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Art Statistics

Focus: Lucidity (Major)
Cost: 15
Orbit Required: 45
Affected: Target


3 Seconds.


Blacks out the target's sight.

Plateau Effect

Duration increased by 3 seconds.

Decreased evoke time.

Art Research

Art History

Baldazer sat in his study bent over his books, he flipped pages furiously, comparing page after page. He sat back, took of his glasses and laid them on the desk and rubbed his eyes. He had been working diligently on this new art for weeks and nothing was turning out right. Baldazer was a 6th Sphere FateSender, one of the well known in the city. Unlike many FateSenders he was more quite and reserved, the fire that burned within him was more of slow burn that rarely flared up, like it seemed to with most FateSenders. He sat back in his chair and glanced at the picture sitting on his desk. It was a sketch of his wife Isabella. The artist, a seer friend of his had given it to him the night he was granted his halo. It showed her standing by the fall in the Lambent sanctuary. Her auburn hair framed her pale face spotted with freckles. She was a beauty, some called her a "true" FateSender because she had the fiery locks and attitude that most would picture a FateSender to have. He picked up the sketch. The one thing he had liked so much about this portrait that it captured something that he had never seen on her face before. In the drawing her eyes stared straight back at you, showing life and sparkle. Isabella was blind. He remembered her when she first woke. Most pitied her, or at least tried. Isabella had fought against with everything she had. One poor dreamer had said "Oh you poor..".... That was all he had gotten out before Isabella had informed him that he would be one to feel sorry for if he cared to step outside and say that. And that had ended that. He closed his tired eyes and let the memories come back to him.

He had been wandering in the threshold pits one evening and came across a fiery looking Soulsphere he immediately had evoked restore and instead of a thank you he got a scathing reply of how she didn't need anyone's help certainly not his! Instead of being miffed by her retort, he had laughed loudly and soon her laughter joined with his. She regained her coherence and introduced herself. He knew right away she was blind, and decided it would be best not to mention this. She sat down on the steps and sighed. "I'm just not getting this hunting thing.. I hear them when I enter and I try to aim.. "He sat beside her and looked at her.. her beauty dazzled him. "Maybe you should wait a little longer before you aim.. get your bearings a bit more?" he offered weakly. "That's really not a bad idea sir.." she replied. "Baldazer.. please call me Baldazer.." he smiled at her. "And I am Isabella.. but please call me Isabella?" They spent the next hour discussing the dream and other pleasantries. The longer they sat there and the longer they talked he began admiring her zest for life and her unstoppable gumption. He offered to restore her while she tried hunting and to his surprise she agreed. They spent the rest of that dream and many others discovering ways to make her dream easier. She learned by waiting quietly after entering a room she could more easily detract the mares. He carved her a fine walking stick out of pine. The tap taping of the stick coming through threshold always made him smile. The trickiest thing was gen sitting. Finally they decided the best solution was to simply sit close by and count the minutes it took to gen.

She progressed quickly gaining arts and spheres at a rapid pace. It always seemed as if she was trying to prove something to everyone else. Of course he fell in love with her, who wouldn't. Behind her sarcastic humor was a gentle and loving person that he decided he couldn't live without. He only had to ask for her hand once. She gained her halo and they taught side by side. A few months after they were wed, he began to toy with creating a new art. One thing had always fascinated him. he had asked her once what it was like to be blind and she had replied "How does one who has never seen describe a tree or a smile?" But that question.. what was it like was never far from his mind. He began toying with he art scare.. he knew the key to scare was that it over rid common sense. what if he could trick a single particular sense? By summoning Lucidity and using some of the same physics as scare Baldazer created "Blind" by in a sense "scaring" a dreamers aura into shutting down. In Blinds case, a persons Vision. He couldn't wait to teach Isabella she knew he had been locked in his study for days working on something. Finally he was ready. he led her into his study and sat her down. "What it is love?" She asked him curiously. He muttered a few archaic words under his breath and trained her. "What is this new power?" she asked shocked. "First, cast it on me Isabella, please..." She started to argue but something inside of her. She summoned the fire within her soul and evoked the art on Baldazer. his senses stopped. darkness was everywhere. his wife's lovely face, gone from his view. Soon it faded, and Bella looked at him still questioning. He smiled at his wife, gathered her up in his arms and whispered, "I know now Isabella, now I know..".

Researched by RayvenFire


Has no effect if the target is protected by Vision.