Peace Aura

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Art Statistics

Focus: none DreamSoul
Cost: 10 (+1Power Token)
Orbit Required: 20
Affected: Target
Duration: ?


Grants target invulnerability, however the target is unable to use offensive arts or items.

Plateau Effect

Decreased evoke speed. Duration increased.

Art History

While in Under Hall at the Alliance of the Eclipse, I discovered a very old and dusty series of codices While I cannot validate the information contained within them I will copy the information here:

Fellow followers of Peace, I leave these words so that someone might learn about our houses greatest asset and gift. The art known as Peace Aura. Long before The Great Loss, several of us dedicated the ways of Peace came together, in an effort to bring a Peace to the city we endeavored, to not only stop the fighting, but to remove the ability to do harm to another being. This seems a bit harsh in retrospect, but we were desperate to bring the fighting to an end. Myself and three of my comrades set out to bring an art to the city to eliminate the need to cause harm. We took up the Star, our most powerful of Artifacts. With it’s power behind us, we would surely prevail and Peace shall come the Dream forever more.

We made haste to the Sanctuary in Lower Lambent Flats, a place long known for its ability to imbue Peace upon all who enter. Setting the Star in the curious upward rising falls, we began channeling the four focus elements that bind us to the Dream. Each of us a Master of our own element with the Star acting as the fifth, and a focal point of our energies. We worked for hours, or perhaps days, time lost all meaning as we turned our energies toward the Star. As they reached a critical mass, a wave of pure Peace washed out over us, into the city.

We stopped, somewhat stunned, and listened. The sounds of battle had disappeared. We stepped out of our safe haven, our Sanctuary, and sought out others within the city. This was easy to do since they could not harm each other now, they took to battle with their voices. We found several Dreamers on Evernight Plateau, arguing heatedly, blaming each other for the inability to harm one another.

One of my companions stepped forward and told them that it was we who did this. So the Peace may reign within the City. They turned on us, shouting and cursing. Demanding, What gave you the RIGHT they cried! It was then we saw our mistake. In our effort to stop the fighting, we had taken away their right to choose, this is a more heinous crime than that of violence. We took away their free will. We each walked away, finding the secluded places in the Dream…..soon the sounds of battle began again. But not so loudly this time. We rejoined each other a few Dreams later in the safety of our home.

We decided then , this new art must remain lost, lest it cause more pain than the fighting is was supposed to stop. Perhaps in the future someone will find a way to change this art so it does not take away someone’s right to choose

As I copied this down, the codices crumbled away, too many years had past sadly.

Take what you will from this.

Drizzt Do’Urden Guardian of the Alliance


The Alliance of the Eclipse was originally a House of scholarship, first and foremost. Opened by the Astronomers (later known as the Entropy Coalition), they were too busy with their research and teachings to be bothered with fighting and wars. They weren't so much a "House of Peace" as they were too involved in their studies and research to be concerned with the politics of the other Houses. In fact, Kal'Arakos was the first to swear to the Oath of Peace, some time later.

During The Dreamer Wars, the Alliance instituted the StarKnights to fight on their behalf, so that the Astronomers could keep to their work. With the addition of the StarKnights, the other members wanted to have a way to aid their fellow members, without actually engaging in battle. Between the desire for a peaceful, tranquil place to conduct their research, and the formation of the StarKnights, the other members wanted to help without engaging directly in battle.

The researchers worked with the Power Generator within the House to generate a field around themselves, so that they could either continue with their work, or aid their fellow Knights in battle without actually having to pick up arms. This generated field would allow the usage of any and all non-aggressive Arts, while not allowing any Art which would do harm to themselves or anyone else. The Astronomers found they were also able to use non-harmful Talismen, like Elemens, Alterors and Shields, with the generated field around them as well.