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In Underlight Teachers are very powerful. Technically, a Teacher is a character who is able to "train" other characters in arts. Upon achieving Teacher status, characters can wear "halos" colored for their focus to help others identify them as Teachers. Because students seek Teachers for training, they have the power to demand from their students anything they please, and can develop powerful alliances with their students. With this power come many responsibilities.

Teachers are selected by the Game Masters retained as staff by KoiWare. There are also mechanisms in place to monitor the activities of Teachers with regards to the use of Train. All successful uses of Train are logged, and these logs forwarded to the Game Master Team for review on a regular basis. Those who do not follow KoiWare rules for teaching: mainly that there be a task that follows the three laws of Underlight, and a worthy endeavor, will risk loss of their teaching privileges.

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