board. From these, a vote will be taken among the rulers, and the one receiving the most votes will be ascended.

Following ritual will be performed:

This is the ritual a ruler will have to pass through once he/she has been elected to join the circle of rulers. This ritual will take place after the nomination and acceptance of the office.

When he/she gathered his/her support tokens from all the other rulers this ruler will undergo the ritual of entrancement. Accompanied by his friends, family and those identifying with this ruler, whether house member or not, will convene in the neutral house. Here the newly elected ruler will take place in a circle of his friends and recite the following:

I am, (state name), dreamer of old and ruler to be.

I abide to the wishes of the entranced who smiled upon me.

I asked all here to share in this moment, so we might experience the true harmony of what lies beyond the chaos.

When this is said, 4 dreamers chosen by the ruler to be and representing the 4 directions of the wind step forward and say after another:

I am, (state name), friend of (state ruler's name). May the guiding hand of the entranced guide you in your reign.

These 4 will then evoke purify (whether through art or charm) upon this ruler.

The ruler responds with: Now I am cleansed I will call upon the Entranced in silence.

This line is the signal for all to evoke meditation. The sound has to reach a crescendo until the ruler to be is ascended.

Once this happened the new ruler will display his new symbol and will be cheered on by everyone.

This ceremony is for everyone to attend but abuse of this hospitality means you can be asked to leave...if refused you will be shunned but never collapsed, for that would taint the ceremony.

Ritual of the Chrysalis

(AKA ascension to Knight/Guardian)

When the house has grown to support another guardian all guardians and rulers will give their choice (one name) to the knights board. The 3 names that were named most will be put up for an open vote.

Following ritual will be performed:

In this ritual the entranced will bestow upon an initiate of the house the honors and obligations of a guardian knight. The ritual is performed 2 days after the nomination and acceptance.

During nomination the following words are spoken:

Ruler: (state your name)... From this point on your dream will be in the service of your house. To fulfill this honor you must pass the transition.

Elected guardian: I accept this to be true.

The guardian to be will remove his shield and wear true chalk, painting his face and hair that way as well.

Ruler: (state your name). Your quest of transition has begun. You are now a chrysalis.

Upon these words the guardian to be states his/her name and will recite the vow of the gathering in his/her own words.

During the two days the guardian will hunt, teach and meditate, helped by his/her 3 closest friends. When the second day arises all interested will gather in Fayd's fortress where the guardian will step into the well and wash away the chalk paint.

Upon this the ruler will say:

You have walked the path of the chrysalis to give you insight in the dream and its harmony:

The ruler will then turn to his 2 friends and ask

Has he/she lived the hunt? Has he/she taught the words? Has he/she listened to his inner self?

The friends will answer yes or no on each separate occasion.

Ruler: The chrysalis has broken and a new dreamer has arisen. Tell us your name...

At this point the new guardian will state his name and lineage.

Ruler: You will now be known as (repeat name and lineage), knight of the entranced and keeper of harmony. (Evoke knighting)

Ruler: We welcome back our new guardian. Let us rejoice.

Upon these words everyone breaks out in wild cheers etc.

Representative Democracy
Guardian Representative

Once a month the guardians will send a representative both guardians and rulers can live with to attend the ruler meeting. The rep will have no vote. His/her task is to make sure that the rulers do not play out hidden agenda’s and to present concerns of the guardians and initiates to the attention of the rulers.

Initiate Representative

Once a month the initiates will send a representative both guardians and initiates can live with to attend the guardian meeting. The rep will have no vote. His/her task is to make sure that the guardians and rulers do not play out hidden agenda’s and to present concerns of the initiates to the guardians and rulers.

House Roles


Ronin (entry sphere 1)


  • hunting class
  • combat class
  • ceremony of the blade


  • hunting mares
  • Defending the house
  • Guard duty

Samurai (entry sphere 3)


  • hunting class
  • combat class
  • must lead hunting parties
  • must teach hunting classes
  • ceremony of the flame


  • hunting mares
  • hunting dark mares
  • Defending the house
  • Guard duty
  • Teaching hunting to initiates

Bushido (entry Sphere 4)


  • hunting class
  • combat class
  • must lead defense parties
  • must teach combat classes
  • ceremony of the chakram


  • hunting mares
  • hunting dark mares
  • defending the house
  • Guard duty
  • Honor guard roles
  • teaching house defense to initiates
  • Teaching combat classes to initiates.

