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Art Statistics

Focus: Lucidity (Major)
Cost: 40
Orbit Required: 70
Affected: Room wide initially then with Blade effect
Duration: Instant


Causes damage to all Dreamers and Mares in the room.

Plateau Effect

Increased damage.

Decreased evoke time.

Art Research

Damage: One of three possible values, all equally likely to occur.

Values are formulated such: 12, 12+1+plat, 12+((1+plat)*2).

Bleeding duration is equal to 10 seconds, plus 10 seconds per plateau.

Art History

In the beginning of The Great Loss, Wolrik the Dreamwright, used all his time studying the work of his late master, the Dreamsmith Brinthax. Wolrik especially focused his attention on the art of Firestorm, the art that haunted his mind over and over, as he saw his master been ripped to pieces by Horrons, the day the art was formed. Wolrik had mastered this art to perfection, he knew it better that anyone, and wanted to improve it further, as his master had done with FlameRuin.

Wolrik used several weeks trying to improve the force of the art, but eventually had to give it up, as he saw that the work of his master was more than perfect in it self. Wolrik was devastated, he saw himself as a failure, and began to alienate himself from all he knew.

Mean while the chaos surrounding his chamber began to spread more and more. Wolrik saw how panic followed. Looking at this madness, he realized that the logic in his studies was the wrong approach to improve Firestorm, and a chaotic plan began to form inside his head. With the knowledge and experience of Firestorm, Wolrik started all over, forming his own art from the dream fabric. Outside his chamber Chaos was growing stronger.

Time went and Wolrik finally finished his masterpiece, he had gone further than any other before him, he had created the great and powerful art of Razorwind. An art much like Firestorm but much stronger and effective.

Wolrik was excited and happy, and wished to share it with someone. Not knowing that the chaos was taking the last remains of the City, Wolrik tried to leave his chamber through a portal. In less than a second his Avatar was blown to pieces by the chaotic consciousness raging through, the Great Loss was a reality.

The Art of Razorwind was later discovered by the first new dreamers entering the remains of the Dream City..

Researched by Astrial Zeek


Will not damage members of the user's party. Must be part of the Fatesender's Guild to be trained in this art.