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Nightmares, also known as "Mares," are NPCs that you can fight for the reward of experience points and items.

Known as Emphant, Bogrom, Agoknight, Shamblix, and Horron, they are increasingly powerful (and, thus, more rewarding) in that order.

Nightmares: A study by Keltarr

Emphant Description: To all appearances, the Emphants are reptilian serpents with bat-like wings. The most common coloration are black and brown. Ecology: Once common in Threshold Pits, and Threshold Caves, the populations have moved out into the Planes around Threshold. The Trinities, Evernight Plateau, Basin of Stars, Mt. Illapse,Valley of Totality, and Lambent Flats always has Emphants, and Edgeward Barrows has a growing number of the Nightmares. Combat: The Emphants are the weakest of the Nightmares. Though they are unable to use special abilities or effects, the breed is still dangerous to the Newly Awakened and the unwary.

Bogrom Description: Bogrom are emaciated, hairless creatures, their grey or green skin tough and scaly, and often smelling faintly of rotting flesh. The breed has six limbs, four legs and two arms. Ecology: There are populations of Bogrom in Threshold Caves, usually roaming the Labyrinth. While it was once common for a Bogrom or two to wander up into Threshold Pits, it has been a while since this Dreamer has spotted any there. There are some lairs in the Planes outside of Threshold, including a population in Lost Caves, The Trinities, and Albino Caves. Combat: Bogrom possess the ability to render themselves temporarily invisibility, while still continuing to attack. Their strong blows make them dangerous to weaker Dreamers, although the breed should be treated with caution by all.

Agoknight Description: With the snake-like lower body, and a human-like torso, the Agoknight can be frightening when first encountered. The breeds hide is rubbery, and slick to touch, and is most often seen in shades of silver/blue, green, and brown. There are tentacles surrounding a beastly maw on its bulbous head, as well as tentacles at the end of its right side arm. The Agoknight's left side arm ends in blade-like claws. Ecology: Agoknights can be found in Threshold Caves, Chasm of Souls, Cairn of Sorrow, Lost Caves, Gloom Peaks, Harrow Glades, and Cenotaph of Dread. The mares of Cenotaph are sometimes found in groups of two - though they are rarely organised in their attacks, and sometimes even attack each other. There is also an occurrence know as "The Mare in the Wall" that sometimes appears in Ossuary of Dread - of late, this too has been an Agoknight. Combat: This Nightmare is able to use Blast, Deafen, and some are capable of using Paralyze Chakrams. However, the most dangerous ability of the Agoknight is the power to resist all attacks from behind - they must be attacked from the front to have any chance of defeating them. Hunters are warned to be alert at close quarters, and dodge this breeds powerful blows.

Shamblix Description: The Shamblix appear as spectral forms - partial (human?) skeletons, covered in a tattered, blue/grey or green shrouds with the hoods drawn over their 'heads'. They are missing the bone structure of their lower limbs, and so have the appearance of 'drifting' while they move. Ecology: Shamblix can be found in Lower Ossuary of Dread, Gloom Peaks, Threshold Caves, Cenotaph of Dread, Chasm of Souls, Caudal Rift and Dorsal Rift. The Shamblix of Gloom and Lower Ossuary are sometimes found in pairs, though they are just as likely to attack each other as anybody else. Combat: Shamblix are highly dangerous. They are able to use Paralyze Chakrams, and their gaze can Curse an unprepared Dreamer. Most frightening of all is the Shamblix's resistance to frontal assaults - this Nightmare can only be harmed from behind. Dreamers are advised to hunt the Nightmare in pairs, or with the aid of an obscuring art (ie, Invisibility).

Horron Description: The Horron are the most powerful of the Nightmares. To all appearances, Horron resemble Shamblix, though their coloration is generally darker. Ecology: This Nightmare can be found in Threshold Caves, Caudal Rift and Dorsal Rift - and given how powerful the Horron is, that would seem to be enough. Combat: The Horron are truly formidable opponents, and not for the weak or the unprepared. Like the Shamblix, only attacks from the rear are likely to have any effect on the Nightmare. Within its arsenal are the powers to Curse, to Blast, a Paralyzing Gaze, a Scare Aura, a Pain Aura, and uses Blind Chakrams, Abjure, and Poison Chakrams.

by Keltarr Dænemer, GateKeeper