Life-Bringer (entry sphere 0)


  • initiation ceremony


  • bringing items to the house
  • Greeting and helping new dreamers.

Life-Holder (entry sphere 1)


  • house class
  • beliefs class
  • philosophy class
  • ceremony of path


  • recruiting for the house
  • Greeting and helping new dreamers
  • bringing items to the house
  • Upkeep of the vaults and armoires.

Life-Giver (entry sphere 2)


  • history class
  • house class
  • beliefs class
  • philosophy class
  • Ceremony of guide.


  • recruiting for the house
  • Greeting and helping new dreamers
  • bringing items to the house
  • maintenance of the vaults
  • armory and library
  • Merchant activities.

Scribe(entry orbit 1)


  • history class
  • house class
  • beliefs class
  • Ceremony class.
  • ceremony of wisdom


  • greeting and helping new dreamers
  • maintenance of the library
  • Writing of library codices
  • Research of other beliefs
  • aid in ceremonies

Sage(entry orbit 3)


  • house class
  • history class
  • beliefs class
  • philosophy class
  • diplomacy class
  • ceremony class
  • must teach either house-, history or beliefs class
  • ceremony of knowledge


  • greeting and helping new dreamers
  • maintenance of the library
  • Writing of library codices
  • Research of other beliefs
  • Research of mares
  • aid in ceremonies
  • Lead minor ceremonies
  • Serving as diplomatic aids

Seer(entry orbit 4)


  • house class
  • history class
  • beliefs class
  • ceremony class
  • philosophy class
  • diplomacy class
  • must teach either house-, history-, or beliefs class
  • must teach either philosophy-, Diplomacy-,or ceremony class
  • ceremony of entrancement


  • greeting and helping new dreamers
  • maintenance of the library
  • Writing of library codices
  • Research of other beliefs
  • Research of mares
  • aid in ceremonies
  • Lead minor ceremonies
  • Leading diplomatic efforts.

Each group will have a ruler representative and a guardian representative. Switching groups is allowed and encouraged, so when a member reaches guardian status, he/she is familiar with the all-around workings of the house. This does not mean we will discourage people who like to specialize.

When a member enters the house, he is started first as a life-bringer. From there he or she will learn about the house and choose a profession that suits him or her.

Teachers Council

The teachers’ council will be comprised of two master teachers of each focus, as well as one Master Teacher who will lead the council. The council will be responsible for setting teaching standards within the house, finding teachers for those unable to do so, interviewing potential teachers, and finding mentors for potential teachers as needed.

Procedure for becoming a teacher:

  1. Submit an application to the head of the teachers’ council.
  2. Undergo a pre-interview with the council.
  3. Study under a mentor until the mentor deems the apprentice ready, at which time he/she gives the apprentice a codex stating so to return to the council head.
  4. Undergo a post-interview with the council.

One of the following may occur at the post-interview: the apprentice may be sent for further training, either with his/her mentor or another chosen by the council; or, the apprentice may be approved for ordainment, and is given a codex of approval to take to the Lyran of their choice, preferably the house Lyran.



House Council

The purpose of the house council is as follows:

  1. To hear requests for asylum or sanctuary.
  2. To settle disputes among members.
  3. To determine punishment for offenses.

The council shall comprise the following: 1 ruler, 2 guardians and 2 initiates, as well as one alternate of each rank. None of these members can have any vested interest in the dispute. The verdict of the house counsel is final and binding. Only a majority vote of the rulers can override their decision. Representatives of this counsel will be picked at random at the weekly meeting, and will serve for one week. An alternate of each rank will also be chosen at the same time to serve in case of emergency. No member may serve on the council more than once in a four-week period. The initiates vote for the initiate reps, the guardians for the guardian reps, and the rulers for the ruler reps.When a member, of any rank, is found guilty of misbehavior for the first time, punishment may be imposed. This punishment may include: working for a period of time (the chore determined by the council) set by the council with no reward, a public apology, probation, or some other punishment deemed just by the council. Only in the case of a severe infraction will demotion be a punishment for a first offense. A dreamer on charges has the right to have a representative of his/her choice offer a defense. When a member, of any rank, is found guilty of the same misbehavior for the second time, he/she may face the same punishments, and/or demotion of one rank.

House Taboos

  • The house and its members will not evoke or support CoS except in very dire cases and will actively discourage this. If it is felt there is a need to place a dreamer on COS, the guardians and rulers will meet and discuss the reasons, then vote. There must be a majority vote, and the results of this vote, as well as the reason for the COS, must be placed on the initiates board for all members to see.
  • The house will not hunt down others for carrying other beliefs.
  • The house will have no declared enemies.
  • The house will not declare war on another house, unless it can be proven and approved by a majority of the house that it is in the best interest of the dream to do so. The house will, however, defend as needed.


