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Art Statistics

Focus: Resilience (Major)
Cost: 10
Orbit Required: 30
Affected: Target
Duration: Instant


Removes the effect of Poison.

Plateau Effect

Decreased evoke time.

Art Research

Art History

In a past age, when dreamers first began to war amongst themselves, there arose two DreamWrights of equal skill and opposite purpose. The DreamWright Yabnuk was a dark man, taken to dark passions. Revenge, plotting, and skullduggery was his meat and bread. The DreamWright Theofanes was a pacifist. He believed that only through peace, could the true path of concordance in the city be found. His favorite pastime was tending his garden in Cloudsbreak. In art they had few equals. However as you might imagine, their ways were diametrically opposed. In time Theofanes took an apprentice, a young dreamer named Alortes. Herein lies the crux of the matter... You see, Alortes made the mistake of standing between Yabnuk and his vengeance. Yabnuk could not defeat Alortes with the arts he knew for Alortes was skilled in the arts that protect a dreamer from harm. Yabnuk turned to his studies once more. He studied things in the dream that brought weakness, sickness and corruption. From these things, he learned to bring about a sickness in his fellow dreamers, a poisoning of the soul. With this power, Yabnuk confronted Alortes. Alortes escaped, but the Poison still coursed through his veins. Alortes staggered back to the refuge of his master, leaking essence all the way. In shock and dismay, Theofanes twisted the art of Drain Self to work in reverse, and took the poison upon himself so he might overcome it with his strength and training. It took days before Theofanes found a way to rid himself of the poison, but that day did come. Through his willingness and self-sacrifice, Theofanes countered the Poison, which Yabnuk had wrought in anger. Determined that no other should suffer Theofanes spread the knowledge to others, and thus engineered the art we know today as Antidote.

Researched by Balthiir