Rise of the Free Spirits

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The Elders who had found their way back to the dream did what they could to help prepare the city for The Influx, holding regular teaching and tasking classes, and delegating teaching responsibilities to many to help with the demand.

The three open houses signed a treaty to postpone initiations to help streamline the new dreamers, and thereafter only initiate those dreamers who have dreamed three days or longer. The proportion of dreamers unaffiliated with any house, known as Free Spirits, began to grow. Elders Yog-ka and Shade approached Carnach, formerly of the Dreamers of Light, and asked him to hold regular meetings of Free Spirits to accommodate those who had problems finding teachers elsewhere.

To aid with the demands of The Influx, Carnach began training three other Free Spirits: Isun, ravageone, and Soulthief, to help cater to the masses of newly awakened dreamers. This lead to a swelling of the Free Spirit community, some would later choose to join a house, many chose to keep their freedoms.

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