Our house serves to maintain the balance between and within. For this reason no dreamer will ever be denied hospitality to the house. If during this hospitality a dreamer may claim sanctuary he may do so.

GoE will trade items for items and will act favorably towards dreamers who bring GoE the essences of the tainted when it comes to the need of chaks, shields, charms, alts and elemens.

Let it be known though that GoE will not consider essences as currency! Every essence can harbor the soul of an important dreamer of old and therefor GoE will not put a prize on the bringing of an essence.

If a dreamer decides to claim sanctuary the following procedure will take place:

  1. GoE rulers or guardians will investigate what the problem is with both sides.... If evidence overwhelmingly speaks against the asylum seeker asylum will be ended within the hour.
  2. If the asylum is justified GoE will invoke the rule of protection, which means that for a period of 24 hours the asylum seeker will be treated as were he a member of this time his assailants have the time to collect evidence against him.
  3. A council will review all evidence and speak out in favor of one of both parties.
  4. If an asylum seeker leaves GoE before the matter is settled asylum is forfeited.
  5. If the Asylum seeker commits any acts of atrocity during his asylum against any other dreamer without due provocation, GoE will immediately help his assailants in bringing him to justice.

Qualifications for Initiation

  • The dreamer must have been dreaming for at least 5 days.
  • The dreamer must know our beliefs by heart.
  • The dreamer must know of the beliefs of the other open houses.
  • The dreamer must have the support of at least 3 initiates of the house, of which one must be a guardian/ruler (dated codices with explanation only)
  • The dreamer must attend a beliefs class and a hunting class.

Initiation Process

The dreamer must approach a recruiter with the desire to join the house. The dreamer is brought to a pledge meeting that is held twice every week. During these meetings a pledge gets the chance to introduce him- or herself. If the dreamer decides he/she will seek initiation he/she will seek a guardian and asks for a dated codex, stating he/she has now started her week of pledging. The pledges can fall back on the ruler/guardian responsible for the pledges or those devoted to helping them.

Initiation shortcut

If a dreamer can produce dated support codices of all rulers before his week is over no need to wait and the initiate can be initiated on the spot.

Former House Members:

If a dreamer has left another house within the last two weeks, the dreamer must be interviewed by all rulers to determine beliefs and motivations. If the rulers are satisfied, the dreamer may begin the pledge process, but no initiation shortcut will be allowed. The rulers, may, at their discretion, check with the dreamer's prior house before approval is given.

Re-Initiation of GoE Members:

The dreamer must be interviewed by all rulers to determine beliefs and motivations. If the rulers are satisfied, the dreamer may begin the pledge process, but no initiation shortcut will be allowed

Initiation Prior to House Opening:

The process is similar to the initiation process above, but the pledge period is two days from the date of the dated codex, five days for prior house members.

About Mares

GotE believes that the mares are dreamers, mutated and formed from the souls of ancient dreamwrights who managed to transcend the dream and the chaos and got trapped within a realm of evil. There are several schools of thought into what to do with the mares. Here is the result of our research:

  • Banishing: If we banish them we will send them back to that realm where they will grow in power, only to return stronger to Underlight.
  • Draining: If we drain we will absorb the twisted effects of that other plane, allowing ourselves to be exposed to the effects of that it has twisted souls into the shape of mares we do not know what this might do to us. Therefore we consider mare essences tainted.
  • Imprisoning: Imprisoning is effective, however, there are some that feel an imprisoned mare can escape. Also, imprisoning does not purify the mare.
  • Cleansing: If we place mares into the Sphere of Harmony, their essence can be exposed to the harmonics and the evil influences of the mareplane, the realm of true evil, can be cleansed in the hope that one day these souls can shed the corruption and return to either the dream or if they wish it on toward the Nirvana.

Pillar System


Dragons are dreamers of the entranced who have proven their dedication to the house over and over again. The are chosen by the knights and rulers of the house. The office of dragon is a temporary one and every 4 weeks one dragon will hand over his or her office to his or her successor.

The dragons are often known as the important warriors of the Entranced. Every dragon will be expected to uphold the key aspect of his pillar.

Election of the dragons

Once every 4 weeks the dragons will change office. Dragons are elected by rulers and guardians according to the same system a guardian is chosen.


