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Each of the Great Houses has it's own specific art related to it, below is a list of those arts.

These arts could only be used by members of the respective houses. They all cost a Power Token (it used to be three) and 10 DreamSoul. Learnable at Orbit 20

Alliance of the Eclipse

Art Name: Peace Aura

Effect: Grants target invulnerability, however the target is unable to use arts or items.

Art Name: Sacrifice

Effect: Transformed a charm or chakram into an essence node that could then placed into a prime or drained.

Note: This was developed in order to provide strength for the house when its members adhered to strict pacifism.

Dreamers of Light

Art Name: Dazzle

Effect: Staggers any non-Dreamers of Light member in the room and does 1-4 damage.

Gathering of the Entranced

Art Name: Entrancement

Effect: Grants target regeneration even when moving

House Calenture

Art Name: Poison Cloud

Effect: Damages and poisons and non-House Calenture members in the room.

Keepers of the Eternal Shadow

Art Name: Shadow Step

Effect: Grants target Invisibility.

Art Name: Corrupt Essence

Effect: Changed a Dreamer essence into a nightmare essence node that could then be drained or placed within a prime.

Order of the Sable Moon

Art Name: Sable Shield

Effect: Grants target Free Action, Resist Fear, Protection, Vision, and protection from Poison

Protectors of the Radiance

Art Name: Radiant Blaze

Effect: Does damage and blinds any non-Protectors of the Radiance members in room.

Union of the Covenant

Art Name: Break Covenant

Effect: Broke the party of the target and did some damage.

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