Seekers of the Enlightenment

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As the City grew in size, a new faction of mare sympathizers began to take form. Boggen claimed Bogrom's lair as his own, and protected the resident Bogrom. Kudzoo began teaching the ways of the pacifists. Influenced by these new philosophies, many dreamers organized into a new group: The Seekers of the Enlightenment. The new group taught responsibility for dream actions, as opposed to the Freesoul and Illuminate beliefs that had divided the dream subsequently. It believed that Dreamers could coexist with Mares, bring peace upon the Dreamstate, and be tolerant of others regardless of their beliefs. Termed "mare huggers" by critics, these dreamers were known to protect mares and dark mares alike by sacrificing their own avatars and shielding maren targets. Ambi, Nziri, and Brother Timothy were the three leaders of this group.

In the spirit of these new beliefs, slowly but surely an experience tasking system began to rise in the dream. The Seekers believed that experience should be awarded for knowledge, and not for combating mares. The Elder Sabra granted experience for tasks completed within this group, which would eventually spread to the Freespirits. Experience taskers were rare, but existed to help offer an alternative to hunting.