Winds are dreamers of the entranced who have proven their dedication to the house over and over again. The office of wind is a temporary one and every 4 weeks one wind will hand over his or her office to his or her successor.

The winds are often known as the important scholars of the Entranced. Every wind will be expected to uphold the key aspect of his pillar.

Election of winds

Once every 4 weeks the winds will change office. Winds are elected by the initiates. Initiates will post their choice to a closed mission on the initiates board. The one with the most votes will win.

Rulers and guardians can hold positions of both dragon and wind.

Dragons and winds should be chosen for their dedication to the house, but if there’s a tie in votes the initiate will ALWAYS get preference over a guardian or ruler.

A dragon or wind can NEVER hold office for consecutive turns, but a dragon can become a wind and vice versa in his or her next turn in the same pillar.

Pillar of Jade - Compassion

The pillar of jade is the pillar that nourishes the house.

Hunters and gatherers represent this pillar.


Vault and Armory Maintenance

  • The head vaultkeeper will need to implement a procedure on how and where talismans are kept in the house.
  • A definition of what is a 'keepable' talisman, and what is to be discarded will need to be outlined.
  • Careful detail will need to be spent with regards to identification, to avoid possible harmful talismans
  • Duty schedules will have to be maintained to keep vault and armory in a 'kept' condition
  • An arrangement can be made with a house guardian to reward individuals with experience for sizeable contributions and duty hours worked

Essence Gathering

  • This is not just the duty of the pillar, as we have all taken an oath to save souls, but they will be responsible for a consistant flow of essences for cleansing.
  • A weekly contribution should be established, where this pillar will create functions to fullfil this requirement.
  • An arrangement can be made with a house guardian to reward individuals who contribute to this cause.

Gathering Procedures regarding Vaults and Armories as defined by Inzoum

For all GoE Membership

  • Drop any essences, Alterors, Elemens, Chakrams and Shields in the Forward Vault.
  • Refrain from bringing anything to the other storage facilities unless you are a Supply Worker, then, refer to the supply holding instructions below.
  • Items MUST be dropped using the D key.
  • Dragging and droping an item on a table using the mouse could end up squeezing that item inside a wall, making it very hard to remove, and sometimes permanently jammed, therefore reducing item capacity.
  • This rule must be followed PERFECTLY, for the sake of the House!

For Supply Workers

Pick up the items in the Forward Armory, Identify them and place them in their proper storage area using the following procedures:


  • Placed in the Maze Vault.
  • Cursed elemens should be destroyed or discarded.
  • Elements under +5-25 should go to the left section of the Vault, aligned by focus and color along the BOTTOM of the table

(you can fit more in a row than on the actual top of the table).

  • Elemens +5-25 or higher (that includes +1-30, +1-40 and +1-50 as well as any other you judge as "excellent") should be placed on the right portion of the Vault in the same fashion.


  • Placed in Maze Vault, front section.
  • Duration should be AT LEAST 1 minute minimum (no 30-90 or 30-60 seconds).
  • Cursed alterors should be destroyed or discarded


  • If you find any in the Forward Armory, destroy or discard them unless they are needed for a certain ritual or event.


  • Should be placed in the maze Armory on the tables on the walls (yes, you can jump on them) by focus and by first color

For example, if you have 2 Fire Chalk, 1 Gold Chalk, 1 Gold Azure and 5 Blood Chalk Chakrams, you should place them along the wall in the following pattern: Gold Azure and Gold Chalk tightly dropped, space, 2 Gold Chalks tightly dropped, space, 5 Blood Chalk tightly dropped


  • Should be placed in the Maze Armory on the table with the less Chakrams on it.
  • Minimum color for shields should follow this chart:
  1. of Shields in the Vault / Minimum Color to Use

0 - 3 / Cyan or Night 4 - 7 / Azure 7 - 10 / Plum 10 or more / Berry

  • By doing this, we allow more Shields of lower quality in the Armory when they are in need, and we can narrow down to the best of the best when we have to many.
  • Minimum color must apply to BOTH first and second color of a Shield, therefore, if there are already 7 shields in the Armory and you have a Plum Night shield, keep it or trade it.
  • If you see there is a huge difference between the first and second color, use your best judgement to find out if it should be kept or not, in example, a Night Abyss Shield is always welcome no matter how many there are in the Armory.


  • If they accumulate, get a Guardian to cleanse them ASAP.
  • Supply Workers will be chosen by myself as needed, and will need to follow a proper efficiency training and interview.

