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When a Dreamer reaches Orbit 89 and maximizes the Orbit, they then have a choice of becoming a Dual Focus.

Second Focus Requirements and Progression

Dual Focus Rules and Details:

  • Taking on a second focus is one of the three options to embark on your 9th sphere journey. The choice is completely up to you to choose which one is more suitable for your dream.
  • If you decide to not take on a second focus and still seek 9th, you must adhere to the rules of sphere via Quest or Mastery path.
  • After choosing your secondary focus, you will be reset to orbit 0 and given a codex from the Elder excusing you from any sphere tasks. You will still be required to gain sphere supports for spheres that require them. You will then be able to start regaining your spheres and tasking for the arts/plateaus of your secondary focus. You will still have your primary focus arts, but they will temporarily go down in level to your current orbit and will automatically increase as you gain orbits/spheres.
  • If you are unhappy with your choice at any point during your second focus journey, you may change your second focus. Your orbit will be reset back to 0 and the arts you learned/plateaued will be stripped for a fresh restart. You will not be able to pick up where you left off.
  • Keep in mind, if you decide to remain pure focus and skip the dual option, you can change your mind later on after receiving 9th sphere and receive your dual focus but you will have to start over and abide by the rules of the second focus.


  • Once your orbit is reset back to 0, the arts that are learned at a higher sphere, -such as Abjure for Soulmasters- will not be accessible until you reach that sphere again. For example, a Soulmaster wanting to use Abjure will have to wait until 5th sphere to be able to use that art.
  • Along with the forbidden arts, you may not learn the Blade or Flame for your secondary focus.
  • You will learn but will not be able to plat your secondary focus art, e.g. Dreamseer, Fatesender, etc. This means you will not be able to take advantage of your secondary focus’ bonus, nor will you be able to use their chakrams.
  • Most of your arts will scale with your orbit. If you had a level 89 Blast as a Dreamseer and you take Fatesender as a secondary, your Blast will go down to the level of your orbit and raise along with your orbit and sphere as they increase.
  • If you decide to change your second focus you may not trade arts from your old second focus to your new second focus. For example, if you get your firestorm to 60 and you decide to go Dreamseer instead you can’t trade your Firestorm to 60 for Recharge to 60. All of your arts will start over.
  • If you decide to change your secondary focus then any major arts that you have plateaued in your second focus will revert back to 29 and you will start fresh with your new second focus. For example if you are a secondary soulmaster and you have your restore up to 80 and decide to go Fatesender you do not keep your restore to 80. It goes back to 29 upon change of your secondary focus.
  • If you decide a second focus is to much and want to go back to a pure focus then your arts will reset back to where they were before you went dual focus and you will have to do a quest or meet Mastery requirements before getting 9th.

Forbidden Arts

The list of arts below are excluded from being learned as a secondary focus. Any dreamer caught coercing someone to teach you these arts will be punished along with the teacher.

  • Any Focus art – Will be learned but may not be plateaued
  • Dreamseer – Blast, Combine & Focal Bonus
  • Gatekeeper – Reflect, Bulwark & Focal Bonus
  • Soulmaster – Abjure, Healing Aura & Focal Bonus
  • Fatesender – Paralyze, Razorwind, Enfeeblement & Focal Bonus

Things to Remember

  • Outside of the excluded arts, every other Major and Minor art can be learned and plateaued to your orbit, at a maximum of 89.
  • Once you reach orbit 89 before moving on to 9th sphere make sure that any arts you wish to plat from your secondary focus is done BEFORE you get your 9th sphere. Once you get 9th sphere you will no longer be able to plateau your secondary focus arts any further.
  • Oracle arts – You are allowed to learn the Oracle arts for secondary focus. For example: If you take Fatesender as a secondary focus you will able to learn Deafen, Scare, etc. as Oracle arts to the same level as a primary Fatesender would.
  • How to sphere: Any sphere teacher can sphere you freely when you are maxed and ready. You do not need to plateau all of your secondary arts, but remember you will no longer be able to do so after switching back to your primary focus. You will not be required to see an elder to sphere you until you reach orbit 89.

Second Focus DreamSeer Learnable Arts

Second Focus FateSender Learnable Arts

Second Focus GateKeeper Learnable Arts

Second Focus SoulMaster Learnable Arts

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