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Art Statistics

Focus: Lucidity (Major)
Cost: 40
Orbit Required: 60
Affected: Entire Room
Duration: 4 seconds


All Dreamers and mares in the room suffer the effects of Scare.

Plateau Effect

Duration increased by 4 seconds.

Art Research

Art History

The art of Terror was created during the making of the planes of Underlight. A dreamer named MarKora was the creator of this art. MarKora was a Planesmith, but did not enjoy working with other Dreamers and was reluctant to give or to take advice. Rumor has it that this dreamer was so reclusive in his studies and in his craftsmanship that he would attack any dreamer that disturbed him.

On one occasion a young dreamer by the name of Louden came across MarKora and was attacked. He ran in fear and bolted from MarKora and was never seen again. MarKora, taking notice of the effect of fear drew up a plan. At a later period, several dreamers attempted to threaten the Planesmith into leaving the dream. MarKora, who had just been studying in the paths of madness, used the vast Lucidity within him, and mixed it with the ambient Dreamsoul that is possessed with each dreamer in the room, which had hallucinogenic qualities. His intent was to merely scare away any dreamers who tried to interrupt his work. Oddly though, this caused the dreamers in the room to run in fear of their own evil doings in the forms of apparitions.

The apparitions were those of Dreamers who had been destroyed in the making of the dream, or who were hurt or banished by other dreamers. These apparitions were evil to look on with pale, deathly faces. The dreamers ran from Portal to Portal screaming and running for dear life, but were unable to escape the terror in the room as they kept appearing in the same room with MarKora still running throughout the room, laughing in their fear. One of these dreamers was a FateSender who had great sway over many Dreamers, observed the fashion of the art.

He was unable to conjure forth apparitions, but was able to instill fear on other dreamers by causing the hallucinogenic qualities used by MarKora. This dreamer, Quearl, was able to use the art on other dreamers provided they were not able to block the Lucidity. Quearl taught this art to several high level FateSender in an attempt to thwart MarKora.

MarKora was attacked by a party of 5 FateSender, and evoked the art on him. Somehow, the strength of the 5 FateSender was able to reproduce the same level of Terror that MarKora was able to produce. The past sins and violent history of MarKora led to a shock so deep within his soul that MarKora was one of the few dreamers in the history of Underlight to experience a “true” death without being DreamStruck. Quearl passed on the knowledge of this art to his student, and though the art has never been as potent as it once was, the art still remains today almost true to form.

Researched by OfF KiLTeR


Has no effect on individuals under the protection of Resist Fear.

Will not affect members of the user's party.