The main duties of a Supply Workers are:

  • Cleaning the vaults and armories for easy access and beautiful display.
  • Ensuring Gatherers and occasionnal item-bringers are following the proper instructions when dropping items in the Forward Armory
  • Evaluating House needs and sending Gatherers on item hunts

Pillar of Gold - Hospitality

The pillar of Gold can be considered the greeters and helpers of the house. They pride themselves on their work in threshold.

They find joy in helping newbies to get their hold in the dream.


Threshold Duty

  • Responsible for greeting non-initiated dreamers in both the threshold and main entrance of the house.
  • Expected to be able to relay the house beliefs to anyone that asks.
  • Will concentrate on new membership to the house.
  • An arrangement can be made with a house guardian to reward individuals with experience for duty hours worked

Pillar of Granite - Honor

The pillar of granite can be considered the warrior caste of the house. They pride themselves on their honor. So much so that their honor is their word. Breaking their word would mean they will no longer be considered a member of this pillar.

Dreamers interested in this pillar seek honor in hunt or combat. They abide to the code of honor described in the charter.

In short this is:

  • All dreamers should be treated as equals.
  • Mares should be treated with respect.
  • Never attack, always defend
  • Always be an example to the dream


House Guard

  • Responsible for crowd control at the house facade.
  • Master of the Guard is responsible for establish a set of rules for non-initiate behavior (ie. standing on stairs, in pool, etc)
  • An arrangement can be made with a house guardian to reward individuals with experience for duty hours worked

House Defender

  • Responsible for the safety of the house as a whole.
  • The High Warden is responsible for organizing the warriors of the house to protect against DM attacks and a procedure for moving the prime artifacts of the house from its typical storage area to a sanctuary.

Pillar of Ivory - Harmony

The pillar of Ivory is the pillar that holds wisdom, philosophy, teaching and knowledge.

From this pillar most scholars and priests are recruited, but this does not mean that warriors or workers are no part of this pillar.

The pillar of Ivory contains the Entranced who’s quest it is to gain balance through knowledge.

Dreamers interested in this pillar seek knowledge.

This would be a pillar ideal for those who enjoy teaching arts, classes of the dream in general.

Dreamers in this pillar should be dreamers who control themselves throughout all.

Patience is key!


House Council

  • Responsible for dealing with 'personal' issues of other initiates, and a liaison to the rulers and guardians.

House Librarian

  • Responsible for house knowledge archival (ie, Maren dictionary, house histories etc).

House History

In The Beginning

Written By: Unknown Author

After recent studies in deep chaos a team of scholars returned to the dream with a startling discovery regarding the ancient dreamwrights. The leader of the research by accident unearthed the copies of an ancient manuscript in a tongue used by only the most ancient of dreamwrights. After lengthy research and translation he discovered it was a chronicle about the first beginnings of the dream, of a dream that existed before the dream: The story of Cloudsbreak is that the world is a dimension onto itself where chaos rules and pockets of stability within that chaos make up the world we know as the dream.

What is not told is that beyond the chaos there is something else, the Nirvana, the ultimate state of harmony. The ancient dreamwrights managed to pierce the Nirvana, in their quest to seek spiritual enlightenment, but basically finding a shortcut into the Nirvana made their souls not capable of dealing with the harmonics of this dimension, effectively threatening to collapse the Nirvana upon itself.

Many days of debate and discussion followed, splitting the ancient dreamwrights in 2 camps, those that decided to seek to become attuned to the harmony of the Nirvana and those wanting to lead their own lives and decided upon leaving this dimension in search for another. In the end it was decided that to prevent the total destruction of the Nirvana by people finding their way unto this dimension, a barrier would be created that could only be pierced by people completely attuned to the harmonics of the Nirvana. This way the Chaos was born.

