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Master Teachers

  • Those seeking Master status must have a Train of at LEAST 50.
  • Those seeking Master status must have the art of Sphere.
  • Master Teachers who are deemed inactive will have Train Self removed.
  • Membership of the Convocation of Masters is extended by invitation on an as needed basis.
  • Those who meet the requirements for Master Teacher may submit their interest in joining. Their potential membership will be discussed and voted upon. If passed, an invitation will be extended to the dreamer to join the council.
  • Master Teachers shall have the same discretion as any other teacher in terms of whom they task or do not task. It is encouraged that a Master Teacher keep their teaching neutral and available to all, but it is not a requirement.
  • A Master Teacher is expected to actively use their halo. Periods of inactivity (either absence from the dream in general, or non-use of Train) may result in the removal of Quest, Train, Train Self or Sphere.
  • Master Teachers found to be violating or abusing the Teaching System will be reprimanded up to and/or including the removal of Train, Train Self, and Sphere.
  • Master Teachers may gain support train tokens by completing mini tasks equal in difficulty to a 1st plateau task.
  • Master Teachers may task and grant Train plateaus. You must be in party for the Train to work properly.

Train Self Token Requirements

  • 2 support train tokens = Plat 10
  • 3 support train tokens = Plats 20-30
  • 4 support train tokens = Plats 40-60
  • 5 support train tokens = Plats 70-90

Members of the Convocation of Masters

Rainbow Halos - Elder Members of the Convocation of Masters can train any and all arts except house arts, and Dreamsmith/Wordsmith marks

  • Esinore
  • Grandma Jo
  • Lumira

Non-Rainbow Halos - Regular members of the Convocation of Masters

Revised 12/9/2022