Nightmares, Darkmares, Datoken, and Revenants

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Nightmares, also known as "Mares," are NPCs that you can fight for the reward of experience points and items. Known as Emphants, Bogroms, Agoknights, Shamblixes, and Horrons, they are increasingly powerful (and, thus, more rewarding) in that order.

Common Mares

All common mares occur in multiple instances throughout the city, but cannot travel through portals. They are the only case of NPCs in Underlight.

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Revenants are dreamerlike creatures that mostly reside in the Palisade and Lower Palisade. However, they have been known to infest the Cenotaph of Dread, Edgeward Barrows and other areas of Underlight. They are NPCs that you can fight for the reward of experience points and items. Beware, they can evoke various arts on dreamers as well.

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Darkmares & Datoken

Darkmares generally take on, but not limited to, the form of a Horron with unique names and personalities. They are controlled by the Lyrans (Game Masters). Playing a Darkmare requires a completely different client, separate from the dreamer client. They are the most feared Nightmare in the dream.

Datoken is a pay-to-play Nightmare concept in Underlight. Real dreamers can pay a specified amount of real money or use roleplay points, choose a common Nightmare form, then wreck havoc in dream for as long as they could afford. While in [[Datoken] form, one would not be able to understand the other dreamers as chat would show up as gibberish. If the Datoken spoke in dream, the dreamer would see maren gibberish.

Darkmare List

Those listed below have appeared within Underlight on more than one occasion. They have shown an ability to move about freely as well as some degree of intelligence.

Tzra'zik, Bandaret, Hotai, Benpi, Eatu, Oath, Ssvatra, xkachara, Dzzxasxxt, Q'xaar, Quitzi, Tzayak, Tehthu, Foulmoth, Kruugaar, Skorsh, Nipkath, Gobolos, Xegoth, Tjarr'kkan, Mi'Raj, Picco, Ataraxis, Zirobolus, Spika, Nazar, Feircco, Kotoke Holow, Nunak, Azulayf, Bamra, Wrotzkils, Gnurndakkisz, Erishkigal, Vraandurger, Marzera, HORRON, Fae-Baal, Memnoch, Kirokza, Bulgok, Dargozax, Diablus, Goragar, Iravissoo, Molog, Vashynek, Saaltak, Sagnath, Nydizaloth, Zuveri, Eruzel, Fraxin, T'kkar, Erouk, Kneash, Toleth, Blaaag, Bron, Brunox't, Hyranir, Kalgrek, Landru, Manok, Noginus, Maxtra, Skait, Vagga, Wrotzkils, Vron, Agogthas, Chomper, Dargozax, Fulgaroth, Gikkvoth, Gnurndakkisz, Grudash, Hexx, Zuveri, Zalvatore, Hogbone, Vagnash, Zzifd, Chomper, Avrax, Agoda, Epoth, Ivunsasu, Hotax, Vrikar, Gnashadokuro, Krotallus, Piccup

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A Tale of the Nightmare Wars

Through darkness and turmoil, this age now is similar to one in the past, one where a new danger, even newer than it is now came about, to strike at an unwary dream.

This is the time of the Nightmares, the scant days after the Entropy Coalition opened the way for them into the Dreamstate, altering it forever.

Where even the mere Emphant caused mortal fear to all in their gaze.

These were new beings, new power with new terrors... and their masters, the Darkmares, the eldest of them, came through to cause terror, and hunt.

This was a war between order, and chaos.

Among the finest generals on the side of order, was the Freesoul Knight Vadnek'zul.

Vadnek'zul, was perhaps the dream's most adept strategic genius the dream had ever known. As she, in the former war against the Illuminate Front held many victories...

Near what is now known as the Chasm of Souls, a dread battle took place, as many in a united army of FreeSouls and Illuminated against these abominations.

However, ill-equipped and without knowledge, they suffered defeat after countless defeat.

During one of the battles, a daughter of one of the leaders of the Illuminate Front were taken by the nightmares... not knowing if she was alive or otherwise, a small force was sent

Vadnek'zul, and her best warriors were selected. She decided to send in a few warriors to try to find weakness, in what was the first "hit and run" tactics used in the dream.

Through the next few days, they learned far more than they learned in months of endless battle, of the weaknesses and strengths of the nightmares...

The Emphants were the weakest of the Nightmares, and though had a moderate attack, fell usually without much of a struggle.

The Bogroms, though hardier than the Emphants were usually no problems as well, though they could fade into the dream for short periods of time, attacking unseen.

The problems came in the other two forms of nightmares identified, the Agoknight and the Shamblix.

The Agoknight was invulnerable to back attacks, and had a vicious and extremely powerful claw attack. It's roar could both injure and deafen dreamers.

The Shamblix was a new level of horror, as it was invulnerable in the front, fired paralyzing flame, and could only be injured from behind.

Worse, it's gaze hampered the use of many arts.

This is what the forward scouts had reported, and the results were plain to see... as the learning of the weaknesses caused Vadnek'zul to lose a third of her force.

Vital information at a very heavy price.

They planned their attack going through the midnight cavern with a heavy supply of chakrams and with defenses in hand.

As they went through, the nightmares seemed to be dispatched without much problem, and few injuries were the result, it was a near victory until they reached the Firey Path.

There, Vadnek'zul, using up her last chakram and her Free Action faded, decided to dodge the blows of the Shambli in front of her.

Though a brilliant general, this was perhaps her first mistake... and it proved to be her final mistake.

She gazed into the eyes of the Shamblix, only to find herself frozen. The reports did not give tell of the OTHER types of nightmares, the Feator, Niguath, Shaymare, Xalamasz...and the dreaded Horron.

The Horron's gaze kept her frozen, as his fire blinded her... others were blinded by the gaze of other nightmares...

Yet... the nightmares seemed interested in only the first few that entered... allowing the others to slip unnoticed to the Small Cave... where the young daughter was found.

A force of twelve went in to begin with... but only three came out.

The mission a success, but at a great cost... as more lives would fall, before the dream figured out the invention of portals, and of ward itself...

With Portals... most of the Nightmares were unable to follow... those that were, were trapped by wards and collapsed by greater forces.

This is... another story.

Fact or fiction, peace or friction, take this tale as you go. Remember me well, as we all go, into the eternal wandering flow.

Tales by Darion