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Art Statistics

Focus: none DreamSoul
Cost: 10
Orbit Required: 30
Affected: Target item
Duration: Instant


Transforms a Charm or Chakram into an Essence Node that can then be Drained or placed into a Chaos Well and/or a House Prime Artifact.

Plateau Effect

Decreased evoke speed. Failure rate decreases.

Art History/Changes

Sacrifice was originally created in order to provide a way to gain strength for the Alliance of the Eclipse while its members adhered to beliefs of strict pacifism.

The Art was later modified, allowing any member of a House or Stronghold to use as well. Learnable to All.

Sacrifice was modified from a Resilience Art (cost = 5 Resilience), learnable at Orbit 10 (30 for non-SoulMasters),

to a DreamSoul Art costing 10 Dreamsoul (20 Dreamsoul upon failure of the Art) and learnable at Orbit 30 for all dreamers.

But, you must be a House member to use the art.

History for Sacrifice

by Poppygirl ~ a work of fiction ~

There were eight open houses at one time in the city, all the houses had one form of battles or another. All except one, The alliance of the Eclipse. This house was of peace and harmony. They did not feel they should have to fight if they chose not to. Being passive did have its drawn backs, energy was harder to come by. They were happy none the less, each time the houses seneschal Riatha dreamt they would speak with her about ideas they had come up with since her last visit. this went on and on. The ruler's Intrigue, Ambi, and Rasamus pleaded with her to please guild them in the direction they should go, the star was not thriving and things were difficult being as they were pacifists ."What are you willing to give for what you look for Rulers of the Alliance? " Raitha said as she looking upon them all with a sparkle in her eye. She told them she would give them all some time to consider this.

A few weeks later Raitha visited the city again, the rulers gathered with her at the Alliance. What say you rulers of the Alliance? Raitha said to them with a quizative arch in her brow. Intrigue stepped forward speaking for the house she told Raitha that they had spoken to the alliance members and everyone had agreed that each member would bring forth 50 prime items a piece to give to her, a very difficult task for one who does not hunt. Raitha told them she would consider their off but to tell her members to begin their work and she would return when she had made her decision.

It had been nearly a month with no word from Raitha. The members began to worry that something had happened to her. By now the house was running over with items the members had spent many many hours gathering each dream. All the member's satchels were running over as well. One evening while they were visiting with friends in the sanctuary, Raitha appeared. Everyone greeted her very pleased to see her. Intrigue spoke first saying to Raitha, you have good news for us yes?...Raitha cleared her throat before she began the speak. I have watched all of the members of the Alliance dream after dream spending a vast amount of time carrying out the task you set before them, it warmed my heart to see you all working together for a noble cause. I have decided to give you a gift, everyone watched and listened intently I offer to the Alliance of the Eclipse the Art of Sacrifice. She began her evoke moments later Intrigue was taught the art. Everyone cheered and rejoiced happily. Intrigue Thanked her. and asking if they should go gather the payment requested. Raitha smiled to her and said no thank you, I want you to use them to strengthen your star. So they did just that! Dreams had become much easier to manage and they could spend more time on their goals and projects. Still as peacefully as they always had.