The Chaos

Written By: Unknown Author

Since Chaos is a state of constant change and motion it seemed to be a perfect blockade to prevent un attuned to enter the Nirvana, but as is with Chaos the effects were unpredictable. Chaos formed and within its current spots of tranquility started forming. It is these spots we currently inhabit. Only then the first dreamers entered this new realm and the stories of Cloudsbreak as we know it became into work. What nobody knew was those who had remained within the Nirvana managed to contain the chaos from spreading and even managed to make the nirvana coexist with the chaos as Yin and Yang. But as activity within the chaos increased, they became aware of this new force within the chaos and send a few of them out for investigation. What those scouts found was the thriving society of Underlight. Seeing the use of this stability within, it was decided to guide the efforts of those residing in Underlight and watching over them. Agents were selected to live among those of Underlight. (To this day no agent ever was discovered to the knowledge of this person and this chronicle is the only evidence we have of his or her existence)

Another fact that never was explained was how the chaos all of a sudden grew in strength and more important how the mares appeared within it. Those ancient dreamers who left for other dimensions found many, among-st them dimensions able to twist and demented the strongest of dreamers. Trapped within one such dimension a group of those who left the dreamers in Nirvana twisted and evolved into what we now know as Dark Mares. This was a gradual process, costing many souls and many pains in the group trapped within this twisted dimension. With no way of warning others they only could watch how more of those who left the Nirvana or followed from other dimensions got entrapped within this dimension. Many succumbed to the effects of this dimension and changed into Emphants, Bogroms, Agoknights, Shamblixes, Horrons and what perverted shape more.

In a realm of true evil they became smarter, more cunning. They evolved. And as they evolved the memories buried deep within the souls of those corrupted was regained...including the way how to dream. This happened around the end of the Dreamer wars. Not entering the Nirvana this time the mares ended up in the protective barrier of the Chaos. Unable to pierce it and threaten the Nirvana directly they ended up in a war-torn Underlight, recovering from The Dreamer Wars. Driven by their rage of not being able to return to the dimension they had left they went on a rampage that is now known as the Day of Savaging. What happened after that is known to all. Outside the chaos, the proceedings were followed with interest. Could the dreamer wars be considered harmless to the Nirvana, the Nightmare wars had those residing in the Nirvana worried, for if the mares managed to pierce the chaos and manage to subdue the realm of Underlight, the Nirvana would be the next target.

To counter this the Deep Chaos was created as an extra buffer, but finding dark mares were able to pierce this deep chaos barrier as easy as they pierced the chaos and Underlight, the decision was made to eliminate the chaos for good and sealing the dreaming ways permanently. Devising strong harmonics they began shrinking the chaos, pressuring it into the realms of Underlight in an effort to collapse it completely. What they did not realize was that because of the Deep chaos their agents had increasing difficulty reaching their brethren, who were unable to inform them that the dreamers within Underlight were slowly gaining the upper hand over the Mares.

By the time the dreamers within Underlight had managed to fight off the Mares within their realms the Nirvana had managed to shrink the chaos considerable. Still unaware of the goings on in Underlight they started encountering steady resistance from within the chaos. What they did not know was that dreamwrights had started to repair the city walls of Underlight. Increasing their efforts, managing to crush the obstacle by the sheer pressure of their efforts. What they didn't realize was that their efforts created the Dorsal Rift and allowed the dreamers now known as nightmares to gain a permanent foothold within the chaos. The only good that came from this was that contact between the Nirvana and it's agents was restored through the Dorsal Rift and other rifts that appeared after this. Appalled with the results of their efforts the Nirvana tried to undo the damage done but with no success. Upon the advice of their Agents and week-long debate it was decided to only watch the chaos and the realms within it from now on and letting the dreamers within those realms evolve so they one day would reach true harmony and pierce the chaos and the deep chaos to reach the Nirvana.

The Equilibrium Concept

Written By: Unknown Author

From beyond the Chaos, in the Nirvana, the Entranced as we shall call them, looked upon the mares and knew who they were. Pained to see names like Kruugaar, once a great woman who lead a group towards the dimensions, only remaining twisted and evil, bound on carnage and slaughter. Reports from within heard that GoE was all but wiped out by the Tehthu and only a few held on by their fingernails. One of the Entranced agents, the dreamer called Brosh, was recovered from the deep chaos after the Dorsal Rift disaster, still carrying the specimens of mare essences she had hunted before the disaster. She found what had caused the rifts and told the Entranced to stop their efforts of collapsing the chaos, thus saving the realms of Underlight.

She told the Entranced that the key of defeating the mares was not to seal off the rift but instead stopping the mares in the realm of Underlight by cleansing the souls that were corrupted. A team of scholars was formed under the guidance of Brosh; after all she was the only one who had contact with these changed travelers. Retreating into the deep chaos, to prevent contamination of the Nirvana some of the essences were released. To their horror they found that the attempts to restore the soul to its original state only resulted in a reforming of the mare. Their first attempt almost became their last.

