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Art Statistics

Focus: Lucidity (Minor)
Cost: 5
Orbit Required: Orbit 10 (Orbit 30 non-focus)
Affected: One Target
Duration: 4 seconds


Causes the target to be filled with fear, making them run uncontrollably.

The target can turn as they wish, but will continue to run forward until they reach an obstacle.

This also prevents the use of arts.

Plateau Effect

Evocation time decreases; Duration increases (+ 4 seconds per plateau).

Art Research

Art History

The Art of Scare was unheard of before the Nightmare Wars, as, since there was no real death, and little pain, there was not much to be scared of. This Art was a direct benefit of studying the 'mares, specifically the Feator, who sometimes displayed an uncanny knack with it. One particularly enterprising Freespirit, Cedric the Swift (he ran away a lot), decided to study this race of 'mares, down to the most intricate details.

In it, he found the source of their scaring abilities. It turns out, that they use the one thing any rational being would be afraid of... a glimpse at Pure Chaos. They hold only a tiny fraction of it within them, but when they display it, even those most powerful Dreamers feel a twinge of terror.

After consulting several other scholars, Cedric finally developed the Art of Scare, which, when evoked, gives the target Dreamer a glimpse at what awaits us beyond our Walls, with much the same effects. Fortunately, Cedric was always a bit careless with his discoveries, so after a while of "playing", Resist Fear was also developed.


Has no effect on targets under the protection of Resist Fear.