Creating a Character

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Motivations are the goals of your character. Like your own goals in real life, they can change over time. Motivations can be as simple or complex as you see fit.

Here are some examples of valid Motivations:

  • Become the Ruler of a House
  • Be the most feared and respected warrior in all Underlight
  • Destroy a House
  • Avenge a wrongful action
  • Free all Nightmares
  • Protect the weak
  • Accumulate the rarest and most powerful Talismans

These are not valid Motivations:

  • Kill everyone
  • Be "evil"
  • Be a psychopathic killer

Once you have your character's motivations, ask yourself 'what would the character do?' before you take action in the game.


There are many competing ideologies in Underlight. Think about which one(s) your character believes in. This should form the fundamentals of your dealings with others. People who share your ideologies should make great friends. Those with opposing ideologies make excellent enemies!

You don't have to make your decision before you start playing. One of your first quests might be to ask other players and gather information to help you answer these questions. Think about the following questions:


You can only improve your skills so far before you need training. Teachers are other players that train you, allowing you to reach ever higher levels of power. Teachers will ask you to perform some sort of task for them before they train you. It's up to you to do the task. If you don't like what a given Teacher asks you to do, find another Teacher!

Choose your character's Teachers wisely, as others may demand the name of his past Teachers that they may know his ways.