Curse of Saaltak

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The last month of the Year of the Rebuilding, a dreamer named Yithnak ran throughout the dream asking for help, for he had discovered two dreamers struggling in the chaos in Caudal Rift. Belg was one of the few to respond, and went towards the rifts to help. "I departed, I knew what I had to do, and sought to find them in Horron's Lair. When I arrived, they were struggling with Saaltak. I began to do battle with the mare, when Ceyllynn showed up … and Conman as well. After a well-fought battle in which I did thank the befallen mare, he warned us that the dreamers were set free, but in doing so, we freed him as well."

Two Elders and protectors of the City, Frier and E'yan, had been battling Saaltak in the Chaos since before The Great Loss. Upon being freed from the battle, they formed a single avatar for their use: and became known as "Fre'y". Fre'y learned of the happenings in the City since The Great Loss, and soon discovered that after every appearance they made in the City, the mare Saaltak followed behind. Fre'y prophesied: "Someday we both will dream at the same time, and then one of us will dream no more."

That day arrived. Fre'y, teaching in Albino Caves, confronted Saaltak. Defeated, Fre'y vanished, leaving no Soulsphere behind. Saaltak grew stronger with the energies won from the battle.

A new Darkmare emerged in the dream. Hyranir was a Bogrom, an extremely weak Mare who strived to communicate with dreamers, spending much time at the Alliance of the Eclipse. Hyranir left a small pearl to Cygne, Fre'y's apprentice, engraved with a message that was deciphered and interpreted by Tyryt: "Friend, kill evil Darkmare with Sable Sphere and drain essence. My avatar will come as Saaltak did not kill me. Good Bye - Fre'y."

Several rituals were contrived to rid Saaltak from the City and rescue Fre'y. The first: Carnach abjured the mare, then trapped him, trying to feed the essence into the Sable Sphere, but it was rejected.

Tyryt and the Alliance of the Eclipse devised a ritual to imprison the mare essence long enough for Fre'y to return to the dream. A great fight took place when the mare was abjured and trapped, and forced to the generator of the Alliance. There it was collapsed, and the generator, Sable Sphere, and Cygne's pearl were invoked upon Saaltak, forcing it back into the chaos. After Saaltak's defeat, Fre'y formed again from the Sable Sphere to return to the dream, weakened.