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Art Statistics

Focus: insight (Minor)
Cost: 2
Orbit Required: 10 (30)
Affected: Target
Duration: Instant


Notifies the user of the target's sphere and health.

Plateau Effect

Decreased evoke time.

Decreased chance of target being notified (chance of 'silent' casting is x%, where x is the level of the art).

Art Research

Art History

Judgment was created by Kaylar .

A Justice on the City Court, Kaylar presided over many cases of varying degrees, seeing all manner of innocence and vile behavior brought before him. One thing in particular irked him however... unless the Dreamer was notorious, or a braggart, the more canny evildoers could disguise their sphere symbols quite adequately, not permitting him to figure out what sort of punishment would be appropriate.

Some would pretend to be higher spheres, in hope of getting let off, and some would choose to be lower, in the off chance of getting an easier sentence. So.. after much consideration and discussion with some of his DreamWright comrades, Kaylar formed a very piercing art, of the focus of insight naturally, that would examine the relative strength of the Dreamer.

Being an avid duelist, Kaylar also tweaked it to show the general health of the individual as an added benefit. It is said that his court was quite amusing for a while, as those unaware of the art would lie about their sphere, then be quite shamefaced when they were exposed for what they were.

Alternative History

An ancient Dreamwright of Insight developed the Art so that he may better understand the Dread Mares when they met in battle, but he was unsuccessful in creating an art that could do that. But, he did make something that let Dreamseers use Insight to further understand the Dreamers of the Dream. And since the insight needed was little, it turned out that most Dreamers had enough Insight inside them to use Judgment.


Use of Judgement is culturally considered a hostile act. It is usually courteous to request permission to target a dreamer with Judgement.

Results reported by evoke. Percentage is the percentage of remaining dreamsoul.

% of Dreamsoul Returned Message
89 - 100% Perfect form
81% - 88% Most Excellent Form
71% - 80% Damaged, But Strong
59 - 70% Starting to Show Wear
50% - 58% Looking beaten up
40% - 49% Clearly Seen Better Dreams
28% - 39% Wavering Towards Dissolution
20% - 27% Very near dissolution
10% - 19% Edge of Coherence
1% - 9% Barely Hanging onto Coherence