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Art Statistics

Focus: none DreamSoul
Cost: 10
Orbit Required: 30
Affected: Target item
Duration: Instant


Transforms a Charm or Chakram into an Essence Node that can then be Drained or placed into a Chaos Well and/or a House Prime Artifact.

Plateau Effect

Decreased evoke speed. Failure rate decreases.

Art History

Sacrifice was originally created in order to provide a way to gain strength for the Alliance of the Eclipse while its members adhered to beliefs of strict pacifism.

The Art was later modified (see Notes), allowing any member of a House or Stronghold to use as well.


Sacrifice was modified from a Resilience Art (cost = 5Res), learnable at Orbit 10 (30 for non-SoulMasters), to a DreamSoul Art costing 10 DrS (20DrS upon failure of the Art) and learnable at Orbit 30 for ALL House members.