Retrieving the essence of a horron they went through all researched options and the Nirvana was channeled onto the horron's essence. But instead of returning the soul's splendor a darkmare was born. Raging it's ugly head the dark mare turned upon the group with its new-formed powers and strength, wiping out most of the research team. The remainder quickly retreated into the Nirvana where the dark mare was unable to follow. Those that survived gave their advice to the Elders and they decreed to leave the mares and the realms of Underlight alone. Only few saw, like Brosh, that denial of their existence was what was suggested and that ignoring them would eventually lead to the invasion of the Nirvana. It would not be way to safety, so at an unguarded moment she and 3 other scholars, Lhor'kha, Yew'whit and Marrhuk'kah took the remaining essences and fled into the deep chaos. After a long LONG time or experimenting they experimented with spheres of imprisoning, banishing or draining, and noting their effects.

Taking this into account, they perceived a totally new form of combating the mares. A method that would be known as the Equilibrium concept. Lhor'kha, having lived in Underlight himself and knowing the art of forging as no other created a sphere that held a perfect diamond matrix he found best to channel the tranquility into the sphere. This tranquility would have the best cleansing effect. But early attempts to use it failed, simply because the concentrated focus the new sphere gave didn't return the harmony of the souls inside the essence equally. The effect was that souls, already warped by the effect of other dimensions became even more warped, torn apart by the enhanced good being stimulated upon them and the enhanced evil of their twisted being.

Having to find a way to get the focus distributed equally Brosh and Yew'Whit, inspired by the transformation of a butterfly, managed to spin the essences into a chrysalis of pure dreamsoul, thus diffusing the focused effect of the sphere and spreading the effect on the essence from all sides at the same intensity. Their first attempts were spectacular. Spinning an emphant into a chrysalis and placing the chrysalis into the sphere they waited and waited until one day they noticed the chrysalis burst and a cleansed soulsphere broke through. They knew they had succeeded. But when trying to do the same with a Darkmare something went wrong and Brosh was cast adrift again in the current of the chaos. Returning to the Nirvana her research was continued. Written down the principle became known as the Equilibrium concept and was accredited to Lhor'kah and Yhew'whit.

The Nirvana

Written By: Unknown Author

The Nirvana is a plane that is in total natural harmony. The great circle of life as it is called by some applies here. Each element has its place within the Nirvana. Within the Nirvana there is both black and white to use that analogy since without the other there would be no balance. The difference is that because there is true harmony nothing overpowers the other. To reach the Nirvana one must achieve true enlightenment and wandered all the paths open to him, no matter if not all of these paths will lead him to good. In the end the harmony a dreamer will achieve will balance both good and evil within this person.

The Entranced and The Basin of the Stars

Written By: Unknown Author

In the days before The Great Loss, GoE was the home of the Entranced, a group of dreamers seeking peace and perfect harmony. They were led by a group of ancient dreamwrights who came from a place they called the Nirvana. They taught the Gathering that this was more than a was a state of total harmony and tranquility. A state each dreamer had the power to achieve.

These dreamwrights created the planes of the Basin, so green and full of life, to reflect the beauty of the Nirvana. The various buildings on the planes, Fayd's Fortress, Neutral Home, and Commons Hall, were built as meeting places, where classes could be held in the basic tenets of enlightenment. Every building had a different function to show the variety of the Nirvana and the harmony that could exist between them. The fort where action spoke, the meeting rooms where words fought and the neutral home where both came to rest. As the City moved closer to The Dreamer Wars, the GoE leaders were distressed.

They send message of the hardship to the Nirvana before the wars began, and send a group of dreamers towards their brethren in the Nirvana to meditate and research ways to return peace to the City. Their followers were scattered throughout the City as a result of the Wars, many joining other houses in an attempt to bring enlightenment and peace to these houses.

Those who held on were in the end defeated by the Tehthu. The last survivors leaving shortly after the Dorsal Rift disaster, retreating towards the Nirvana Now, these leaders have returned, at a time when jealousy, fear, hatred and avarice again threaten to destroy the City. They seek to gather their followers together again, and reopen their once-mighty house, in order to assist in the rebuilding of the City and to promote the values of trust, honor and love throughout the dream.

Sanctuaries of the Basin and the Entranced

It is known that the first sanctuaries were created shortly after The Nightmare Wars began by the great master dreamwright elder Klin Benfar. He created the first sanctuaries within Underlight as a foothold from which to stand against the destructive tide of marauding Mares during The Nightmare Wars.

