Hypnotic Weave

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Art Statistics

Focus: Lucidity (Major)
Cost: 40
Orbit Required: 60
Affected: Entire Room
Duration: 4 seconds


All dreamers and mares in the room who are looking at you when the art is cast, suffer the effects of Paralyze.

Plateau Effect

Duration increased by 4 seconds.

Decreased evoke time.

Art Research

Art History

There once was a FateSender Teacher who gathered many students about him. His time came before the Great Fall and he was DreamStruck by those trying to rid the city of war. He just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. His name was Terren Faul.

He was one of the higher FateSender teachers and constantly looked for ways to improve Paralyze ever since he learned it. He was subject to many fated attacks by Tehthu and his armies. This enraged him so much that so many mares would come into the dream at once and he was but one lone FateSender in a room full of floating other focus dreamers. In desperation one day he Soul Evoked and began using Paralyze and trying to weave a bit of DreamSoul into the art. Suddenly, everyone in the room stopped to look at what he was doing because his Soul Sphere was bouncing between coherence and Soul Sphere. It was almost a dance and looked as if he was reducing himself to nothing. All gazed in wonder at this incredible sight! As they did, Terren managed to cause the art he was weaving to reflect off all their eyes and a form of hypnosis ensnared for both dreamer and mare alike. Those who were protected with Free Action immediately noticed the arts hostility and aggressiveness and the battle began anew but with one new addition, Hypnotic Weave.

One day following the cataclysm that caused the houses to crumble, this art’s history was discovered by a group of FateSenders along with information above about its creator within a small cache in The Library of Souls. It was lost to the dream since The Great Loss until that day. The ones who found the history and formula, quickly and with resolve, learned the art in effort to stem the damage being done to the city by Datoken, but alas it seemingly doesn’t effect them as their breed is mixed an wasn’t around that fateful warring day the art was created.

Researched by MrChaos


Will not affect members of the user's party.

Has no effect on individuals under the protection of Free Action.

Targets must see the evoke. Those looking away from the evoker will sense the Weave, but will not be affected by it.