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Imagine a world whose focus was on internal technology, on developing and extending the mind. Progressing not through spear, bow, gun and missile, but through mental discipline, meditation, lucid dreaming and finally-conscious entry to the Dreamstate. Imagine a world where the mind is the supreme element.

This world is Cloudsbreak, a land of mist and forest set far from our earthly sphere. Though the people of Cloudsbreak live simply, farming the land in isolated groups, their mental powers are unmatched. Their highest pinnacle of mental discipline is known as the Awakening. The Awakening allows one to break through the veil of dreams and enter the Dreamstate fully conscious.

The Dreamstate is the universe of raw consciousness shared among-st untold dreaming souls. It is at once a part of our material universe and apart from it. All feeling creatures enter the Dreamstate in sleep-- it is the playground of the soul. For the Awakened of Cloudsbreak, dreams are as real as the waking world.

Long ago, the Originators, first to Awaken and enter the Dreamstate consciously, wrought the first city of dreams, Underlight. Fighting back the chaotic energy of the Dreamstate, they walled off the city from vengeful Nightmares, tortured souls that roam the Dreamstate.

Underlight quickly became the political, cultural, and social center of Cloudsbreak. For a thousand years Underlight grew, as The Awakening spread through Cloudsbreak. Discord marred the city, as factions warred over the nature of the Dreamstate, and who would ultimately control it. Underlight became a moral battleground, as legions of Knights fought to control the entry points to the city. These Dreamwrights created ever more potent arts, forging powerful artifacts to enhance their power and reach. Ultimately, a vast wave of unconscious energy was unleashed upon the city, leaving all in chaos. The leanings of a millennium vanished, powerful artifacts scattered.

Today, the City of Dreams lies in ruin. Foul Nightmares roam the land, threatening all. Those that remain must relearn the arts, and recapture the City of Dreams from the Nightmares that now corrupt it. The Awakened must find a way to rebuild Underlight, and restore it to its former glory.