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Art Statistics

Focus: Lucidity (Major)
Cost: 25
Orbit Required: 50
Affected: Entire room


4 Seconds.


All Dreamers and Mares in the room, other than the user suffer the effects of Blind.

Plateau Effect

Duration increased by 4 seconds.

Decreased evoke time.

Art Research

Damage: One of three possible values, all equally likely to occur.

Values are formulated such: 8, 8+1+plat, 8+((1+plat)*2)

Art History

A long time ago, somewhere between the ending of The Nightmare Wars, and the start of The Great Loss, Dreamers gathered around the many theories on the definition of Mares. These discussions on the subject of the Mares often ended in violence and sometimes even with one party getting collapsed. One Elder, a much respected DreamWright called Sinvald, often found himself trying to end such dangerous discussions. One day he tried to stop 2 opponents dueling on beliefs, by evoking the Art of Blind on the stronger Dreamer, but that only made the weaker Dreamer take advantage of the situation. Luckily Sinvald was able to evoke Blind on him too, before it was to late. After giving both dreamers a word of advice, he thought of a way to stop such fights in a much more effective way: how about an Art that effects all present Dreamers? In his Study he worked hard to find exactly how he could concentrate the Art of Blind to affect more than one dreamer at a time. He failed numerous times, but finally found the key to do just that. The first time he evoked the art; it affected not 1, but 6 Dreamers during a horrible and pointless fight to collapse. All 6 Dreamers were suddenly more occupied by the lack of sight than the thought of collapsing each other. So it was that the Art of Darkness was created, and added to the Major Arts of FateSenders.

Researched by Astrial Zeek


Has no effect on individuals protected by Vision.

Does not affect dreamers in the user's party.

Reference: http://www.angelfire.com/ab7/dranak/Arts/arts-fs.htm#Darkness