Cloudsbreak Rules

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Cloudsbreak Rules

The following are suggestions for role-playing within Underlight’s evolving story line. A player may be penalised for diverting from the story line when this breaks the third rule of Underlight ("Stay in character"), but there is leniency intended for uniqueness, creativity and style in role-play. Maintaining a consistent story line plays an extremely important part in fostering a fun role-playing environment for everyone.

Cloudsbreak Itself

Impassable boundary mists surround a Cloudsbreak world on all sides. These mists are not made of "chaos," but rather appear as "mists" would in the real world. Boundary mists are boundaries to rocks, pigeons, humans, small woodland animals and postal workers. Sufficed to say, Cloudsbreak worlds do not have a physical means of communication with other Cloudsbreak worlds. Underlight is a revolutionary means of communication for these many isolated and segregated Cloudsbreak citizens, and those citizens able to achieve the Awakening and connect with other minds in Underlight are very special individuals.

Most of the divided lands on Cloudsbreak are small. There are a few larger worlds to the span of thousands of miles, but no planets. These places may have differing physical and cultural evolution by virtue of their isolation.

Cloudsbreak is not Earth, but a fictional place in a fictional time. It has its own history and its own cultural development. Each place is open to a vast amount of creative interpretation but should be fairly original (i.e.: not based on Earth history, Ultima Online, AD&D, Tolkien, etc).

Life on Cloudsbreak

Cloudsbreak lands are not technologically advanced, and as such there are no computers, automobiles, TVs or VCRs. Nor is there magic that directly emulates the effects of modern technology. However, there may be things that are seen or interpreted as magical. For example: you cannot cast a fireball spell, but you may eat a "magical" herb and be cured from some ailment a week later. Meanwhile Underlight, being the fantastical meeting of study magic and develop arcane talents, but keep in mind that dreamers have no awareness of modern Earth’s technology.

Underlight is a realm discovered by superior mental discipline, and every Cloudsbreakian achieving the Awakening must have developed, to varying degrees, this portion of their faculties. There do exist Psionic abilities in a rare number of Cloudsbreak individuals, partly evidenced by the ability to collectively meet in Underlight. These can include telepathy, telekinesis, clairaudience, clairvoyance and so on.


Cloudsbreak is a world full of humanoids. These humanoid dreamers may construct more fantastical avatars that would reflect their personalities, but when those people wake, they are human once more on a relatively boring Cloudsbreak world.

When a dreamer achieves the "Awakening," which is a special kind of consciousness in sleep not unlike lucid dreaming, his or her body remains behind in Cloudsbreak. As such, a dreamer is not unconscious, nor does he or she retain his or her physical body in Underlight. When a dreamer is collapsed into a soulsphere, that dreamer is not "killed" (as in other MMORPGs). The effects of Dreamstrike on a Dreamer’s soulsphere are open to much interpretation and debate in Underlight.

Now that you have explored the advanced role-playing guides, be sure to check out the Role-playing Policy. If you haven’t already, check out the sample character information sheet and fill out your own. You are ready to experience the fantastical world of Underlight, but don’t forget to have fun!