Star of the Alliance

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Drain Essence.

Artifact History

The early members of the Alliance, began their research into the essences just as all other houses did, most quickly turned from the use of draining because it was believed to destroy the unawakened soul. However, the alliance had many members who were rich in mysticism, they often mediated deeply within themselves, and they quickly found that the souls of the unawakened were simply transferred into the dreamer draining the Nightmares. These souls led them to continue their research in how combat the nightmares in the most efficient manner.

Early Dreamsmiths began working on the conception of a power generator, and the idea was to find a way to free the unawakened souls trapped in the dreamers by the method of draining. They worked hard to find out how to make it generate the correct form of dream energy to counter the chaos energy, but they were having difficulty adjusting the amount of energy needed to make the process a success.

Meanwhile, the astrologers of the Alliance began to recognize a correlation between the placement of the moons and the intensity of the Nightmares coming into the city. They, along with the Dreamsmiths working to create a method of saving the unawakened came together and created both the astronomy lab and the power generator.

The generator was based on a similar principle as the sanctuaries, creating an ambient energy with the correct amount to simply neutralize the chaos energy. These rooms were linked, and the generator was designed to create more energy in times where Nightmares are stronger, the strongest being during the eclipse. With this they could now save the unawakened, but the method was still fairly difficult for the strongest dreamers.

The Master Dreamsmiths of the Alliance recognized this flaw and worked hard to find a viable and safe solution. The answer was to create a master Talisman, much like the other houses were creating. The Star of the Alliance, being directly linked to the power generator, was able to drain massive amounts of essences at a time, with no risk to the dreamers. The energy could also be stored, and the house began working on rituals to use this harnessed energy to the good of the dream for all dreamers.