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An artifact which is protected by a house. Each house has their own unique artifact, and their own methods of providing it strength, usually involving mare essences.

This strength is drawn upon to deal with house matters, and protect it.

List of Prime Artifacts

  • Star of the Alliance (AoE)
  • Dreamers Stone (DoL)
  • Soul of Radiance (PoR)
  • Harmonic Sphere (GoE)
  • Heart of the Shadows (KoES)
  • Heart of the Union (UoC)
  • Orb of Calenture (HC)
  • Sable Sphere (OoSM)

Shades of Truth Era Prime Artifacts

  • Ethereal Crystal (EO)
  • Rashila's Mirror (SoT)
  • Song of Ashes (EA)
  • Tablet of Freedom (EoM)