Mentoring and Ordainment

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Another good reason to make use of your assistants is this prepares them for the day when they become Teachers. Apprenticeships last varying lengths of time. Some Teachers elect to choose their apprentices, others prefer to be asked by the candidate. All Teachers have different criteria for selecting apprentices. The main purpose of apprenticeship is to equip a student for Ordainment.

Sometimes students will be asked to complete Ordainment tasks. When the candidate is ready, she collects codices from a number of Teachers in high standing (preferably Master Teachers) relaying their support of her as a Teacher candidate. Usually the candidate will be subjected to an interview with a member of the KoiWare team where that individual's fitness for Ordainment is determined. If the candidate is approved, she will take part in an Ordainment ceremony where she will repeat an In-Character teaching oath.