Building upon Klin's knowledge used to create the first Sanctuary, Master Dreamwrights of the Gathering created the Sanctuary within the House. This was created within an existing room between Gathering Hall and Center Hall, the original purpose of the room has been lost to antiquity.

The physical construction vaguely resembles the "infinity" sign "8". Each side is exactly like the other, or a mirror image as it were. Each with a small round pool, surrounded by a circular walk, each having 5 supporting pillars on the outside wall. Directly between these two sections of the room a small raised dais, the center or fulcrum point of balance. The color scheme of this sanctuary is that of most of the House. Greens, Browns and Grays, a representation of the "physical" world between Chaos and Nirvana.

This sanctuary had many purposes, it served as a redoubt from the from the mares, and since no violent actions could be performed within Sanctuary, it served as a place of mediation as well as meditation. The Sanctuary's in Upper and Middle Basin were constructed concurrently, some time after the Sanctuary at the House. Their construction was similar to the Sanctuary of the Gathering, differing slightly, as shown by the vaulted columns in the center of each pool, but their coloration was drastically different. Based upon the underlying theme of balance and Harmony, each of these two Sanctuaries were colored to represent op-positional purposes and symbolism's.

The Sanctuary in Upper Basin of Stars. Here the coloration is dark, with the symbolism of stars, (in groupings of 5), all about it's interior. It is believed that here, as well as being a redoubt from conflict, many meditate and reflect on the balance and harmony of actions and events external to the Dreamer, symbolized by the Night and Stars. To reach out beyond oneself to the possibilities and knowledge that can be gained from contemplation of the physical aspects of each plane. This external focus is also further emphasized by the other places within the Upper Basin, "the Commons" and the "meeting rooms". All with external connotations and emphasis on conducting business and discussions on the physical plane.

The Sanctuary in Middle Basin of Stars. Here the coloration tends toward light white colors. A redoubt as well, it is believed that many come here to meditate and reflect inwards. To gain knowledge and insight concerning the spiritual aspects of the Dreamer. This sanctuary and it's purpose is opposite to the one in Upper Basin, together they are the poles of thought, inner and outer, between which the harmony and balance exist. As with the Upper Basin, the other places within Middle Basin, such as Fayd's Fortress, the Study, Meditation Hall and the Private meeting room all reflect spiritual and inner purpose and reflection.

Although each Sanctuary, has as it's basis, the normal functions associated with all sanctuaries, it is believed that those in the Gathering and the Basin, were built with an underlying purpose within the Beliefs, The Charter, and the Oath of the Gathering. As a diplomatic House, the Gathering offers Sanctuary to many in their time of need, and a non-violent balance, or solution to conflicts is pursued and implemented. These Sanctuaries were built to help and ensure the Gathering could do so in a location where violence could not occur.

As to why there is no Sanctuary in the Lower Basin of the Stars, one can only assume. At the time the Sanctuary's were built, Many of the lands of the Lower Basin (The Stairs and Rooms, as well as the area of the Fields) were already established and set aside before the Nightmare Wars. Each with it's own purpose, but a more justifiable reason no Sanctuary was built, in this Dreamers reasoning, would be the fact that Cholok's Temple is located within the Lower Basin of Stars.

There is much symbolism that can be found within the Sanctuaries that can be closely associated with the Beliefs of the Gathering, The Avatar Crest and the Pillar system, but these are only theories, that I will discuss separately.


House Emblem

GotE Initiate.gif

House Facts


Plane: Basin of Stars

Beliefs: Enlightenment(illuminated)/Cleansers

Role: Spiritual

Prime Artifact: The Sphere of Harmony

House Art: Entrancement

First Elder: Brosh

Previous Elders: ?

First Rulers: Munchkin, Liondra, Breyd, Taryag613

Previous Rulers: ?

First Guardians: ?

Previous Guardians: CriPpLeMaNg

Gathering of the Entranced Re-Opened

A hint of doubt circled after it was learned that Saggitar had reopened the Union of the Covenant, but members of the Entranced persisted onwards. At midnight on All Hallows Eve they recovered Brosh, reenacting the summoning ritual involving the five pillars. Lady Brosh appeared at its conclusion, wearing the Guardian emblem of the Entranced, and later knighted the first Rulers of the house, Tone, Breyd, and Liondra. The doors were opened once again.

Mi'raj confronted his followers and scorned them for their disunity and would vanish in a rage. Opening a tome on the exact spot of his summoning, Mi'raj was said to transform himself into a Darkmare, attacking all present, before disappearing into the deep chaos. The question remains: which of the three were True Pretenders?