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Default keys

movement, turning = Arrow Keys

run = hold shift (* Note that Auto-Run is enabled in the latest Game Clients, making shift slow you to a walk when depressed)

Strafe = Alt

Jump = J

Talk = T

Additional talkbox functions



Send Reports(Roleplay, Bug, Cheat)

  • Roleplay Report- If you see someone role-playing well and you feel they are adding to the RPing atmosphere, send us a report about it!
  • Bug Report- If something seems weird with your software, graphical glitch, etc, send us the details.
  • Cheat Report- If you feel a fellow player is doing something against the 3 rules, harrassing someone, etc, let us know by sending in a report.

Basic key map

  • use art or talisman = Ctrl
  • activate portal = Space
  • look up = End
  • look down = Home
  • show accepted missions = G
  • Drop item = D
  • Emote/Express = E
  • Show dreamers nearby = W
  • select Next item = N
  • customize Avatar = A
  • toggle player names above head = I
  • show aCtive effects = C
  • Reset eye height = R
  • Sound on/off = S
  • show Focus = F
  • show ranK = K
  • show learnable arts = Z
  • show House membership = K
  • wave = H
  • show eXperience points = X
  • Leave party = L

Mouse actions in Viewport

  • move, turn = Hold left button
  • mouselook = Hold right button
  • pick up item = Click on item and drag into tabbed interface
  • show player name = Right click on player

Mouse actions in Tabbed Interface

  • Whisper = doubleclick player name
  • Use item = doubleclick item
  • Reorder inventory = hold left button and drag item
  • Identify item = right click on item
  • Use art = doubleclick art

Customizable keyboard/mouse

Almost every action in the game can be bound to a key. Bring up the Options menu and select Configure Keyboard to do this.