Resist Fear

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Art Statistics

Focus: Willpower (Minor)
Cost: 5
Orbit Required: 10 (30)
Affected: Target


1 minute.


Protects the target from the effects of Scare.

Plateau Effect

Duration increases by 1 minute.

Decreased evoke time.

Art Research

Art History

It was a young child named Tishan who inspired the art Resist Fear. While others were afraid of most of the large mares, Tishan held tight to her doll, Ruby for confort. A Dreamwright named Artifus took great interest in Tishan, and began working on a new art. Artifus discovered that Tishan's abilities came from the conforting thoughts that Rudy inspired. After some work Artifus created a new art, which inspired dreamers to think of those things which made them feel secure. Thus the art Resist Fear.


Effect can be replicated through the use of a fire alteror.